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Five Keys to Getting and Staying Big and Strong


I was there once – a skinny teenager with dreams of being the next Arnold. Actually, all I wanted was twenty pounds of muscle so I could stand up to high school bullies and gain confidence to talk to girls. If I got better at sports in the process, then that would be icing on the cake. Now, as a ... Read More »

The Best Assistance Exercises for the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift


Almost anyone who trains with weights is chasing a strong squat, a brutal bench press, and a dauntless deadlift. These three exercises, not to mention their grand total, are so bad-ass that an entire sport was built around them: the sport of powerlifting. The “big three” are used extensively not just by powerlifters but also bodybuilders, Olympic weightlifters, strongmen, and ... Read More »

Deadlift 5 Plates Like a Champion


There aren’t many things you can do in the gym that are “manlier” than deadlifting a heavy barbell loaded with five plates per side. It’s the ultimate cool factor, the one movement everyone stops to watch (plus it means you’re strong as hell). I remember reading a passage from Brawn, a book by Stuart McRobert, that said with a few ... Read More »