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How to build a monstrous bench press


If you are a bodybuilder, competitive lifter, athlete, or just someone who likes to train, you will have answered the question “what do you bench?” on more than one occasion. Let’s face it – no one really cares what you can Clean or Squat so if you don’t have a big bench press then maybe it’s time to put down ... Read More »

The Forgotten Lift – The Deadlift


One of the greatest feats of strength that I have ever witnessed was at the 2006 World Powerlifting Congress World Championships / WPO Semi-Finals in Lake George, New York, when Andy Bolton became the first man ever to deadlift 1000lbs. Why was this a monumental moment in powerlifting? In comparison to the bench press and the squat the advancements in ... Read More »

Protected: testing

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. Read More »

So you wannabe a powerlifter?


So you think you want to be a powerlifter, but you have no clue where to start? Well then it’s a good thing your reading this article because I am going to try and break down the essentials so you’ll be ready to step on the platform by the time you are done! This article describes how you can get ... Read More »