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Methods of Max Effort – Part 2


In part one of this series I covered the following; Multiple Exertion Method, Maximal Concentric Method, Maximal Isometric Method, and the Maximal Eccentrics Method. If I am doing my job then you have gained a little more insight into the Max Effort Method. It can be much more than “maxing out”. This article will cover Maximal Force Repetitions, The Maximal ... Read More »

Methods of Max Effort – Part 1


The Methods The max effort methods have been discussed many times over the past 10 years. We have presented you with different weekly phases and training cycles as well as different loading patterns. Louie Simmons has also written numerous articles on how these methods have been used to create many of the strongest powerlifters in the world. Throughout many of ... Read More »

Having a Blackberry Doesn’t Mean You’re Mobile


It’s no secret that I’ve had to endure countless injuries and set backs over my lifting career. But it’s these set backs and my desire to overcome them that has made me a better lifter. I’ve had to look at many different avenues and have tested all of them. Some helped while others were thrown to the curb. Below are ... Read More »

A Day in the Life of Dave Tate


6:30am The alarm goes off signaling for me to get my ass up and moving. Today is dynamic squat day and I have to be in the gym by 8:15 to begin the session by 8:30. As I roll over I feel the tightness in my lower back and think I should just stay in bed and forget training for ... Read More »