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Contest Prep

There are many people out there who call themselves bodybuilders, but in my opinion, unless you have attempted to take the stage at least once in your life, you are just a weightlifter. Read More »

Bodybuilding Basics

Allen Cress is a competitive bodybuilder, has competed in powerlifting, and is a trainer who has enjoyed unparalleled success in his field. In this article Allen explains his unique and highly effective hypertrophy and symmetry promoting bodybuilding techniques. This article is a must read for anyone looking to change their physique for the better. Read More »

An Intelligent Approach to Building a Big, Strong Chest


If you’re a lifter, I guarantee you’ve been asked The Question. It’s almost like a prerequisite to even joining a gym: “Here’s your towel, your member key, and, by the way, how much do you bench?” Although it’s often asked nonchalantly, the true intent of The Question is to find the answer to an even deeper question: How much of ... Read More »