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The Turkish Get Up


Any strength den off the beaten path knows about this move. Gyms that subscribe to strength and performance first, where Kettlebells and bumper plates are ubiquitous but searching for a machine of any sort would prove fruitless. Where iron trumps fluff and the ‘smoothie bar’ is a water cooler hiding in the corner, these gyms know about the Turkish Get ... Read More »

Mastering the Deadlift


Any exercise with the word ‘dead’ in its title is bound to have a bad reputation. The Deadlift exists as an irony. Those who treat it like a sin most dire are often the ones who need it the most. If your back or knees are a mess, you’d better learn to pick things up correctly, and that is all ... Read More »



If I were King for a day, I’d alleviate so many issues, fears and apprehensions about training by simply replacing the word ‘exercise’ with the word ‘movement.’ The squat, feared, revered and misunderstood, might then be seen as an essential part of life instead of some evil force that causes bad backs, bad knees and destroyed egos. Whether intimidating or ... Read More »

10 Habits of Highly Effective Fitness Freaks


Freedom Scares You – Because it means responsibility – Jello Biafra Responsibility. We often busy ourselves with so much erroneous shuffling-about that we forget about the true responsibility of self. ‘Freedom’ is a very large banner being waved right now, but it starts from within. Instead of a giant blanket between ‘good’ and ‘evil,’ let’s focus on the individual, and ... Read More »

Exercises of a True Physical Culture


In my article Routine vs. Ritual, I mention that a workout should never be a routine. Routine meets base requirements so we can then get on with important stuff, while a ritual inspires and creates progress. The modern workout routine is steeped in aesthetic conquest, gleaned from years of too many Muscle and Fitness magazines promoting workouts that zoom in ... Read More »