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What supplements should I be taking?

“What supplements should I be taking?” That is a fair question, and one that we receive via our customer support page almost daily. It’s also a difficult question to answer without falling back on the dreaded “It depends…” The truth is that so much does depend on the individual asking the question -- his or her current physical state, experience level, and choices made in the kitchen and grocery store. Read More »

Shoulders Like Boulders

On occasion, I do receive more open-ended requests, such as those from trainees who simply send pictures and ask for a routine that addresses what I judge to be their weak points. More often than not, what I send back to them isn’t the latest “pecs and biceps” routine but something to bring up lagging shoulders. Read More »

Back to Basics

There is nothing more physically imposing than a massive set of traps and lats. Whether on the street, in the gym, or on the stage, a huge back sets a man apart. In this article Jay Wainwright tells you how to build a back that will give you that simian look of raw power!!! Read More »

Backside of the Arm!

You can’t have impressive arms without well-developed triceps. Here are a few tips to get yours growing again. Read More »