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Some Thoughts on Building a Big Pull

If I’m known for anything beyond my company (AtLarge Nutrition – and training advice it would have to be my above average deadlift. No, I won’t be pulling 1,015 lbs from the floor anytime soon like Benedikt Magnusson, but I have pulled 775 lbs. Read More »

Dysmorphia Training


In today’s era of hyperspecialization, most iron-game enthusiasts consider powerlifting and bodybuilding to be two very disparate training modalities. I constantly hear the cry of bodybuilders that they don’t care what they lift (‘Lifting heavy is dangerous!’, and ‘Why risk it?’) because all that matters is how they look. Alternatively, I hear powerlifters disparage the idea of hypertrophy-specific work as ... Read More »

Bands for Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding legend Mike Mentzer knew the importance of carbs post-workout

Disclaimer – If you can’t afford new clothes, you should probably stop reading now. Applying the principles in this article could leave you needing to purchase a whole new wardrobe. But, hey, that’s a good thing! What are Jump Stretch Bands? Chances are you’ve heard of people using bands in the gym, but may not know what the benefits are ... Read More »

An Interview with Bench Press Specialist – Vincent Dizenzo


Vincent Dizenzo has been crushing big iron for over fifteen years.  Early in his strength career, he was a three-lift powerlifter, but two ruptured discs in his back caused him to reconsider his training focus, and he became a bench press specialist (which was ironically his weakest of the big three lifts originally).  Vincent has held multiple bench press records, ... Read More »

One of CrossFit’s Finest – An Interview with Chris Spealler


CrossFit is fast becoming a household name. defines the modality as strength and conditioning program whose specialty is not specializing in any one form of fitness.  CrossFit creates an athlete who is proficient across the spectrum of physical expression with the idea being that real life situations demand this form of generalized conditioning.  As such, CrossFit is the training ... Read More »