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Up the Dosage

What’s the quickest and most effective way to change your physique? Easy. Insert several needles filled with an oily substance in your body each week and wash down half a dozen pink tabs everyday. Fast forward ten weeks and you should be pushing a good ten to fifteen pounds more in the lean tissue department. Pretty simple huh? Actually it ... Read More »

How to maintain your gains post cycle – Part 2

In part I of this article, How to maintain your gains post cycle – Part 1 I presented some training splits and explained how a trainee could come “off” when it comes to post-cycle training. I discussed some reasons why a training routine should be structured, and how to put together an effective program. In this article we’ll be thinking ... Read More »

How to maintain your gains post cycle – Part I


Note: This article is geared (pun intended) towards the moderate user (defined as 400mg-1000mg/week). It is not intended for the advanced user who stays on for long periods or year round and uses more then a gram per week plus Insulin, GH and other goodies. Life is good. You’ve got money in the bank. You’re dating Barbie, the hot silicone ... Read More »