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Unilateral Hypertrophy – Killing it One Leg at a Time: Part 2


In my previous article, I talked about the importance of single leg training and how it can reduce spinal compression, increase stabilizer activity, hit the glutes, tax the adductors, and hammer the core. Having absorbed all that, you should already be convinced that single leg training should be an integral part of your programming.  Nonetheless, I feel the need to ... Read More »

Bands for Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding legend Mike Mentzer knew the importance of carbs post-workout

Disclaimer – If you can’t afford new clothes, you should probably stop reading now. Applying the principles in this article could leave you needing to purchase a whole new wardrobe. But, hey, that’s a good thing! What are Jump Stretch Bands? Chances are you’ve heard of people using bands in the gym, but may not know what the benefits are ... Read More »

Weighted Carries for Size and Strength


As a member of Naval Special Warfare, I was frequently deployed to austere locations around the globe, and it was imperative that the guys and I maintained high levels of strength, resilience, and stamina. We often had very limited equipment but needed to come up with good workouts regardless. One of our favorite staples was and still is the weighted ... Read More »

Fast-Track Your Muscle Growth: One-Minute Muscle Builders


In this article, I will show you a variety of simple-but-not-easy workout protocols, each guaranteed to inflate your muscles like a float at the Macy’s Day Parade!  Each of the workout protocols I’ve provided here take only one minute to complete, (hence the reason I’ve named them one-minute muscle builders). Just in case your spider senses are giving off the ... Read More »

The Best Assistance Exercises for the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift


Almost anyone who trains with weights is chasing a strong squat, a brutal bench press, and a dauntless deadlift. These three exercises, not to mention their grand total, are so bad-ass that an entire sport was built around them: the sport of powerlifting. The “big three” are used extensively not just by powerlifters but also bodybuilders, Olympic weightlifters, strongmen, and ... Read More »