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03-30-2001, 09:13 PM
I'm trying to reduce my weight from 205 down to 170.. I Dont drink beer or smoke but my downfall is Soda.. Especially coke.. I drink maybe 2 to 4 a day.. the calories are 160 per. serving so i am looking at over 600 calories of soda.. I work out about 4 to 6 times a week mostly cardio and some weights..i have tendinitis in my left shoulder... so light weights right now... So help me..i have lost 11 pounds since jan 1 and well on my way..but is soda slowing me down..thanks..

03-30-2001, 09:18 PM
I don't know if its slowing you down... probably for the sugar thats in it, but one thing is for sure... it can't help.
If you absolutely must drink some, maybe try the low calorie ones .. or the Pepsi One.
And if you have to drink the high sugar one, at least drink it immediately after your weight workout to replenish the glycogen stores at least.

Podium Kreatin
03-30-2001, 10:15 PM
the sugar is probably deleterious to ur health more than anything else, cuz all the kcals are from cheap sugar. I don't recommend diet, cuz aspartame can slow down metabolism, and i don't recommend it for a weight loss program.
one way is to eat smaller meals, but more often (a small meal every 3 hours of 3000kcals to 6 meals is better than 3 meals of 2000kcals). keeping ur metabolism high can burn a lot of fat. keep taking them antioxidants to save ur health.
quit soda! drink water, or juice (altho they can have bad cals too). don't go cold turkey.
u can try some fatburner, like xenadrine, altho it contains some stimulants in them.

for ur shoulder, lifting light might "train" ur muscles to go light. if u train heavy, that actually boosts ur metabolism, and can burn fat more efficiently than cardio. try to have good form, and see if there is pain. if there is, then dont do excercises, cuz continuous grinding will worsen the tendons, even with light weights.

03-30-2001, 10:20 PM
Dude, drop the soda. When I first lost weight (from 200 down to 160), the first thing that helped me IMMENSLY was losing the sugar water. It is also the first step to eliminating other worthless food from the diet like white bread.
Once you get weened off of soda and juices, it is easier to stop eating other simple carbs ebcause you realize that your body doesnt need it and probably will function better without it. Do youself a favor and stop drinking that crap, I did, and I dont even know why I drank it in the first place.

03-31-2001, 12:44 AM
I'm with Budiak.

I used to drink snapple, mountain dew and coke like crazy. I weaned myself off of that crap, and now that I'm not putting all that useless sugar into my system, my BF% is steadily going down. I used to think I HAD to have it, but now I don't even miss it. Good riddance.

03-31-2001, 06:04 PM
Originally posted by Podium Kreatin
I don't recommend diet, cuz aspartame can slow down metabolism, and i don't recommend it for a weight loss program

That's not true.