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Three New Methods for Igniting Serious Size & Strength


In the quest for more muscle, we often get caught up in the craziest approaches to training, all for another pound of muscle or a few extra reps. Think about it; I know you’ve tried some of the crazy techniques, like the twenty four-hour arm training program or the one-set-to-failure method. Heck, why wouldn’t you? Anything that is different from ... Read More »

DC TRAINING Declassified: The Definitive Guide


Since its origin fifteen to twenty years ago, DC Training has slowly matured as a muscle-building system, steadily picking up positive buzz, a fast-growing group of new advocates (in both number and body mass), and a more solid rep over the years. With pros like David Henry, Mark Dugdale, and fast-rising amateur Dusty Hanshaw talking about DC Training, that growth ... Read More »

Being Real – an interview with f=ma, Invain and Behemoth


In July, I wrote an article for Wannabebig called “Get Real.” The article was a discussion of my views on the flaws of the bodybuilding media (magazines and Internet) and how those perceptions may act as a disservice to those at the grassroots level who are trying to find their way in lifting. My contention was that the average person ... Read More »

Switch Things Up With Suspension Training


Every now and then, I think every hardcore weightlifter hits somewhat of a mental blah.  You know the one…you roll into the weight room, look at all the steel, run through your planned routine and why you’re doing it in your head, then suddenly think, “I’m getting a little bored!”  There are a handful of experts that would say, “you ... Read More »

Bench Kings – Learn from the Pros


In high school weight rooms around the world, the bench press reigns supreme.  While the squat and deadlift have great athletic carry-over, the bench press has earned a spot as the definitive gauge of upper body strength. Even though the bench seems like a deceptively simple “push a bar off your chest” exercise, BP specialists could spend weekends palavering about ... Read More »