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Nitrean Natural Has Launched!

Our new Nitrean Natural

WWW.ATLARGENUTRITION.COM For years our customers have been asking if we planned to offer an artificial sweetener free version of our wildly popular Nitrean series. The answer has always been no, but that answer just changed! As many of you know we have recently begun manufacturing our own products for the first time in our 12 years history. Our new plant ... Read More »

HMB and Creatine: Giving RESULTS Every Time!


Strength, power, muscle, and speed are our specialties at AtLarge Nutrition, LLC. Every single day we work with and speak with the best athletes in the world. We listen to their needs, hear about the rigors of their sports, and sympathize when they tell us they need just a little something extra to help them reach their full potential. That’s ... Read More »

Supplement Staples for 2009 – Protein is Prime


Now that the Holiday Season is over and the New Year is upon us, it is a perfect time to re-examine your supplement plan for 2009. With thousands of different dietary supplements available, it quickly becomes an overwhelming task to make sense of product claims and separate fact from fiction. The first order of business is to make sure you ... Read More »

Fish Oil – Just The Facts


The Dawn of Fat Phobia If you have a few years of training under your belt, you can probably remember what I call the “Fat-Free 80’s.” Think back to a time when dietary fat was the enemy. Ah, yes, a time when fat-free products lined the shelves of the supermarket. A time when it was not a bad thing to ... Read More »

The Optimal Creatine Dosing Schedule


Most people just don’t know how to take creatine in the most efficient and cost effective manner. You can take creatine just about however way you like, but it is most likely not the most efficient way. This dosing schedule concentrates on efficiency, most people take far too much creatine, and a lot of it ends up in the toilet. ... Read More »