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Three New Methods for Igniting Serious Size & Strength


In the quest for more muscle, we often get caught up in the craziest approaches to training, all for another pound of muscle or a few extra reps. Think about it; I know you’ve tried some of the crazy techniques, like the twenty four-hour arm training program or the one-set-to-failure method. Heck, why wouldn’t you? Anything that is different from ... Read More »

Cheat Your Heart Out: Eat What You Want and Lose Fat


I remember the days of hardcore bodybuilding diets, the 80s and 90s of pure protein, little carbs, and zero fat – I’m talking plain chicken and broccoli five meals per day that were popularized by ripped dudes like Sly Stallone. (In fact, I remember reading an article about how Stallone got shredded for Rocky 4. His diet? “Nothing but tuna ... Read More »

Advanced Cutting Strategies For Physique Perfection


So Much Confusion This article couldn’t have come out at a better time. While no one has begun dieting yet, everyone is starting to think more and more about warm weather. Where there is warm weather there is less clothing and less chance to hide all that “muscle” you added during your previous bulk, which lasted from September to March. ... Read More »

Fool Proof Program Design


Editors Note: This article was written with the beginner in mind. It is for someone who has not grasped the fundamental concepts of exercise and how to apply them. If you truly want to learn how to create a better body you must start by understanding what the basic exercise variables are in a strength program and how they can ... Read More »