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CrossFit Legend Chris Spealler Q&A 2nd Installment

Author Chris Spealler

Question: Chris, how do you alter your training immediately following a competition? The competition that you have just completed and the time of year largely dictate the recovery process afterwards. By the way, and to digress from the question for a moment, if you are serious about being competitive in CrossFit it’s a good idea to do some local or ... Read More »

Shock Your Legs!

Tom Platz is the undisputed all-time quad development freak of bodybuilding.

Time to grow some legs – already got them..? Time to make them even better. This program will shock your entire lower body into growth very quickly. Be warned, it isn’t easy and at times you may feel the urge to quit – don’t do it! If there are two things that stop guys or girls training their legs hard, ... Read More »

Complexes for Fat Loss


Note: Win AtLarge Nutrition Fat Burners Nitor & Thermocin – (see bottom of article) Let’s cut the BS and get down to business: traditional cardio – running on the treadmill, sitting on a bike, riding on one of those stupid-looking elliptical machines – just doesn’t work that well if your main goal is to lose fat (now if your main ... Read More »

Plank Progressions for Killer Abs


You are putting together your “beach body” program and trying to find that perfect movement to really set off your midsection, but have grown tired of endless crunches… Well there is one movement that has been proven effective in martial arts and athletics for years. Are you curious now? It is as simple as “planks”. A plank is a static ... Read More »

Everything you wanted to know to increase your Vertical Jump


What are the most essential qualities of a high vertical jumper? Horsepower and movement efficiency. Strength per pound of bodyweight is the horsepower…movement efficiency is how well you can carry out a movement. You put those 2 things together and they determine the height that you jump.  You need to be able to put out a lot of force relative ... Read More »