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07-13-2001, 03:05 PM
Ok need to get my a$$ in shape here. Starting a journal without too much personal info. Need to get measurements taken. Weight is approx 250lbs @ 5'11". Not fat but bulky, so immediate goal is just to start liftin regularly and weight will drop. 240lbs by end of august is the first goal to hit. Only other stat I can remember is biceps around 17.5 inches. Chest and shoulders need lotta work. Legs will become a larger focus.

Too lazy to post routine right now. If I need it, it's buried somewhere in the training area.

Just starting out so weights will change quite a but but approximates are:


Incline & flat bench: using 60lbs DBs for 3x10
35lbs free weight flys
80lbs ez-curl on skull crushers 4x8
whatever the rack is for tri pushdowns

'round 160lbs close grip pull downs 4x8
70lbs DB single arm row
deadlifts 130x10/230x10/230x10/280
DB preacher curls 40x8/35x8/30x8/25x8
Hammer curls (bi's dead at this point in the workout) 4x8 of 25-30lbs

shoulders (suck ass due to past hockey injury)
military press 80lbsx10/100x10/100x10
lateral raises 30lbs DBs
vertical rows 110lbsx10/90x10/90x8
shrugs 80lbs DBs 5 sets of 10
reverse cable ext 3x10

bah past 4pm time to leave werk and goto cottage...finish posting monday.

07-16-2001, 08:08 PM
Worked out today on lunchbreak. Did chest/tris.

Felt great afterwards, other than my muthafu*kin sunburn killin me.

Anyway just a quick post.

Got up to 70s for 8 reps db flat bench press. I'll try 80s next week. I guess good motivation is when some bastard is using 3 sets of dbs in the range i want and i get angry and go higher.

Used regular weight for the rest.

Back/Bi's tomorrow. Deadlifts *cringe* Let's see if I'll be...un-sore by friday.

07-17-2001, 09:18 PM
Ok skipped out in the morning, then skipped out at lunchtime...forced my ass to go after work.

Had a pretty decent workout, back/bis.

Started with close-grip pulldowns:
10x130 (warmup)/8x150/8x160/8x170
single hand dumbell rows:
3 sets of 80lb dumbells one arm at a time (almost passed out)
stiff deads:
8x140 (warmup)/8x230/6x280/2x300(grip failed, dropped bar) (almost threw up/passed out)

single dumbell preacher curls:
8x35lbs each arm/8x35/10x25
hammer curls:
3 sets of 25lbs dumbells (arms were wasted well before that)

I'm hoping that I don't wake up tomorrow, as I know the pain will prolly prevent me from walking to the bathroom. I guess that's what this sport is all about...another successful trip. :)

Tomorrow I think I'll rest, as I have martial arts at 9pm and am not looking forward to kicking with my hammies holding me back.

Thursday will be shoulders.

07-19-2001, 10:20 AM
Ok martial arts was a MOTHERFvCKER last night. Went in early to train on my own...tried to keep hydrated as best as possible. Maybe went too hard because I overheated during my lesson and started feeling dizzy. :( Probably had something to do with the 2 xenadrines i popped earlier. *Note to self: One xenadrine next time, and mo wata.* I musta dropped 1k calories though so was good cardio. More martial arts tonight and tomorrow is the advanced two hour class. I will use today as a rest day as it should be shoulders and if i did that today i wouldn't be able to lift my arms 30 mins into class.

Tomorrow I will do shoulders and MA then it's off to the cottage again and work on that burn...i mean tan.

07-24-2001, 02:40 PM
Did shoulders yesterday. Thank god the gym is air conditioned. 31 celsius with ultra high humidity isn't my idea of fun.

Did my standard boring-ass shoulder workout.

military press on machine...(doesn't feel right for some reason)
can't remember exact weight...need to start using db's, machines blow.
lateral raises 3 sets of 8 with 30lbs dbs.
vertical rows 1x8 90lbs/1x8 110lbs/1x6 120lbs
rear delt cable pulls one arm at a time(really feel these)
4 sets of 8...25 or 35lbs can't remember
side dumbell shrugs...pause 2 seconds at the top
3 sets of 8 @90lbs dbs, 2 sets of 8 100lbs dbs

shoulders still suck ass...i dunno if it's from my hockey injury that they've never recovered or not...doc said 70% for the rest of my life but never really noticed...mebbe change things up soon.

07-24-2001, 10:15 PM
Today was back/bis day. As usual this is my most intense day.

Changed from close to wide grip lat pulldowns:
130x8 (warm-up)/150x8/170x8/180x6
Then single arm dumbell rows:
3 sets of 8 using the 85lb dumbell
Then moved on to Stiff-legged Deadlifts: *cringe*

single arm preacher curl:
did drop sets...started with 8 reps using 40lbs db, then 8 reps 35lbs, then 12 reps 25lbs
hammer curls:
3 sets of 8 25lbs dbs

well i was ready to puke/pass-out at the end so I went home had a steak, then rested for 30 mins...then off for an hour of martial arts.

...never again...

08-01-2001, 01:57 PM
Alright, making a serious change to my program to accomodate my lazy..i mean busy ass. Changing to a push pull split cutting out some exercises as I see fit. I'll see how well it works and go from there...also going to make a good attempt to drop some pounds...i will add more cardio pay more attention to diet and not fret over losing some muscle...i will put more emphasis on martial arts as well...

Ok monday was the start of 'push':
decided to try barbell bench press as shoulders will be a focus this workout also.

bb bench:
8x135 (warm-up)/8x185/6x205/2x225
pec dec 3 sets of almost the whole rack not sure of weight

machine military press:
lateral raises 3x8 30lbs dumbells

3x8 of 90lbs ez-curl welded barbell (don't think bar weight is included)
tricep extensions:
3 sets of almost the rack - the rack

25 mins of treadmill post workout

...well i'm limping today as i dropped a 25lbs plate on the top of my foot...i guess with no broken bones it's a cheap lesson in paying some FU*KING attention to what you are doing...

08-05-2001, 12:25 PM
Ok saturday was back/bicep/traps day. Felt kinda weak and my workout wasn't that great.

Lat pulldowns:
Dumbell Rows:
3 sets of 8x85lbs

single arm db preacher curls:
hammer curls:
3 sets of 8 of 25lb dbs

Dumbell Shrugs:
4 sets of 8 of 95lbs dbs

Then hopped on a bike for 15 minutes to finish off.

08-08-2001, 08:32 PM
Today was "push" day. Wish this damn hot/humid spell would fookin end. 39 celsius with the humidex is getting to be a b!tch.

Started with Chest:
Barbell Bench Press:
135x8 (warmup)/185x8/205x8/225x5.5/235x2.5

Pec Dec:

DB Arnold press:
40x8/30x8/30x8 (I think my shoulders will suck ass forever, or were pre-exhausted from bench)

DB Front Delt Raise:
3 sets 8 of 20lbs dbs

2 sets of 8 of 90lbs plus ez-curl (had a splitting headache so I stopped for a while then moved on)

Tricep Pulldowns:
rack -2 plates x10/rack -1 plate x10/rack x10

Then hopped on the treadmill for 25 mins.

12-07-2001, 01:28 PM
*dusts off journal*

Ok I guess I better start doing this shiat again. It's been awhile since I've regularly been working out but I'll post my new routine and results from my last workout.

I have moved to a purely push/pull split of 2 or 3 times per week.

For now I will begin on shoulders with my push routine to accomodate for poor performance due to an old injury.

Military press - Machine for now
DB Lateral Raises
DB or BB Bench Press
Free weight flys or pec dec
ez-curl bar Skull-crushers
Squats - smith machine for now
seated calf raise

Stiff-legged deadlifts
Single arm bent DB rows
DB Shrugs
Hamstring Curls
DB Hammer Curls

Ok I've done a push workout on monday which went pretty well. Got out of the gym well under 2 hours taking plenty of rest between sets.

Thursday I went in for a pull workout and stuck to the program.

SLDL - Haven't done these in a while so I didn't want to kill myself, but still didn't do to poorly.

Two quick warmup sets of 8 reps @ 130lbs.

Then 8 reps @ 220lbs, 6 reps @ 270, and 4 reps @ 290. I felt like I could still do a couple more at 290 but didn't want to kill myself first day into the program.

Single arm bent-over DB Rows - 3 sets of 8 using a 75lb DB.

DB Shrugs - can't quite remember reps 8-10ish of 85lb DBs.

Hamstring Curls - Think it was set at 50 or 60lbs and did 3 sets of 8. Hams were burnt from SLDLs.

DB Hammer curls - Arms were burnt but squeezed out 3 sets of 10 using girly 25lb DBs.

All in all I'm satisfied with my routine and first days performance. I should easily get over 300lbs on SLDL next time out for reps and will switch up on a monthly basis between SLDL and conventional deads. I may tweak the program a bit, but overall I think it'll work and accomodate my limited time due to thai boxing and hockey.

On a general health note, I am into my third full day being smoke free and on wednesday just after one day of no smoking noticed significant improvement in my thai boxing performance. I think in another 2-3 weeks I will start sparring quite a bit. I will re-evaluate my conditioning for taking the "Bull" test. For future reference there is "Bull" which opens you up to sparring, "Tiger" not sure what this allows you to do...and the "Fighter" test which allows you to represent the school in tournaments. I think one year is a reasonable goal to attain fighter status although I will aim for 8-10 months to reach this goal.

I think due to increased activity I have shed a bit of weight...appearance-wise there is slight improvement and although I didn't weigh myself in the morning the night before it appeeared that I had lost 5 pounds or so. I would estimate my weight at between 240-245lbs currently. I'll set a short term goal of 230lbs by my birthday in mid feb. Again not too aggressive so I hope to be at 225lb if things go according to plan.

12-14-2001, 07:48 AM
Ok I skipped posting my last push workout but had a good pull workout yesterday.

6x130/6x130/8x200/6x270/3x320 I coulda gone to about 5 reps of 320lbs but didn't want to kill myself before my workout began, and I still needed some back leftover to remove all the weights.

Single arm DB Row:
3 sets of 8 using 75lb db

Hammy curls:

DB shrugs:
3 sets of 8 using 90lbs DBs
1 set of 10 using 70lbers squeezing and holding on the last two reps.

Incline DB Curls:
3 sets of 10 using pussy dbs

Hammer Curls:
2 sets of 10 using pussy dbs

Finished up with a short 10 minute stroll on the treadmill.

My traps were pretty flared out at the end of the workout and caught some ppl lookin at me outta the corner of their eyes...felt a good pump and since pumps are what we are after I'd say mission accomplished. ;)

12-31-2001, 07:48 AM
Ok forgot to post a few of my workouts since my last.

Had a pretty good workout the other day.


SLDL: 8x130/8x130/8x220/6x270/4x310
Ppl eye me like i'm some psycho though...I don't think i've ever seen anyone doing SLDLs at my gym before...

Single arm DB Row: 3 sets of 8 using 80 or 85 lbs dbs can't remember now.

DB Shrugs: 3 sets of 8 using 90lbs DBs and then one set of 8 using 70lbs DBs.

Biceps: Bis were already burning but got through two sets of incline DB curls along with two sets of hammer curls.

Hamstring curls: 10x60/10x70/10x60 not sure what's going on here...although i've never seen anyone set this machine higher it seems like strength has never really improved...I'll have to monitor it more closely, or maybe they are just exhausted from SLDLs...

Did about 15 minutes of cardio at the end and 5 mins of stretching.

Think I'll try and get a push workout in today. But I'll have to drop the squats I think as this is only recovery day 2 and my SLDLs are still haunting me...

12-31-2001, 07:52 AM
Oh, diet has been sh*tty and will be my primary focus now, as I realize no matter how much I lift I will not get where I want without adherance to a better eating plan. Just watched blade again on the weekend and my eating/training habits remind me of the ending saying, "some muthaf*ckas are always trying to skate up hill..." or some shite like that...

Bought a new box of nitro-tech bars to keep in the office for those times I am starved and go to the bagel lady, or early lunch...or timbits the fockers keep bringin into the office.

01-01-2002, 06:15 PM
Had a pretty good workout the afternoon of new years eve. Took a bit longer than I had hoped but got a lot of work done.

It was Push day.

DB Bench Press: 8x60lbs/8x60lbs/8x80lbs/6x80lbs DBs.

DB flies: 3 sets of 8 using 35lb dumbells

skullcrushers: 3 sets of 8 using 75lb ez curl... gonna jack this weight up much higher next workout...

cable ticeps extensions: 3 sets of 8 using one or two plates less than the whole rack

Military Press Machine: 10x90/10x100/8x110 My shoulders still suck...they haven't ever really been strong ever since a hockey injury way back. Mebbe I'll focus on low rep strength training and see how they respond.

DB Lateral Raise: 3 sets of 10 using sissy 25lbers...

Hip inductor and abductor (or whatever they're called): did 3 sets of 15 for each...yes the machine you mainly see women on. Although, yesterday there were actually guys on it. I was gonna start usin it anyway as I didn't see any ankle straps for the cable machines. My legs are strong but the muscles in the hips aren't very good, which is causing fatigue to set in quick when kicking in MA.

Didn't want to do squats as I was still sore from deadlifts and will be trying to get in a couple sessions of kickboxing this week. So went on to calf raises.

Standing calf raise: Not sure how much the metal support crap is that you lift but I'll just list the weight I added.

Did about 3 warmups between 90-300lbs.
Lost track of the total sets...may have done too many...i usually do seated calf raises but thought I'd do standing so was figuring out the weight.

Did I think 3 sets with 500lbs added and 2 more at 550lbs. I rarely have sore calves and they are sore today so... *pats self on back*

Finished off with 15 minutes on a stationary bike. Quitting smoking must really be helping. I always had problems with the exercise bike and I would feel lactic acid buildup within 5 minutes and would struggle to get to 10 minutes. Yesterday I went 15 minutes pretty easily and at a much higher RPM level and without having to slow down or anything and only a bit of burn in the quad. Who knew smoking was bad for you... :rolleyes:

This week the focus will be on diet. If I break down and go out for lunch it will only be somewhere where I can get a grilled chicken salad or something...

Wednesday and Thursday will be rest days from weightlifting, but will do some kickboxing tomorrow on my own and then join the class on thursday...new bag gloves should save my fists too. :)

Well I have my plan laid out...now I just need to do what I say...

01-01-2002, 06:19 PM
El Pierto - tu hablas espanol? Shiat I can't make the special n.

01-01-2002, 06:27 PM
Originally posted by Marcel
El Pierto - tu hablas espanol? Shiat I can't make the special n.

Nope, no spanish in me. Although I'd love to be into something or I gues I mean, someone spanish. Mmmm....latin women...:D

01-01-2002, 06:30 PM
Oh ok bro. And yes Latin women...:hump:

01-04-2002, 06:44 PM
Ok felt kinda shitty for this workout...dunno why but I may take out single arm DB rows and replace with lat pull downs instead.


Stiff-legged Deadlift: 2 warmup sets/8x270lbs/6x290lbs/4x310lbs
Single-arm DB Rows: 2 sets of 8@80lbs DBs and 1 set of 6. Felt like sh!t.

DB shrug: 3x8@90lbs DBs - again didn't feel that great, normally do 4 sets.

Incline DB curls: 3 sets of 10 using 30lbs DBs.
Hammer curls: 3 sets of 10 using 25lbs DBs.

Hamstring Curls (machine): 10x60/10x70/6x80 Had no energy left.

I've decided to include diet updates as I post workouts to see if I'm progressing.

Won't list all foods but changes etc.

My diet macros and discussion can be found in the thread "Isometric Diet and Me"

Basic stats are 30/40/30@~2500

Yesterdays macro breakdown looked like this:

source grams cals %total
Total: 1642
Fat: 35 312 20%
Sat: 12 104 7%
Poly: 6 53 3%
Mono: 8 72 5%
Carbs: 86 285 19%
Fiber: 14 0 0%
Protein: 234 936 61%
Alcohol: 0 0 0%

Overall not even close to enough calories. Protein was at the right amount roughly but fat was way low as were carbs.

source grams cals %total
Total: 2567
Fat: 86 773 31%
Sat: 34 303 12%
Poly: 13 120 5%
Mono: 26 231 9%
Carbs: 209 793 32%
Fiber: 11 0 0%
Protein: 228 914 37%
Alcohol: 0 0 0%

This is what my macro breakdown will look like if I finish the protein shake sitting beside my keyboard and have a tub of cottage cheese before bed. I'm much happier with this days worth of dieting. Although, much of the calories came from lunch when I ate out at a japanese tappenyaki place. It was tough to program all that shite into fitday but I covered 95% of it. Basically they fry everything on a cooking table in front of you. So my meal consisted of beef, chicken, rice, although I only ate half now that I think of it. Been sprouts, mushrooms and onions, green tea ice cream, and I ordered an appetizer of beef sashimi (pretty much raw thin slices of beef you can dip in a vinagarette sauce.)

Well This will be a work in progress. I will make changes as I go along.

01-07-2002, 09:30 PM
Ok I had a great workout at muay thai today. Training is really coming along. Still held back by cardio...but with quitting smoking i'm hoping that there is still some recovery to go. Either way I will start looking into increasing cardiovascular fitness...new breathing techniques and overall more focus on proper breathing while I strike. Although, I didn't stay long enough in shaolin KF to learn much qigong I will study further and have a good book to go through and see if better energy focus and meditation can help me with my goals.

Swing kicks are coming along nicely...it's hard to find anyone that will hold thai pads for more than 5 or 10 kicks unless forced to during a class, so have been using the heavy bag on my own. Obviously the power is there in my strikes...technique on punches are good, kicks can improve, should get better when I give more focus to my hip flexors in workouts now. May add lunges into my program to help hips and balance. Shin conditioning is improving at a great rate. I was worried that my power was way outdistancing my conditioning but looks like it's coming back. Supplementing with calcium and magnesium at night along with a glucosamine+chondroitan+msm supp as well, for overall increased bone density and joint health. Also apply thai linament post workout.


Very happy with my discipline. I have stuck to my diet 100% since I started. Still trying to get my cals to stay around 2500 or so. Today was great as I will hit all goals except for carbs, and only 19 grams off my goal. Unfortunately I have taken friday off and will be travelling to Ottawa for the weekend. I fear there will be much consumption of alcohol and eating of pizza and vendor sausages. Even bringing along the Molson rep from the bar....could be interesting... :D I'll try and stick to eating responsibly as much as I can but I expect that the most I can hope to accomplish is keep my cals somewhat reasonable...

Tomorrow is push day.

01-08-2002, 07:53 PM
Ok today was push after work.


DB bench press 8x50/6x90/8x80/8x70
DB flies: 8x35/8x35
Pec Deck: 8x110/8x130

Skull Crushers: 8x90/8x90/8x90
Tri Pulldowns: 10x rack-3/8x rack-2/8x rack-2

Squats: (using smith machine: yeah I suck)
8x135/8x220/5x270/5x270 (ok gonna hafta figure something out...mebbe try squats then chest/tris...had no gas when i got to this. I actually checked where the nearest garbage was before my last set in case I had to puke.)

Also for legs I did hip abductor and inductor or whatever they're called. I skipped calves hoping that I will somehow be able to get in a session of muay thai tomorrow before my ottawa trip on thursday.

Military Press: (machine)
DB Lateral Raises: 8x25/8x30/6x30

This workout was 'ok', but too long. Gonna try and re-work a new more efficient program in a bit. Perhaps go back to the old push/pull/legs split if I can figure in another day at the gym without costing my in muay thai.


Again diet is solid today. I may be losing weight a tad too quickly...think it's been 4 days and i'm down 3lbs. Not too worried right now though. I ended up going to Wendy's today but managed to keep my meal pretty damned clean. Grilled chicken sandwich with a diet coke. Sandwich is 290 cals with 24g or protein, 8g of fat and mid thirties in carbs. Not a lot of fat so regardless if it's saturated or not...managed to fit it in my diet anyway...so good for me.

01-08-2002, 07:58 PM
I didn't know Wendy's had grilled chicken sandwiches. That's entirely respectable for fast food! Now that you aren't smoking do you have more nervous energy during the day?

01-09-2002, 08:49 AM
Not really...I did for the first couple weeks...and if I didn't manage to get a nicorette into me at regular intervals I'd start getting really irritable, and snap on people over the smallest things. Had trouble sitting at my desk all day too. Then I started using the gum less and less...now I don't use it at all and just chew regular gum if I feel like a smoke. I don't even feel the need to smoke anymore and it doesn't stress me at all either. I've quite twice before for 4 months...and it was different. I'd always know how many days it's been since I had my last cigarette, etc. Now I don't even remember when I quit...although roughly it was 5-6 weeks ago...but I don't count days or think about it at all. It's sort of like I know I'm a non-smoker now versus before when I quit and was hoping I wouldn't start back up again.

Yeah the wendy's sandwich is pretty good...I think i'll use that as a meal every now and then when i feel the need to eat out. :)

01-13-2002, 09:40 PM
Ok going to change up my routine bigtime and see how things workout. Instead of the long 2 day a week push/pull split I'm going to go with a short but sweet 4 day a week split and see how things go.

All the exercises, except for leg day can be done at my muay thai gym, which has limited equipment.

Day 1:
Flat bench (2 warmup sets, 3 sets)
DB Flies (3 sets)
Skullcrushers (3 sets)

Day 2:
SLDL (2 warmup sets, 3 sets)
Lat Pulldowns (3 sets) [May replace with chin-ups]
Incline DB curls (2 sets)
Hammer Curls (2 sets)

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:
DB Press (2 warmup sets, 3 sets)
Lateral Raises (2 sets)
Vertical Rows (2 sets)
BB Shrugs (4 sets)

Day 6:
Squats (2 warmup sets, 3 sets)
Quad Extensions (3 sets)
Hamstring Curls (1 warmup set, 4 sets)
Standing Calf Raise (1 warmup set, 4 sets)

Day 7:

This is my weight training regime. Now I will try to include 2-3 days a week of morning cardio...treadmill, bike, elliptical, stairmaster, I'll try to switch it up a bit. The workouts with the exception of leg day will be done primarily at my thai boxing gym and will be done before thai boxing class. I will try to go 3 times a week. I will also be starting a brazilian jiu jitsu class once per week for now and see how it goes. This program will offer me weight training, along with a good cardiovascular base, along with striking and grappling. I am also considering going back to kungfu, there is a class held once per week on sunday from a reputable seven star preying mantis grand master that I may consider. Although, I may be biting off a bit more than I can chew so I'll see how things work.

I am basically changing my life to revolve strictly around training and combat arts for the next few months and see what progress will be made. I also have hockey and ball hockey to fit in somehow...looks like saturday night will pretty much be my only social night for a little while. Diet will be adhered to and monitored closely. Creatine will start on tuesday.

01-16-2002, 09:50 PM
Ok this week has been mediocre. Training wise it's been ok, but diet wise it's been a bit of a struggle. I eat clean on all meals with the exception of lunch, which I've gone out for fast food all 3 days this week. Anyway, I'll get a handle on that real soon.

Training this week consisted of 3 on 3 ball hockey on monday which was really intense cardio, then muay thai tuesday and today. Classes are 1.5 hours each.

Before class today I did my shoulder/trap workout. I got there late so I rushed it and considering I'm used to a two day split working two smallish muscles was too quick and easy...I guess I'll get used to it. Started creatine....having a 2 day loading phase which tomorrow will be the 2nd day of. Had about 20 grams today.

I will try and get some decent sleep tonight although getting to bed early and falling asleep has been tough. Damn WBB for keeping me up till midnight most nights! :mad:

Oh, tomorrow is rest day. Friday is...hmmm...haven't decided...potentially just muay thai with legs on saturday.

01-20-2002, 11:55 AM
Ok had a great workout yesterday and couldn't post it because of stupid cloughface doing techie stuff to the damned place.

Anyway it was leg day. *cringe*


Squats: (still on a smith machine :( )

Quad Extension:
10x210/10x230/10x250 (250 is the whole rack so I've hit the max for that machine)

Hamstring Curls:

Standing Calf Raise:
(Ok the calf raise harness thingy can barely hold anymore weight...mebbe a plate or two more...thank god one of the staff started helping me unrack.)

Seated Calf Raise:
(Using some leverage thing. Looks like a regular seated calf raise device, but has a long arm on which you put the weight on the end so you only need to put like a plate on instead of a ton of plates)


Went heavier on hip abductor and adductor machines. Really felt it when I was done. Basically 3 sets of 10.

Well I had the typical leg day strut at the end, and nearly cried/fell on the way down from the stairs after the shower. Some ppl in the japanese restaurant gave me some weird looks as I mixed a shake on the trunk of my car after I got out. :)

Friday I had a good 2 hours of muay thai training. Monday is ball hockey again and I'll see how my calves are. I'll add tuesday as a rest day if I'm still sore.

01-21-2002, 01:07 PM
Alright, just got back from the gym on my lunch break. Intensity was satisfactory.

Today was...


DB Bench Press: 2 warmups/8x80/8x80/8x80lbs DBs
Pec Dec: 8x100/8x110/8x110

EZ Curl Skull Crushers: 8x90/8x90/8x90
Triceps push-downs: 8x rack-3/8x rack-2/8x rack -1


01-22-2002, 09:09 PM
Well I've already ranted in training so no point doing it here...

Today was back/biceps day.


SLDL: 8x190 (Posted wrong in training) 8x220/6x270/6x310/1x340 lbs

The last rep wasn't a max. I felt good at 310 and decided to increase the poundage as I've been at 310 for a little while. Everything seemed ok and then at the beginning of the pull portion I felt/herd some popping in my left hamstring. I don't think it is a serious strain or anything and hopefully it will not hinder me for too long. I will do no activity for two days, which would have been rest days anyway. I will also stop kickboxing for the week, as my left leg is my supporting leg which does a lot of pivoting. I will do some light stretching and re-evaluate in a couple days. I was very upset but decided to complete my back routine.

Close-grip Lat pull-downs: 120x8/170x8/170x8/170x8


Incline DB curls: Did two sets of 10 using 30s.

Hammer Curls: Did two sets of 10 using 25s.
This didn't feel like enough weight but I wasn't really focused anymore anyway.

I see the little saying in my sig about deadlifts I thought up has turned out to be quite true... :rolleyes:

01-23-2002, 04:02 AM
I think squatting is harder. I kinda like deadlifting. :p :)

01-26-2002, 01:29 AM
Well, headed to the gym today after two days of complete inactivity.

Today was shoulders/traps:

I started with 5 minutes on the bike just to see how the hamstring held up under a bit of stress. Didn't notice any problems, nor any suffering in ROM when stretching it out.

BB Military Press: 8x90/8x90/8x110/8x110/8x110
Thought I'd try bb press out...haven't done it in years. Felt a bit of a flash of pain in my back the first couple times I started...probably due to arch in back, as you fukin have to arch to reach back and get the bar. Did reps infront of face and didn't feel all that comfortable. I may just do DB press from now on.

DB Lateral Raise: 2 sets of 8 using 35s

Vertical Rows: (ez-curl bar) 10x60/10x80/10x90

DB shrugs: 5 sets of 8-10 using 85 lbers

Did 3 sets of rear delt cable pulls to finish off.

Then went to the ellyptical trainer to test out my hamstring further. Did 20 minutes pretty easily. No grief from my hammy and no loss of ROM on post workout stretch. Sunday or monday I will try some light resistance work to test/strengthen further.

As I finished my stretch and was heading out this pretty damned huge black guy stopped me as I walked by and asked if I wanted to join is full contact/full gear football team in the summer. Some league that covers all of southern ontario so I guess it's a pretty big deal, although not considered a semi-pro league. I told him I'd think about it and took his card, but it still made me fell pretty good. Sometimes you work hard and wonder what others see in you. Although I haven't been working hard for very long I believe I will be a monster if I can keep injury free and training consistently.

I didn't see anything for reverse-hypers at my gym but I think I saw a glute/ham raise thingy. So I may use that in my mini-ham program.

In summary, my workout was somewhat lame but it was good to get back. I'll take things slowly and hopefully be back to 100% in a couple weeks.

Fart Barker
01-26-2002, 03:49 AM
congrats on kickin the cigs :thumbup:

01-28-2002, 09:04 PM
Originally posted by Fart Barker
congrats on kickin the cigs :thumbup:

Thanks fart. :)

Ok today was test hammy and chest day. I got to the gym in the morning before work and did 20 minutes on the elyptical trainer, followed by some very light hamstring curls, the usual kind I do where you lay on your stomach. I used the lowest weight and then increased up to about 30-40% of what I'd normally do. I didn't feel like I was working the injured hamstring very well as my strong leg could easily do more work, although I did focus on my injured area. So I cut the weight down to the minimum and did a couple sets of ten using just the injured leg. . I'm not sure if it was in my head but I think I could feel a little knot in my hamstring on the beginning part of the movement. I managed through the two sets though, and then took an anti-inflammatory afterwards just in case anything decided to act up. I'd say it was ok. I will do some rehab work on it every 2-3 days adding a bit more weight and a few more sets each time.

I came back to the gym afterwork to do my chest/triceps workout.

DB Bench Press: 8x60/8x80/8x85/7x85
Pec Dec: 8x120/8x140/7x140

Skullcrushers: 8x90/8x90/8x90
Cable push-downs: 10xrack-3/10xrack-1/10xrack-1

S'Ok I guess.

01-31-2002, 07:08 PM
Today was Back/Bicep day and test my left hammy a bit more aggressively.

Lat Pull-Downs: couple warmups then 8x170/8x170/8x170
DB Rows: 8x75/8x75/8x75lbers

I felt really weak and workout was pretty crap in general. This would be directly from not eating much in the few hours before I went to the gym.

Incline DB Curl: Did 3 sets of 10 using 30lbs DBs.
Hammer Curls: Finished off with 3 sets of 10 using 25lbs DBs.

Now on to my hamstrings. I went over to the standing curl machine and did a quick set using almost no weight. Then increased it a bit and didn't feel anything wrong with it. So I went over to my usual direct hammy exercise, which is the lying on your stomach hammy curl machine. I did a light set using about 20 lbs, only using my left leg. Then went to 30lbs, everything felt fine. I put it to 70lbs and used both legs and felt like cake, so I was pretty happy. I usually go with 90lbs but that's generally after SLDLs so not a good measure of 10 rep max.

Then I noticed out of the corner of my eye some guy SLDLing and I got all nostalgic and teary-eyed. I did some stretching and kept glancing back and thinking about it. I started to walk over and noticed he had just finished. He was using 200lbs, a plate and 35s on each side. I thought that it would probably be better to go with a lighter weight but couldn't resist. I told him I'd take care of the weights and then stepped up to the bar, thinking I'd either be very, very happy in a few seconds or very, very angry...

...I looked at the bar, bent down and did a conventional to get it from the floor to starting position. I proceeded to do about 12 reps of 200lbs SLDLs no sweat with very little complaining from my hammy. When I put that bar down I felt like dancing a jig. Next week I will go back to my regular leg routine and will go about 80% of normal and then progressivley go higher each time out until I teach that fukin bar that the weight that hurt me shouldn't have...

01-31-2002, 10:56 PM

02-04-2002, 08:44 AM
Tore my hammy again. I fukkin giveup.

02-05-2002, 01:02 PM
Started physiotherapy yesterday, good thing is the tear is in the muscle belly and not at the points of insertion. The first time was basically an assessment, so he moved it around and said "hmmm" whenever I grimaced in pain, etc. Then I dunno what he did, if it was pressure points or what but he put his hands on the muscle and it felt like pins were sticking in a couple points of my leg. I can't do jack sh!t for 2-3 weeks on it before I start rehabing it though.

Mebbe I'll do some upper body in a couple days, once it doesn't hurt to walk, and have a really dumbass looking limp. Physio 3 times a week...more fookin bills to pay. :mad:

02-06-2002, 07:03 PM
Went for more physio today and the therapist agreed that it would be good to go hit the iron again on the upper body for now. I don't limp around as much so I guess things are improving somewhat. At least I can get a workout in before the weekend, all I've been doing is sitting around and letting my diet slide to all hell. From the looks of it it'll be at least 2-3 weeks before I start any form of rehab on the muscle. :(

02-07-2002, 05:05 AM
that really sucks man. i'm sorry ya gotta go through it. have you figured how it happenned? (root cause i mean)

02-07-2002, 08:06 AM
No, I mean it first happened when I was stiff leg deadlifting. I was using pretty high weight so it could be that I was in bad form for a split second and that's all it took. Or the muscle was in a pretty high state of exhaustion and couldn't handle the extra set, I don't believe that I went beyond my weight limit. I mean I only increased weight by 10% from the previous set.

All I know is I can get pretty damned depressed bumming around, not being able to go to thai boxing, or ball hockey, or have a leg day. If I listen hard enough I could prolly hear myself getting fatter too.

That's why I decided to seek out a therapist. From what I've read hamstrings aren't the best thing to injure and I don't want to be haunted by this injury the rest of my life. Although, I'm not sure if I can avoid that now. :(

02-07-2002, 08:08 AM
you can always keep playing pocket pool though. :D

anyways....do you warm your muscles up before you lift?

02-07-2002, 08:26 AM
Generally before leg day I will ride the bike for about 5 minutes and then do some stretching prior to and in between each set. I think 5 minutes is sufficient to promote a good enough blood flow, but I will then do a couple warm-up sets in any case. I generally do compounds first and that is where my warm-ups are...I don't waste time warming up on each exercise, just each musclegroup, as I think that's pointless.

02-15-2002, 11:52 PM
Ok I haven't been active at all since the day I hurt my leg again.

It's 12:50am saturday 16th. Hulk if I don't workout when I wake up today and post something here please ban me from the site. I haven't stuck to my diet and everything is just going to crap.

Quite depressing...

:bang: :cry:

Fart Barker
02-16-2002, 06:51 AM
You still not smoking?

02-16-2002, 12:13 PM
No I haven't had a cig since the day I quit.

02-16-2002, 03:31 PM
Ok went and did a chest/tri workout. I felt like a pansy and lifted like one.

DB Bench: Did 2 warmup sets then sets of 8, 7.5 and 6 using 80lbs DBs.

Pec Dec: 100lbsx3 sets

Triceps PushDown: 10xrack-3/10xrack-1/10xrack-1

Military Press machine: Just did a couple quick sets on my way out. 8x100/8x110.

Oh well I guess it's better than nothing with the time off I've had. Felt like passing out after and still sorta do.

02-19-2002, 10:24 PM
Did back today...wasn't very inspired but I'm glad I just dragged my as$ there at all.

Wide-Grip Pull-downs: 2 warmups then 8x150/8x160/6x160

Normally I do close grip but whatever...

DB Rows: 3 sets of 8 using 75lbers.

DB Shrugs: 3 sets of 8 using 90lbers.

Normally do 5 sets but whatever.

Incline DB Curl: 3 sets of 10 using 30lbers.

Hammer Curls: 2 sets of 10 using 25lbers.

Felt pretty tight after the workout so I guess I did something right. Maybe by the end of the week my therapist will let me start working on rehabing my leg...

Other than lunch (chinese) diet was pretty clean today for a change...

I'll rest tomorrow and then do a push workout on thursday...I guess I'll be doing a 2 day split until I can add legs again...

02-21-2002, 08:58 PM
Well today I managed to get in a push workout.

Didn't eat for a good 4 hours before my workout though...

Last time I did DB bench I kinda felt a bit of a twinge in my hammy when I needed to lift them up so I decided to go with barbell bench. I haven't done BB bench in a long ass time so didn't expect too much, especially just coming off a layoff. But nuff excuses...

BB Bench Press: 8x135/8x135 warmup, 8x185/8x205/4x215

I coulda got another 1.5-2 reps off in the last set but didn't have a spotter so thought I wouldn't press my luck first time out.

Pec Dec: 8x120/8x120/6x120

SkullCrushers: 8x90/8x90/8x90

Triceps Pushdowns: 10x135/10x135/10x145

Did a quick 3 sets of Machine Military Press: 8x100/8x100/8x110


02-23-2002, 01:49 PM
Well today was like christmas for me. Went to physio and my therapist gave me the green light to start some rehab on it. Which means I get to do some cardio and very light weights on my hammy.

So I went straight to the gym from there for my back/bis workout.

Close-grip Lat pulldowns: 8x130/8x130 warmup, 8x170/8x170/7x170

Single arm DB Rows: 3 sets of 8 using a 75lber.

Decided to switch from DB to BB shrugs.

Front BB shrugs: 8x220/8x270/8x300/8x320 Felt pretty good.

Incline DB curls: 3 sets of 8 using 30lbers.

Hammer curls/reverse curls:
Alternated sets of hammers and reverse curls. Did 2 sets of 8 for each using 25lb dumbells. My arms were already blasted at this point anyway.

Workout was pretty good.

Then I tentatively walked over to the lying hamstring curl machine. I put it on the lightest weight and tried to use only the injured hammy. I got maybe 5 reps and it didn't feel right so I stopped. I guess I coulda used both legs but I thought I'd just go jump on the treadmill the first day. So I did some speed walking for about 15 minutes with a short 2-3 minute run interspersed. My cardio sucks right now since I've been pretty much inactive for a month. Therapist said it's ok to go hammer on the heavy bag with my upper body so I can go partially train at my thai boxing gym again. This is a major step forward. I was starting to get depressed/short-tempered lately just from all the inactivity.

I'll take things slow...I don't wanna fuk my leg up again. It's good to be able to move around a bit again. :)

02-26-2002, 06:43 PM
Managed to make it to my thai boxing gym last night. Did 10 minutes on the bike and about 45 minutes hitting the heavy bag. Felt great to strike something again. :)

Today I did chest/tris:

BB Bench: 135x8/195x8/225x5(no spot)/245x4(spotter may have helped on the last rep)

Pec Dec: 3 sets of 8 @120lbs

Thought I'd throw in inclines on the machine and see how things go for a month or so.

Incline machine press: 100x8/130x8/150x8

Skullcrushers: 105x7/105x7/105x6

Triceps cable pushdowns: 10x135/10x145/10x155 (whole rack)

Walked over to the lying hamstrings curl machine. Still couldn't do anything with just my left leg so did 2 sets of 15 using both legs with really light weight. Then went and did 15 minutes on the treadmill.


Physio tomorrow at noon.

02-26-2002, 06:48 PM

What, you think you're gonna get away with it after what you did to my journal?!


excellent bench dude.

When do you do shoulder work? if you do at all?

good to hear the hammy is on the road to recovery :)

02-26-2002, 06:53 PM
Thanks. :)

I generally would have done shoulders on this day...but got side-tracked with my hamstring so by the end I was pooped. I guess I will do shoulders with back or I will just skip it this time...inclines should have given them a bit of work...I had already been in there for 1.5 hours so didn't wanna stay any longer.

02-26-2002, 06:55 PM
I actually spent longer time than usual in the gym today.

There regular guys in my gym are really cool. I teach them tricks :)

02-27-2002, 11:53 AM
Silly Rabbit...tricks are for kids...

Anyway, just got back from some afternoon physiotherapy bonanza. Nothing new...things are progressing, so basically I just keep challenging it. When it feels a bit stronger I'll be adding some figure 8 jogging patterns to strengthen lateral movement. Maybe some stop/starts eventually. Today will be a rest day though...

02-27-2002, 11:55 AM
figure 8 jogging patterns, eh?

you know what they call that south of the border don't ya? don't ya?


that's right.

02-27-2002, 12:02 PM
Is that what you do down south there with your cousin/brother/boyfriend?

02-27-2002, 12:05 PM
no...we make y'all twinkie lovers do it, while shooting at your feet with our shotguns. hyuk hyuk.

:whiner: <~~~~fiddling that song from Deliverence.

02-28-2002, 08:30 PM
Ok today was back/biceps/recover fookin hamstring more, day.

I decided to start focusing more on strength with my back. I don't think I've ever really gone through a strength phase for back, always been in the 8+ rep range so I thought I'd challenge myself and see what I can do.

CG (pulley) lat pulldowns: 120x8/140x6/190x8/210x6/240x4

CD I just wanted to see if I could lift the weight you lifted in the exercise. I've never lifted in the low rep ranges so wasn't sure. Thank you for unintentionally motivating me to stop being a pansy in this exercise. Much better than 170x8 for three sets. :)

DB Rows: 3 sets of 8 using 80lbers. I should have used 85 but whatever.

Barbell Shrugs: 8x225/*8x275*/8x315/5x360

Ok I'm almost 100% sure I did four sets but I can't remember one of my sets. Pretty sure I started with two plates, then went to 3 plates then added a quarter but there must be something I missed in there...2nd set could be non-existent. :rolleyes:
360lbs is the most I've had on the bar with any exercise to date. I'll be pretty pissed when I stop with the newbie gains.

Incline DB Curl: 3 sets of 8 using 35lbers.

Hammer Curls: 2 sets of 8 using 25s and then 30s.

Reverse cable curls: 8x45/6x75

Stretched the shiat out of my hamstring and moved on to the lying hammy curl machine. Did two sets of 20 using light weight...second set I moved up one setting so it felt pretty good, to have a bit of resistance on there.

Stretched hammy again and then jumped on the tready for 20 minutes doing a bit of HIIT.

Stretched hammy again.

The End.

...pleased with this workout.

02-28-2002, 09:25 PM
Sounds like you had a good workout :) Just keep taking it easy with that hamstring and you'll be back to 100% before you know it.

03-01-2002, 07:46 AM
Thanks. I kinda was getting a bit worried when doing shrugs, simply because there's about 3-4 inches between where the bar rests on the rack and where I hold the bar for the exercise. I was picturing my leg go "pop" again when I had to lift that wait. Fortunately it didn't. :)

03-02-2002, 03:47 PM
Just got back from the gym...today was chest/tris/shoulders/hammy recovery.

BB bench: 135x8/135x6/225x7.9*/245x3.5

*ok i'm a fukin idiot. I didn't have a spot on my set using 225lbs and I struggled a little bit getting that 7th rep up...but to my absolute amazement brought it down for an 8th rep. I got it to about half an inch from the hooks but could only hold it there...I kept pushing for about 15 seconds before my strength started failing so I slowly lowered it to my chest, and rolled it to my thighs. At which point some other guy noticed and kinda freaked out. It didn't bother me to roll it down but considering one of my friends mothers was a bodybuilder who died bench pressing I guess I could fukkin be a bit smarter. My last set I was stupid in that I didn't allow myself enough time to rest...but the same guy offered me a spot and I decided to go then. I guess some progress on my 225 set, is the positive coming out of this.

Pec Dec: 3 sets of 8 @120lbs.

Machine Incline Bench Press: 8x130/8x150/8x160

Skullcrushers: 7x105/6x105 * was feeling weak, moved on to pushdowns.

Triceps cable push-downs: 10xrack-1/10xrack/10xrack

** I will prolly move on to the pulleys for back next time...to be able to add more weight.

Machine Military Press: 110x8 (side grip)/120x8 (front grip)/120x6 (front grip)

Moved on to the lying hamstring curls pulley and did some stretching.

Lying Hammy curls: 20x30lbs/20x40lbs

***ok, feeling a bit stronger...I'll speak with my therapist on monday and see if I should do anything more for progression.

Stretched things out and then did 20 minutes on the elyptical. Knees were a bit sore, possibly from just reintroducing cardio so thought I'd give em a break.

Stretched things out afterwards again.

The end.

...other than my own stupidity workout was ok.

03-04-2002, 11:43 AM
Aight...just got back from physio...therapist said the hamstring was feeling looser, and basically wants me to challenge it some more, increasing it as I see fit within comfort levels and then will see me next week.

So I may give my back workout the red light and go with a legs workout today, for the first time in about 2 months. The only problem is I don't know what weight I'll be comfortable with so I may just pick a few exercises and figure out what is decent weight.

Actually...I have now changed my mind. I'll go with my back routine and just do hammy curls a bit heavier and I will test out my squat a bit. I'll try bodyweight as warmup and then go with one plate a side and see how things go.

I can also start testing out my kicks again as long as everything feels ok...so providing nothing fuks up after work today I will schedule thursday as the day I'll give thai boxing a try again. If that feels ok I may join in the class again and just cut out any of the training that may not be advisable at this stage. :)

03-04-2002, 07:37 PM
Ok decided to stick with back as planned and add in a bit more training on legs.

CG Pulley pull-downs: 8x130/8x130/8x190/6x220/4x220

Single-Arm DB Rows: 3 sets of 8 using 85lbers

BB Shrugs: 8x225/8x325/6 or 8 (can't remember)x375

*I wasn't satisfied with the ROM on the last set. I will probably keep the weight around 325 max next time out and see if there's a difference.

Incline DB Curls: 8x35lbers/8x40lbers/6x40lbers

Hammer Curls: 2 sets of 8 using 30lbs.

Reverse Cable Curls: 8x65/6x65lbs

Ok did some hammy stretches and then went over to the usual machine.

Lying Hamstring Curls: 12x30/10x50/10x60/10x60

**I felt like I coulda done more weight but I am not pushing things. I'll go slowly now...

Stretched things out and then decided I'd give some really light squats a go. I did some body squats at different ROMs and foot positions and on one of em I thought I felt something weird in my leg. So I paused and stretched some more and did some more testing to see if it would handle just my own bodyweight. I was a bit apprehensive but decided to go ahead.

For now I will continue using the Smith Machine.

Smith Squats: 8x135/8x185

***I felt fine on both and could have prolly done some real weight but since this is the first weighted exercise for my quads in about 2 months and my hammy already worked I thought I'd quit while I was ahead. Felt damned good to be doing some leg work again. :)

Stretched then did 15 minutes on the ellyptical at pretty good intensity and then did a finishing stretch and I was out.

...pleased with this workout. :cool:

03-05-2002, 09:25 PM
Alright today was push day. I will now officially go back to a push/pull/legs split as I can now officially have leg days again. :)


BB Bench Press:

*well the first set of 225 was all me...the 5x245 had a bit of help on the last rep, as well as the last rep on the last set...rushed it a bit.

Pec Dec:
3 sets of 8 at 120lbs.

Incline Machine Press:

**Felt some pain in the triceps around the elbows a bit...might just be muscle exhaustion...



***I felt really weak and was getting some pain again around the elbows. Perhaps going heavy on bench along with adding incline is too much with heavy tri work too. I will think on this.

Cable Triceps Pushdowns:

****More pain again in triceps...so I ended it there...maybe I just didn't give myself enough rest in between workouts. I will feel things out next push day.


DB Lateral Raises:

Machine Military Press:

*****It was really nice to add a bit more focus on shoulders. I believe these need to be worked much more...perhaps I will make them first priority on push day, or go back to a 4 day split. Nothing written in stone at this point.

Finished things off with a quick 10 minutes on the ellyptical, and a light hamstring stretch before I left.


03-07-2002, 06:48 PM
Didn't end up going to my thai boxing gym tonight...felt like getting a back workout in...tomorrow I have off as well as monday so I'll see what I can fit in there.


[B]Close-grip lat-pulldowns (pulley)

DB Rows
3 sets of 8 using 85lbers

Barbell Shrugs

*Wasn't satisfied with the ROM at 365...did the last set as soon as I could get the plates off...haha...225 felt like there was no weight on the bar at all.


Incline DB Curls
3 sets of 8 using 35lbs DBs

Hammer Curls
2 sets of 8 using 30lbs DBs

Reverse Cable Curls
2 sets of 8 using 65lbs


Chris Rodgers
03-07-2002, 08:38 PM
Fatass weakling. tuttut

03-09-2002, 11:54 AM
Didn't get to a computer yesterday after the gym...so posting yesterday's workout now.

I went to go challenge my legs as much as they have been in the last two months.

I started by going to my thai boxing gym. I warmed up with 10 minutes on the bike, then did a couple minutes skipping...then a few minutes jogging figure 8 patterns...then a couple minutes doing some light to moderate start/stops. Everything felt pretty good. Put on the wraps and gloves and hammered on the heavy bags for a while...tried about 5 or 6 light swing kicks...things felt pretty much fine...little twinge in the hips...i'm sure that's just rust. Didn't wanna push it so basically took off.

My skin has become too white for my likings so I went for a short tanning session right after my thai gym...and from their I went to my regular gym. Where, for the first time in a very long time I had a full session of....



*I decided since i'm starting fresh I might as well start right. So I kissed goodbye the smith-machine that I was using as a crutch and went to the rack, to do real squats...

8xbodyweight/8x135/8x205/8x225/4x255 fat and weak.

**Well I was very satisfied with this...i thought I may have felt some complaining from my hammy in one of the bodyweight squats but it went away. I wasn't like I was close to failure in the last set but felt that I shouldn't be pushing things with my leg. I've learned my lesson when I hurt it the second time.

Lying Hamstring Curls:

8x50/8x70/8x60 fat and weak.

*** On the second set it felt like my injured leg was straining a little bit...I slowed things down a lot to make sure I wasn't close to re-injury. Dropped the weight down for the last set. I'm happy here, strength is continuing to increase, and ROM is probably better than ever due to all the attention this injury has brought to my legs.


****Didn't feel like loading 5-600 lbs on the standing raise so I just did seated raises. The seated thing I use has some really long arm that goes out and uses a lot of leverage for weight. So one plate is generally all most ppl use on this thing.

10x45/10x45/10x55 - fat and weak.

...I'm happy with this workout...even though I am fat and weak.

Well, of course going from gym to tan to gym...could only be capped off by a shower and then straight to the bar to celebrating a friends birthday. I managed to get some great pub fare into me while downing some pints. After a couple hours we went to the beer store and grabbed a case and everyone met at his place for some more drinking, at which point we then left to go to the bar where a friend's band plays and continued to drink. Got home a bit after 2am.

Today I wake up, dehydrated, sunburned, and legs that cry everytime I try to move. :)

03-09-2002, 12:21 PM
Ahem...wasn't it you who tried to say that a workout doesn't count if it's a day old???


Glad to hear that the hamstring is holding up well!

Chris Rodgers
03-09-2002, 02:28 PM
Would sldl be pushing it for your hammies? Even if you did them light. They are the best thing I have ever done for hamstrings.

03-09-2002, 06:36 PM
I'm not doing them right now because of the stupidity factor. I know if I do SLDLs it will be hard to not continue increasing the weight if I feel good on the previous set. The weight I used when I hurt myself I thought would be cake so I don't wanna take any chances. Right now I still am just worried about rehabing slowly and not fukking anything up any further than it is.

I'm not too concerned with just sheer brute strenght, it's more dynamic strength such as when you go from stop to full out run, or when you are running and need to shift laterally etc. I did a set of 15 on SLDLs using 2 plates right before I injured myself again playing football with some friends.

Having said that I'll prolly see what my therapist says when i see him on wednesday...

03-09-2002, 06:44 PM
Originally posted by IceRgrrl
Ahem...wasn't it you who tried to say that a workout doesn't count if it's a day old???

It does if you forget to post it. I was simply unable to post due to lack of computer and severe intoxication. :D

Haha...all i've done is limp around the apartment today...never go too heavy your first time back on squats...DOMSx10 for me. :cry:

03-12-2002, 07:30 PM
Today was push day.


BB Bench Press:
8x135/8x135/8x225/6x255:eek:/6+2 assistedx225

*Holy sh!t! Good gains...I've had a bit of time off between workouts and it really showed today. Never done 255 before :cool:...the last couple the spotter had a couple fingers under the bar...not sure if he helped much or not...he said he didn't. Much more assistance with the last two reps of 225 in the final set.

Pec-Dec Flies
3 sets of 8 using 120lbs

Machine Incline Press

**More progression. :)



***I guess with going heavier on bench and added incline my tris are much more exhausted as this is still regression.

Cable Triceps Push-downs:
10x145/10x155/10x155 (155=whole rack)


Well decided to steal an exercise outta CD and Belials journals and give Standing Military Press a try. At this point I could barely lift my shoulders but whatever.

Standing Military Press:


****I think I'll add this exercise in. Although I found it difficult not to arch my back a bit and that was somewhat uncomfortable I think this could be good for my ailing shoulders. I remember long ago having strong shoulders before my old hockey injury...maybe if I push it I can get back a bit.

DB Lateral Raise
3 sets of 8 using 35lbers

*****Also a little bit of progression. I think I need to create a separate shoulder day in the near future. I'll see how things progress in the next week or two and decide on a new split.

...all in all I'm very pleased with this workout. Good progress made, even for someone fat and weak like me. :)

03-12-2002, 07:41 PM
Forgot to add that diet has still been kinda sh!t. :mad: Better than it used to be but nowhere near what it needs to be. I've had no semblance of an awareness of how many cals I've been taking in for quite some time. Lunch breaks at work continue to kill me...the rest is pretty decent though, other than on weekends.

03-13-2002, 01:59 PM
Went to physio at lunch today and the therapist, using his mystical powers, says that my leg is feeling much, much stronger. So he wants me to challenge it harder again. Basically, I'm free to do anything within reason as long as I work up gradually...in another week I may get to jump back into my ball hockey league. :)

03-14-2002, 08:40 PM
Today was Back Day.


CG Hammerstrength Lat Pulls:


*Not sure if the machine has any weight...so I just listed the weight I added. First time on the exercise...I'll give it a try and see how things progress.

Single-arm DB Rows:

3 sets of 8 using a 90lber.

**Progress. :)

BB Shrugs:



Incline DB Curls:

3 sets of 8 using 35lbers

DB Hammer Curls:

2 sets of 8 using 35lbers

Reverse Cable Curls:


Finished with a quick 15 minutes on the tready.


03-15-2002, 08:33 AM
Nice pulldown for a first go!!

03-15-2002, 08:36 AM
Thanks, I wasn't happy with the ROM on the last set though...guess I shoulda put that in there...I won't go past 260 next time and see if there's any increase in ROM and reps.

Chris Rodgers
03-15-2002, 09:09 AM
Do you know if it is called HS puldown or is it the HS hi row? I have used the hi row and love it, don't know if I've ever seen the pulldown.

03-15-2002, 10:20 AM
Did you see the pic in CDs journal? That's what I use...not sure what it's called...I would think high row would be appropriate but dunno if that's what it's called...does HS have a website?

03-15-2002, 10:23 AM
Ah yes hammerstrength.com the exercise is the high row.

here's a link:

I did it for the first time yesterday and can appreciate the fact that CD's 300lbs is a very good pull...

Chris Rodgers
03-15-2002, 11:10 AM
That's the one. Where do you grip it? You should try what Beercan and I did, since we are lat gurus. ;)

Grab it by the top of the apparatus instead of the handles. This will get your arms out a little wider. Also, pause at the contraction of each rep and go out to full stretch on the negative. Killer for the lats.

03-15-2002, 11:47 AM
you mean you grabed the vertical section?

Chris Rodgers
03-15-2002, 11:54 AM
If you look at the link that El Pietro shows, I actually grab the arm of the machine above where the handle is connected to. I guess you could say the horizontal part.

Beercan showed me this trick the first time we tried them and I used that grip for every session afterwards. Weird at firts but a better contraction in the back.

03-15-2002, 12:22 PM
Isn't that just making it more of a stretch? Just wondering how that would make a diff it's on the same plane...mebbe if you midgets took the phone book off the seat it would be a far enough stretch. :)

j/k but I'll try it that way and see...I can see that it would change your grip which could make a difference in this...I use underhand, I've seen ppl use overhand, and basically if i'm hearing you right you are using a neutral grip...like a hammer curl grip right?

Chris Rodgers
03-15-2002, 12:23 PM
Yup. The handles just don't feel comfy, plus they bring my arms in too close. I like em out wide. Think wide lats, wide grip.

03-15-2002, 12:25 PM
Yea I'll give it a try next back day and let you know how it feels...

03-16-2002, 02:47 PM
Well today was leg day as I had forgotten my gym bag on friday. This means that I'll be hobbling like a cripple on monday which=not good.


*The injured hammy felt a bit tight in the injured area when I started off with some stretching so I was a bit nervous when I began squatting.



**This was not to failure, still taking things slowly...I will still be in hella pain soon enough anyway.

Lying Hamstring Curls:


***Felt good throughout the whole ROM this is positive.


Standing Calf Raise:


****Almost died re-racking the plates.

Seated Leveraged-arm Calf Raise


*****I think I'll use this machine...I don't like the gym's seated calf raise and this one is like 10x harder so I don't have to put on very much weight. :)

By now I'm pretty much just bumping into everything...


Just starting this up again in the routine. Did 3 sets on each the abductor and adductor machines. By now I am in max hobble mode and decide to brave the stairs to the changeroom.

Strength seems to be coming back nicely...I really am pissed that I didn't get my workout in on friday though...I wanted to leave some room to be able to really challenge my leg with some different running and thai boxing exercises before wednesday which is when my next physio appointment is. Hopefully my legs will feel 100% on tuesday so I can do some more aggressive stop/starts and lateral runs, and some full strength kicks. If all goes well I should be able to join my ball hockey team for two games before playoffs start.

03-18-2002, 09:06 PM
Today was chest/tris day.


BB Bench Press:


*I was somewhat disappointed with my goal set. Although, I hoped for 3 reps I was hoping for more. The fourth rep wasn't super tough, but my left shoulder lagged so spotter helped on that side to prevent the plates from sliding off.

Pec Dec Flies:

3 sets of 8 using 120lbs.

Incline Machine Press:


**Progression. :)




***Keeping coming back to this weight. Felt a bit better this time. Some progression.

Cable Triceps Pushdowns:


Stretched out the legs a bit and then did 15 minutes on the ellyptical. Cardiovascular strength will soon become more of a factor in my training. I will try to make a return to thai boxing tomorrow so that should aid in recovery what I've lost cardio-wise.


03-19-2002, 10:34 PM
Well today I made my return to thai boxing. Got there about half an hour early and did about 7 minutes on the bike just to get some blood flowing and then did some stretching and was a bit concerned about my leg. It was feeling a bit weird, since going pretty heavy on bench yesterday. That last rep at 265 where I lost control on the left side I remember pushing with my legs which gave a short tweak to both hammies. But whatever, did some light stop starts...not as many as I should have then some further stretching and started wrapping the hands.

I did a minute amount of punching work to warmup a bit and then did about 15 or so kicks pretty hard to test out the pivot leg. Everything was a bit sloppy but fine otherwise. Basically, I went through the whole class and other than a few things like walking push kicks and lunges at the end I did everything there was in the class. And surpisingly hadn't slowed down TOO much. Even for the walking alternating push kicks I was able to replace it with knees instead. The guy I was training with was pretty outta shape and I thought was gonna have a heart attach a few times so I couldn't go to hard on him...but that was prolly a good thing anyway. I will include thai boxing twice per week for now as it will definitely improve aerobic strength.

Tomorrow I have physio, I am not satisfied with the level of challenge I've put my leg through so I will probably ask for two weeks before my next appointment to give me more time. I will need to rest them up a bit and get in one more workout and one more dynamic/lateral strength test before monday as that is the day I have scheduled my return to my ball hockey league. I will be very critical of myself and level of readiness before I allow myself to play though. I've been in a somewhat bad mood since I re-injured it and thai boxing was just what I needed. It's funny that pounding the living sh!t outta some pads some other guy is holding gives me so much joy. Or that my kicks are still good enough that the guy has bruises on his arms from parts of the pads that embedded in his arm from my kicks. :)

Anyway, it's nice to be back to my old destructive self...I'm sure I'll be happier now.

03-20-2002, 08:46 PM
Man I'm fuckin sore today. Shin isn't too bad but ankle is a bit messed. Ribs are sore from being kicked a bit...abs are a bit sore from being worked for the first time in a while. Back was a bit sore as well.

Ah well today was Back/Biceps day.


HS CG High Rows:


*Ok I feeling tired as hell. First exercise and I feel like packing it in. Only had maybe 4-5 hours sleep last night and body is aching from thai boxing.

Single arm DB Rows:

3 sets of 8 using the 95lber.

**Still progressing here which is good. But still feeling tired as hell.

BB Shrugs:



Incline DB Curls:


***Better weight but I am feeling too lazy at this point to go grab 35s for one more set. So I move on.

DB Hammer Curls:

2 sets of 8 using 30lbers.

Cable Reverse Curls:

2 sets of 8@75lbs.

Pretty quick workout. I was going to skip trap work and create a new day for shoulders and traps but starting thai boxing again a 4 day split isn't realistic. I can already see that I will be having the same problems of conflicting training. I'm gonna basically try and get into thai boxing shape as quickly as possible and just endure the soreness/tiredness/pain/whatever.

Tomorrow back to the thai club, I'll try and do some more dynamic testing on the leg, and friday is leg day. If I feel comfortable with the progress, I'll rest up on the weekend, then monday I will play ball hockey again.

Therapy today went well. Getting stronger, good progress...etc, etc.

I think I'm gonna need to make sleep a higher priority in my life.

03-21-2002, 09:00 AM
I thought you were doing 260 for the high row?

P.s. You're a curl jockey ;)

03-21-2002, 09:07 AM
Originally posted by The_Chicken_Daddy
I thought you were doing 260 for the high row?

P.s. You're a curl jockey ;)

well felt weaker last night...and even more so today...thai boxing can take a lot out of you...especially first time back in a long time. Holding up heavy thai pads and keeping them stable while someone pounds on them for 30 minutes can really blow your lats. When I did 260 last time I only squeezed out 3 or so reps and ROM wasn't 100% so I thought I'd keep it lower weight.

You've now motivated me to start attacking your PRs again. :D

That's it! No more Biceps exercises! ;)

03-21-2002, 09:24 AM

when you get a 300lb high row you can become the vice president of my club ;)

03-21-2002, 09:32 AM
Originally posted by The_Chicken_Daddy

when you get a 300lb high row you can become the vice president of my club ;)

Hey I've only done the exercise twice so far...cut me some slack!

Gimme two weeks... ;) :evillaugh

03-21-2002, 10:09 AM
I bet it felt good to get back to thai boxing though...regardless of the soreness ;) Sounds like your recovery is moving along!

03-21-2002, 09:07 PM
Originally posted by IceRgrrl
I bet it felt good to get back to thai boxing though...regardless of the soreness ;) Sounds like your recovery is moving along!

Yep and I'm a glutton for punishment, as I went back for more tonight despite sore ribs, tired legs, and sore/recovering lats.

So far this week I've done chest/thai/back/thai, with friday to go. I had originally slated leg day tomorrow but I think I'm gonna skip it. I wouldn't skip it if I weren't planning on ball hockey monday. I want my legs to be as rested as possible for this, which will pretty much be my final test. Our league is 3 on 3 in a small gym, which basically amounts to a lot of starts and stops and cutting/lateral movements. This will be the most traumatic thing since I injured it playing football. I will probably have it in the back of my mind though so I'm sure I won't be running around like a psycho...if I feel the slightest hint of a twinge I will stop though.

Tonights thai boxing was pretty good. Shoulders were done though...my kicking form is still inadequate, although extremly powerful. I did it again...i think this guy will not volunteer to be my training partner either next time since I was knocking him around with the kicks. So that makes a tally of 100% of the people I've trained with I haven't had a chance to train with a 2nd time. :(

I am contemplating taking a week off training at the gym to try and maximize my return to thai boxing. Conditioning at this club is pretty brutal and I'm not recovering if I'm hitting the weights or going to thai boxing every day. Classes feel like 1.5 hours of hell right now...

Ah well...it's all good. :)

Chris Rodgers
03-21-2002, 09:21 PM
Why didn't you try the grip I told you to try????

Nice db row! Almost as good a lil old me. ;)

Mystic Eric
03-22-2002, 02:10 AM
Way to go big Pete.

Are your bicep curls to failure?

03-22-2002, 06:05 AM
can i ask you a personal question?

well nevermind...i'm gonna ask it anyway....

when you do the adductor/abductor stuff does it squoosh your frank'n'beans?

03-22-2002, 06:11 AM
it dont in me altho i dont regularly do that stuff.
its like you can put your legs together without squashing stuff your balls just go up in your sack and only some skin is between the legs.

03-22-2002, 06:14 AM
i knew shawn was bs'in....i'm getting his ass the next time we train legs together the little pansy.....

03-22-2002, 07:58 AM
Originally posted by LATMAN
Why didn't you try the grip I told you to try????

Nice db row! Almost as good a lil old me. ;)

I forgot actually...I'll try next time...

Eric, yeah biceps are to failure...after doing back it's not too hard to accomplish that... :)

Tryska, yes it does squish them...the first time I tried it I didn't know it would and man..heh...it hurt. Luckily our ab/adductor machines are in a dusty corner of the gym so I have to sorta do a holdback or not go full ROM with it or it will be quite uncomfortable. :(

03-22-2002, 08:02 AM
bah. the mental pictures in my head of you holding your goodies will ad/abducting aren't very good.

but okay..maybe he's not that much of a pansy then.

03-22-2002, 10:12 AM
New goal: Beat CD on shoulder exercises.

03-22-2002, 10:35 AM
Bring it! :cool:

03-23-2002, 03:27 PM
Today I decided to do a push workout.


BB Bench Press:


*I was very happy with these results. The 5th rep of 265 my spotter stabilized my left side, which I knew that would be what would give out. I'm very happy that I could get consecutive 8 reppers on 225 out as well. :) I will need to restructure this day, I think the weight I'm using is nothing to my chest and my weak ass shoulders are holding everything back.

Pec Dec Flies:

3 sets of 8 using 120lbs.

Incline Machine Press:


**Spared myself the 3rd set as I'd be moving on to shoulders next.


Standing Military Press:


***I was very happy with this. I'm sure I can do more but after blasting my chest my shoulders were sorta done. Plus still getting used to the movement. First set was bad back arch, after that I really stressed the leg bend and it felt much better.

--Next exercise was Triceps, but I will keep shoulder exercises together.

Lateral DB Raise:



Cable Pushdowns:

8 reps using the rack. (155lbs)

****Decided to only do one exercise on triceps today. Extra volume on chest is hitting them fine anyway.

I bought the Nike HR Triax 100 heart rate monitor last night for $200 to aid in my effort for increasing aerobic strength. So I tested it out today. Jumped on the treadmill for 20 minutes. Everything worked and had a decent go at it. I had to have the store order some shoes in my size as they had size 14s but not size 13s. :rolleyes: The two I had them order are the Saucony Grid Stabil and a pair of Asics, both are motion control runners. Thanks to some advice from Icer and some reading on the web, I think I should have all I need to start running. Well that's a lie, I will be buying a discman as well to break up the monotony of cardio. All in all I will be spending a tidy some of $500 this week to maximize my running experience. :cry: Guess I will wait another couple weeks before I get that new computer. :(

Very Pleased with this session. :)

03-23-2002, 03:37 PM
Nice bench!

Why did you not try the seated camber bar extentions?

03-23-2002, 03:40 PM
Thanks dude.

I am going to reorganize my push day. I will include the seated cambered tris but just honestly didn't feel like doing much volume on triceps today. The benches with seat backs were being used so it was an easy cop-out to go to the cables.

03-23-2002, 03:55 PM
Doh! I just think you needed an excuse to buy some new toys ;)
You'll have to tell me what you think about the Triax HRM...what features does it have?

Hey, anything that makes it fun, right ?

03-23-2002, 04:06 PM
Originally posted by IceRgrrl
Doh! I just think you needed an excuse to buy some new toys ;)
You'll have to tell me what you think about the Triax HRM...what features does it have?

Hey, anything that makes it fun, right ?

Haha, i'm always looking for new toys. :D

I got the triax for a couple reasons. My options were Polar either the M21 or M52, Ironman not sure the model or the Triax 100.

The Polar has a ton of features like the calorie calculater and exercise reminder and stuff like that. But of course Polar for some reason goes out of their way to make the watch as absolutely butt ugly as possible. I didn't read up too much on the ironman but the Triax first of all looks good, which means I can use it as a watch and not be embarrassed, but it has a countdown timer which none of the polars under $400-500 have as far as I've read. I wanted a countdown timer so that I can use it for thai boxing as well when training on my own. I can set it for simulated rounds and rest between rounds.

The triax saves 5 previous runs, and graphs, two different sets of high/low heart rate zones, chrono, timer, 2 alarm settings and is a decent looking watch as well. The chest strap was very comfortable, I dunno if all of them are or not but I basically didn't feel it while running.

When I get the shoes I may try for a couple morning runs a week to start out and see how that goes. If not morning then perhaps evening runs instead.

03-25-2002, 09:34 PM
Well today I made my return to ball hockey and was able to play pretty much full out and pain-free. My leg feels a bit tight now that I'm home but I'm quite happy. :) Mebbe take an anti-inflammatory before bed just to help and see how things are tomorrow. 3 on 3 in a small gym is a b!tch.

If the leg feels tight tomorrow I'll do back. If not then it's thai boxing, and back wednesday, with more thai boxing thursday followed by a good leg session on friday.

Hopefully my running shoes will be in tomorrow and I will contemplate some morning runs.

03-26-2002, 10:44 AM
Originally posted by ElPietro
Well today I made my return to ball hockey and was able to play pretty much full out and pain-free.

Hopefully my running shoes will be in tomorrow and I will contemplate some morning runs.



03-26-2002, 08:52 PM
Made it to thai boxing today. Had a really good workout yet again. Hips are still kinda stiff and it's making pivoting difficult but I'll get there. Tomorrow is back day. It will be nice to have a break and only have to do weight training. :)

I figure my current routine will either kill me quickly or slowly make me superman.

Monday: Ball-Hockey
Tuesday: Thai Boxing
Wednesday: Pull
Thursday: Thai Boxing
Friday: Legs
Saturday: Push
Sunday: Rest

Ball Hockey will only be for about another month then I will have two days for rest. Although, I'm planning on adding three running sessions in per week; hopefully outdoor running in the morning. Shoes haven't come in yet, but we had a nice fu*king snow storm today so that wrecks that plan anyway. :mad:

I'll be watching my weight and caloric intake to see how things go. I wanna lose some pounds but when it's all said and done but don't want Sally Struthers approaching me to appear in one of her "save the children" commercials. Not to worry, I'm sure I could live a few years off my bodyfat alone anyway... ;)

03-27-2002, 08:07 PM
Today was pull day.


HS High Row:


DB Rows:


**Good progression here. :) Hadn't used the 100s before and thought I'd try em. They didn't seem to hard so I looked for some 110s but much to my dismay my retarded gym doesn't have any. But the have two sets of 120s. Next time out I will use 120s and hopefully can get an 8/6/4 rep scheme out or better.


BB Shrugs:


***Good ROM and slow movement in all sets. Some little punk started in the rack after me and tried to use the same weight. He was all legs in his first set on 225, then he tried with three plates. It was nice to watch him fail right away on that set. :)


Incline DB Curls:


DB Hammer Curls:


Cable Reverse Curls:


Rear Delts:

Reverse Flies:

3 sets can't remember weight.

****Thought I'd add in an exercise for rear delts. Although, I will have to find another machine or go free weight on this. I did the rack in the end and it wasn't too difficult.

Finished off with 20 minutes pretty intense on the ellyptical.

Decent workout. :)

Called the running store and my shoes were in so went and tried them on. I went with the Saucony Grid Stabil. Quite comfy. It snowstormed yesterday but was sunny and warm as hell today. Hopefully I can do some morning outdoor cardio soon. But I guess I'll just stick to the treadmill for now. Gym is closed friday for the holiday so I am skipping thai boxing and doing legs tomorrow. *cringe*

Chris Rodgers
03-27-2002, 11:37 PM
Forgot to use the grip again didn't you??

03-28-2002, 08:34 AM
Originally posted by LATMAN
Forgot to use the grip again didn't you??

Oh, forgot to post about it. On one of my working sets I was gonna use it and just was testing it and it didn't feel like I'd be able to maintain that grip in the same place. I'll check some of the HS pics to see if all the models are the same. The beam I'd be gripping is really thick (couldn't fit a hand around it)...and on a steep angle so hand slipping, etc would most likely happen using decent weight so I didn't bother trying. I may try it during a warmup set but don't think i'll use it for working sets for now.

Also, since I'm competing with CD I figure I'll use the same grip as he does.

Chigs you're using and underhand correct?

03-28-2002, 09:04 AM
yep. Just like Dorian in that pic. :)

(by the way, i'm at 313.5lbs for 3 now :D)

03-28-2002, 09:06 AM
Yeah I saw...good work! I'm gonna try for 290 on the first working set next time out. It may be a bit of a stretch but I'll see where I'm at at least.

I never used to feel my lats before...I think this exercise is doing me good.

03-28-2002, 07:03 PM
Today was leg day as this holiday BS has caused me to move them up.




*Well the reps are kinda all over the place but basically I'm still just feeling out my strength. I will probably keep reps low for a while and maybe add in some leg press as well for reps. I'm happy to get 300+ although I was pretty sure it wouldn't be much problem. Stance was shoulder width and parallel. I was just standing there with a dumb look wondering if I was gonna do another set when a girl asked me if I was done and I just said yes and started unracking...

Lying Hamstring Curls:


**Still feeling something in my left hammy. It could be psychosomatic but I didn't wanna push it. I'm a bit disappointed but whatever.

Standing Calf Raise:


***Felt the last two reps pretty damned good on the last two sets.

Seated Leveraged bar calf raise:


****These were a bitch.

Hip Flexors:

3 sets of 8 of leg raises. 90 degree angle on these.

Hip Adductors and Abductors:

Did 3 sets on each...I will start recording weight soon. These are ballbusters.

Stretched stuff out and that was it.

Pleased with this workout. :)

04-01-2002, 07:45 PM
Well due to the holiday on friday, and dragging a certain someone around saturday, and recovering from saturday and family stuff sunday, my push workout had to wait until today.



*Great progression here! :) I was hoping for 275x3 and pleased that I got it. But was equally happy on the volume at 235 as well.

Pec Dec Flies:


**More progression. But thought I'd only do two sets here and two on incline press.

Incline Machine Press:



Standing Militaries:


***Ok I was really angry during this exercise. Also, a bit confused. It seemed like I forgot how to do them...form was poor and a bit out of control. I'm not sure if the heavy bench had the impact or what but I expected to do well on these this time out. Oh well...weird things happen.

Did Triceps after militaries but I'll keep the shoulder exercises together.

Lateral DB Raise:



Seated Skulls:


***First set I wasn't sure on form, and it was weird (trying to do them as CD does them). The second set I just used regular skull form and it was pretty easy. I don't see any advantage to doing these seated versus supinated. I think I'll just go back to my old style.

Cable Triceps Pushdowns:


Did 15 minutes on the ellyptical. I wanted to do some running as I haven't tested my new shoes out yet but all the treadies were taken already. :mad:

I was pretty happy after the bench but all that turned into confusion and anger after militaries, so I left pretty much unsatisfied. Although, progress-wise this was a great session.

04-02-2002, 06:32 AM
What? :angel:

04-02-2002, 09:46 AM
Nice damn benching essa.

by the way, you need to get them military poundages up if you wanna catch up :)

04-02-2002, 09:56 AM
Originally posted by The_Chicken_Daddy
Nice damn benching essa.

by the way, you need to get them military poundages up if you wanna catch up :)

Thanks man...i'm not sure if it's the heavy chest volume coupled with my weak shoulders, or just my weak shoulders alone. I was a bit frustrated because I thought I finally had the movement last time out...and this time out it didn't feel right again...I think I need to experiment a bit more with leg bend and hand placement on the bar...hopefully things will feel better next week. I'll keep the weight the same until I've properly learned the movement. Heck I may even drop weight if I have trouble next time out.

04-03-2002, 01:20 AM
Ace push session!!!

I personally prefer the overhead variation of the seated skullz. I usually sit on a preacher curl (with my back against the padding). If you do manage to get the movement down to a tee (no puns intended, lol) they'll serve you extremely well.

04-03-2002, 08:01 AM
Originally posted by FAngel
Ace push session!!!

I personally prefer the overhead variation of the seated skullz. I usually sit on a preacher curl (with my back against the padding). If you do manage to get the movement down to a tee (no puns intended, lol) they'll serve you extremely well.

Thanks Franco. I don't see a problem with seated skulls as an exercise. But I don't see any advantages over laying down. Only, I think laying down is easier to get the bar where you need it to be...and is a bit safer in the case of a failed rep. But that's just my preference. Thanks for the comments. :)

04-03-2002, 07:07 PM
Skipped thai boxing yesterday. This allows me to get back on schedule with my full weeks workout.

Today was Pull day.


HS High Rows:


*290 was tough, so was 270 after 290. Tips hat to CD. I will catch you biatch...just not today. ;)

Single-arm DB Rows:

2 sets of 6 using a 120lber.

**Pleased with this...grip was a bitch...and there wasn't much oxygen getting to my brain by the last couple reps...

BB Shrugs:


***On the third set I had a bad grip the first time...re-gripped and squeezed out 3 before grip failure...I was pretty pissed...paced for 30 seconds then went at it again and did 4 more. I guess the increased poundage on db rows and then right to shrugs is tough on the grip.


2 sets of 8 using 40lb DBs on Incline Curls.
2 sets of 8 using 35lb DBs on Hammer Curls.
2 sets of 8 using 75lbs on Cable Reverse Curls.

Did a few minutes of stretching when I finally noticed most of the treadmills were free. I decided today I would try my first test at a decent cardio run. I figured I'd test out how long it takes to run 1 mile without killing myself doing a run/walk strategy.

It took me 13 minutes even to get 1 mile, with about a 60/40 split of running/walking. I guess this is ok for the first time considering I'm a fat, weak, lazy biatch who just finished his lame back workout. :) So overall I was satisfied. The shoes I feel made a big difference...I found no pain at all until my very last run interval and I found that I was pounding my feet into the treadmill which put a bit of stress on the ankles. Afterwards everything felt decent. Did a quick stretch and was out of there.

Tomorrow is thai boxing and friday is legs.


04-04-2002, 06:14 AM
Originally posted by ElPietro
Single-arm DB Rows:

2 sets of 6 using a 120lber.

**Pleased with this...grip was a bitch...and there wasn't much oxygen getting to my brain by the last couple reps...

haha yeah. The red dots in your eyes are usually a good indication eh? :)

Nice hi rowing dude.

And you call me a curl jockey!

04-04-2002, 06:21 AM
I was going to make some "curl jockey" comment too! ;)

Nice run...glad the shoes feel good and really, that's not bad for a first run. Just take it easy and don't get impatient about progressing...it'll come with time. :)

04-04-2002, 08:26 PM
Originally posted by IceRgrrl
that's not bad for a first run.

Pfft! It was after my back workout...I was already drained.

Anyway...tonight was thai boxing...ok session. The retard I was training with didn't get the pads around fully in time for one of my swing kicks...the results where I caught part of the bottom of the pad and part of the point of his elbow with the top of my foot...this coulda potentially broken my foot. :mad: Oh well...tomorrow it'll prolly feel stiff...hopefully no impact on leg day tomorrow. As we did 80 bodyweight squats all I could think of was that tomorrow was leg day. :(

Hopefully the god damned weather will settle down...it was sunny and warm the other day and it snowed four times during the day. It seems that we'll have a nice sunny day and then a snow day...

Legs tomorrow, Push saturday.

04-04-2002, 09:36 PM
Originally posted by ElPietro

Hopefully the god damned weather will settle down...it was sunny and warm the other day and it snowed four times during the day. It seems that we'll have a nice sunny day and then a snow day...

Spring time in Ontario!!! :cool: :cool:

04-05-2002, 08:14 AM
It snowed again this morning. :mad:

04-05-2002, 02:24 PM
Ok I am considering making a change in martial arts schools again. There's one close to home that has a couple reputable instructors and the club teaches a wide variety of fighting styles. I will probably check things out on saturday or sunday to see what the atmosphere is like and then perhaps try and see if I could survive a week with the schedule I'd have.

If I do this I may have to go back to a two day push/pull split but I'm not sure what I'll do as of yet. So far if I kept my current routine my schedule would go something like this:

Monday: 5:00-6:30: Legs/8:30-10:00: Jeet Kune Do concepts (trapping)
Tuesday: 5:00-6:30: Push/8:00-9:30 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Wednesday: 7:30-8:30 Savate/8:30-10:00 Jeet Kune Do Concepts Kali Weapons Fighting
Thursday: 5:00-6:30: Pull/8:30-10:00 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 1:30-3:00 Vale Tudo/3:00-4:30 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Sunday: 4:00-6:00 Muay Thai Boxing

There is other stuff offered at other times and this is just a theoretical schedule. I'm sure this training will most likely kill me but I figure I might give it a try for a week or two if I can just try the place out. I don't know how much it costs yet. It would require me driving through rush hour from work a couple days a week but offers a wider range of arts.

Thought I'd post this so I can keep track of what I have in mind. If I'm lucky maybe this place will have a gym or something.

04-05-2002, 06:35 PM
Today was leg day. :eek: I felt pretty drained heading to the gym and hadn't managed to get any carbs into me since lunch...unless a couple handfuls of popcorn count.



*Well I hit my goal here. 335 felt heavy and after the second one I thought the third rep might be tough but it felt exactly the same as the second rep. So not sure how many I could have done, but I'm not to worried. Next week I'll try 355 or 365 depending on how I feel.

Lying Leg Curls:


**I'm pretty happy with this. The hammy felt pretty good and to get 8 reps out on both sets I'm pretty pleased. I'll slowly add weight to this exercise and perhaps add something else to the mix.

Standing Calf Raise:


***My lower back was killing me just running around the gym looking for f*cking plates. On the last set I can't remember if I added 2 35s or 4 so it could have been 820 for all I remember. All I know is that before the first rep I was shifting around so that my spine didn't feel like it would snap in half.

Seated Calf Leverage Machine:


Straight Leg Raises:

3 sets of 8 going to 90 degrees, maybe a bit past 90.

Hip Abductor and Adductor

3 sets of 8 on each, using decent weight but not close to failure. I don't even wanna know what failing a rep on one of these machines would feel like.

I stretched things out for a couple minutes, and then hobbled upstairs to change.

Felt really good this workout, please with the results in all exercises. Had a great pump too, so hopefully I'll experience some growth. :rolleyes:

Well I must log off now and order leg day pizza. :)

Tomorrow is Push day/haircut/visit martial arts club/tan.

04-05-2002, 06:38 PM
should i even ask about the goodies?

04-05-2002, 07:41 PM
mai tai boxing? like the drink?

04-05-2002, 07:59 PM
Tryska how does that saying go? "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." or something like that.

If you can make it through the first rep then all is aligned correctly. :D

ASSipiter, no not mai tai...muay thai...as in I punch you, kick you, knee you or elbow you. Come to toronto for a free lesson. Sign up for additional health care. ;)

04-05-2002, 08:01 PM

nice one lp.

on both counts. i see i'm rubbin' off on ya. ;)

04-05-2002, 08:02 PM
Wacky canuck!

04-06-2002, 04:08 PM
Today was Push day.

Flat BB Bench:


*I was really disappointed by this. I thought I'd get 5 clean reps out and maybe need help on the sixth. I'm not sure if being the next day after legs has anything to do with this or not. Although I guess it is progression I was hoping for a bit more. Now I don't know if I'll jack things up to 285 next week or not. I'll see how I feel.

Pec dec Flies:


**These are feeling easier now...I'll probably up the weight to 140 next week.

Incline Machine Press:


Standing Military Press:


***Everything felt good this time out. I was really pleased with this progress. :) I may have been able to squeeze out another couple reps in the last set but figured I wouldn't push it. I guess I got the form a bit better. Now my back only feels like it's arching badly when I have to move my head back out of the way of the bar for a second both ways. CD is going down soon. :D

Lying Skull Crushers:[B]


[B]Cable Triceps Push-downs:


DB Lateral Raise:

Two sets of 6 using 35lbers.

Well I was really pissed at my bench but then was really happy when I had better progress on the militaries so I guess overall I'm pleased with this workout.

04-06-2002, 04:37 PM
Excellent militaries man. You'll be chasing B soon :thumbup:

04-06-2002, 05:58 PM
Shite. lol.


04-07-2002, 12:34 AM
Flat BB Bench:


Nice strength EP, looking good. Keep up the hard work. :):)


Mystic Eric
04-07-2002, 04:05 AM
Good job fat pete.

The crappy thing is, after i surpass syntekz, I won't surpass you for a while because you're so much fatter than me :cry:

04-07-2002, 06:02 AM
Ace work lp:)

04-07-2002, 09:16 AM
Haha...thanks guys. :) Today is rest day.

04-09-2002, 10:22 AM
Well sunday was a nice rest day. Went and visited that martial arts club. It's in a back room of a Gold's Gym. I wasn't very impressed, as it wasn't as big as I thought it would be and the setup doesn't really facilitate training on your own. Also, there isn't a ring to spar in so for thai boxing it will be inferior to my gym. Maybe I'll take a week off training and try their various classes but don't think I'll be training there unless something really impresses me.

Monday night I played ball hockey. Didn't do any special warm-up, just the usual stretching out etc. I didn't even think about the leg and was able to play as if I was never injured. We won 17-14, and I bagged 7 goals. (shameless bragging :) )

Tonight should be thai boxing night but I just got invited to dinner and box seats at the Raptors game tonight through work so I'll be missing out on training... :cool:

Tomorrow is pull day.

04-10-2002, 06:12 PM
Today was Pull day. I felt dead before I got to the gym...haven't been eating much before my workouts lately...and protein intake has been pathetically low...prolly less than 100g on average per day lately. I will start paying more f*cking, god damned attention to my f*cking god damned macro breakdown and caloric intake! I'm surprised I am experiencing any bloody progress at all! :mad: :swear:

HS High Rows:


*The 290 still feels as if the ROM isn't full. I will consider moving the weight up to 300 or 310 next time and making sure I eat more beforehand and then maybe go back to 290 the week after and see if ROM feels better.

Single Arm DB Rows:


BB Shrugs:


**My grip was fookin weak here. I will maybe add some grip work on chest day to help improve in this department. I was pretty disappointed.

Curl Jockey's Corner:

Incline DB Curls: 2 sets of 8@40lbs.
Hammer Curls: 2 sets of 8@35lbs.
Reverse Cable Curls: 2 sets of 8@75lbs.
DB Concentration Curls: 8x30/6x30

***My forearms were killing. I don't really feel my biceps much in the hammers and reverse curls so yeah, i added concentration curls in...please kindly stfu with curl jockey comments...i will mebbe get rid of a either reverse or hammers next time out.

I didn't have a water bottle with me so I didn't get as much water in as usual, and was pretty much dehydrated the whole workout. All in all I am not too happy with this workout and will try to concentrate on diet to aid with progress, although I'm trying to cut I'm not sure how well I'm doing at it.

Tomorrow is thai boxing, perhaps I'll do a morning run if I get up at the right time. Friday legs.

04-12-2002, 09:51 PM
Today was leg day. :eek:

Warmed up for a few minutes on a bike.



*365 cool. :cool: I am progressing as I had planned so far. I am anticipating 2-3 more workouts to hopefully hit 400lbs on squats. I have never really squatted much in my life until I started training more consistently the last couple months, and add to that my leg injury and I am still more or less testing my strength versus having some form of insane progress. Next week I will attempt 385, although I feel 400 is in reach I am not going to be foolish and push things.

Lying Hamstring Curls:


**Actually my memory is failing me on this exercise. I may have missed a set here but not 100% sure. I was somewhat pleased as my strength seems to be about what it was prior to my injury. I saw a couple of the biggest guys in the gym on this machine and they were using less weight and looked to be struggling a bit so I guess my strength is there.

Leg Press:


***Hahaha, I felt like such a girl on leg press. :D Yeah I haven't done them in about a year but still I was almost laughing to myself at the girly weight I was pushing. Although, I guess doing squats earlier may have been a limiting factor. Also, I wasn't about to unrack all that fookin weight and then rack the standing calf raise so I did them on the leg press. (listed below)

Leg Press Calf Raise:

3 sets 10 @ 540 lbs.

****Ok this was like pushing air compared to doing 750 standing, but I ain't putting my back through loading and unloading all these damned plates. This will just be motivation to get my leg press up in order to properly work my calves. :)

Leveraged Seated Calf Raise Thingy:


*****This thing is tough. The most I ever seen anyone use on it other than me is about 65-70lbs so I consider my calves to be a strong point for me. One of the benefits of bein a fatty. ;)

Leg Raises:

3 sets of 8

Hip Abductor and Adductor:

Did 3 sets on adductor and 2 sets on abductor. Yes Tina I made all necessary adjustments, however, still felt uncomfortable this time out on the abductor so I skipped the last set.

Did about 5 minutes of stretching and I was out.

Had post workout shake consisting of creatine, whey and water.

Got home and about an hour to an hour and a half later had two hot dogs. Yes diet is excellent. :rolleyes:

Some guy last week on chest started asking me some questions about training after he watched me bench and I gave him some advice. Today he saw me again and asked a buncha questions, which I answered. I guess my normally mean facade isn't mean enough anymore as some other guy asked me for a spot. I will have to re-engineer my evil workout glare as to deter people from distracting me while I workout. :redface:

Yesterday Stuff:

Went to thai boxing yesterday. I'm feeling like I'm getting back to being where I was before I hurt my leg. I was just going to partner with the heavy bag for class but some big kid, bout 200lbs asked me to partner up so I did. After one kick he wouldn't let me kick at him anymore so I ended up having to use the heavy bag anyway. And he'd only let me knee him about quarter strength so my workout wasn't the best it could have been.

I don't think I'll be joining that club I spoke of earlier but have looked into another one close to home, that has about 4 or 5 guys in the canadian top 10 in jiu jitsu and nhb fighting. I'll go try it out next week and see how things go. So far I have seen no other club that trains as seriously or as hardcore as my current thai boxing club though...

04-13-2002, 10:51 AM
Originally posted by ElPietro

Leveraged Seated Calf Raise Thingy:


*****This thing is tough. The most I ever seen anyone use on it other than me is about 65-70lbs so I consider my calves to be a strong point for me. One of the benefits of bein a fatty. ;)

Calf raise thingy , hmm... Is this like the one I did the other week as shown on exrx.net?

Good job on the squats by the way

04-13-2002, 11:39 AM
Thanks. :) The calf raise machine is just a seat with about a 5' long steel bar that goes straight out and you put the weight on the end. I think I saw a picture of one once in here...but the arm on that one wasn't quite as long. It's pretty tough anyway.

04-13-2002, 03:54 PM
Today was Push day.

BB Bench Press:


*Decided to go up to 285 this week. The last two there was a lot of help from the spotter. On the first 3 reps I don't think there was any help, the only part maybe was through a sticking point but it's hard to tell and he was saying it was all me, but whatever. I may keep 285 next time or I may go back to 275 and see if this weeks work had a major impact.

Pec Dec Flies:


**First set wasn't too hard...second set was much tougher. I think the guy who vacated the machine before me was pissed as this was double the weight he was using. :)

Incline Machine Press:


Standing Military Press:


***I wasn't too pleased with this, although I didn't leave much time between incline and the millies, so my shoulders were already feeling blasted. Last time out there was much more time in between, as I was searching around the gym for some clips.



Triceps Cable Pushdowns:


DB Lateral Raise:



04-13-2002, 05:57 PM
Impressive bench!

04-15-2002, 09:23 PM
Gonna be taking the week off weight training. Tonight was ball hockey and my stupid team keeps winning...so I haven't been able to free up monday nights yet. I'll be visiting a couple martial arts schools tomorrow and wednesday...this weekend I get to play tour guide to a flock of beer drinking US hockey women :p so training will be cut short. At least I get to watch the Leafs hand the Islanders as$ to them with the ladies though. :D

04-16-2002, 03:33 PM
Heh...my pal Ronne has already threatened to have words with you over the Islanders ;)

04-16-2002, 03:46 PM
Ha! Tell her she'll be having tears over her precious Islanders soon enough! :p

Let's have a little bet...whoever's team loses that person does a prairie fire, and buys the next pitcher to wash it down! :D

04-16-2002, 03:57 PM
That's a bet I'll gladly lose.

04-23-2002, 08:03 AM
Well, It's been a week since any physical training, last night I forgot my gym bag so I couldn't go for my playoff ballhockey game. This gave me an excellent opportunity to finally go train at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school I was thinking of joining.

Man grappling was pretty cool. I trained with a guy that was my size, maybe a bit bigger and it was pretty exhausting. For my first time at it I did pretty well, and the instructor asked me a few times if I had any grappling background. I gave about as good as I took on takedowns, just trying to use the two that I was taught earlier in class. Towards the end when it came to rolling I was totally lost, and was beaten every time. I guess I need to learn some submissions before I can submit people much, and perhaps some defense as well. I was huffing and puffing in the end as everyone else was, never realized how tough it could be. All in all it was a great experience and I'm sure I'll be training there now. I just wanna check out their muay thai program and then i'll try to go and grapple 3 times per week and maybe once thai boxing. Although it was my first day from the comments of the people there I may be able to do well in the sport. Anyway, I'm setting a goal of 6-8 months of training, then I want to start competing.

Diet has been garbage since I took time off...unless beer or strawberry margaritas (don't ask) have some mysterious source of protein in it.

Today I shall train back.

04-23-2002, 08:09 AM
Originally posted by ElPietro
strawberry margaritas (don't ask)
Well, I'm asking...what are you doing drinking strawberry margaritas?

04-23-2002, 08:15 AM
For more details please read IcerGrrl's journal. It was 4am and that's what the women were making. Truly, I had no choice. :D

04-23-2002, 09:58 AM
To save ElPietro's manly reputation, I will add that the strawberry margaritas were mainly tequila at that point in the night...we had a lot of tequila left and a little mixer, so we did what we had to do. ;)

As and far as you "having no choice", I think you had plenty of choices and you made the right ones.

04-23-2002, 10:34 AM
Originally posted by IceRgrrl
As and far as you "having no choice", I think you had plenty of choices and you made the right ones. :D

hehe...many ways to interpret this. :p Kinda like those old "choose your own adventure" books. I chose all the right options and in the end it resulted in... *starts daydreaming*


04-24-2002, 08:00 AM
Ok I don't have access to the net right now at home since it takes 4 fukking days for dsl to activate, so this is last nights workout.

Pull Day

HS High Rows:


*I think I'm gonna up the weight to 300 next time out. ROM was pretty good but I think I coulda pulled it back further. Maybe after a couple sessions of 300lbs I'll drop to 280 and see what the ROM is like.

Single Arm DB Rows:


**A bit of progression. :)

BB Shrugs:


***This is starting to piss me off. I guess after DB rows my grip is somewhat exhausted and I cannot continue adding weight. Once I have settled on how my schedule will look I will add in some grip work either on leg or push day. Heaven forbid that I go out and buy straps.


Incline DB Curls: 2 sets of 8x40lbers
DB Hammers: 8x40/6x40

Finished off with 15 minutes on the ellyptical. My body was quite sore from jiu jitsu the night before...back was sore, and shoulders in particular, not sure if it had a negative impact or not on my lifts. Well back from over a week off and my strength hasn't suffered, in fact some slight progression so I guess I haven't lost much. I'll see how it impacted push and legs soon enough anyway.

04-24-2002, 08:02 AM
Single Arm DB Rows:


Awesome strength man!! Youre pulling the 120s.. thats very very impressive. Keep up the hard work dude.

BB Shrugs:


Awesome strength here too man. Keep it up. Keep forgeting how many strong f*cks we got here @ WBB.


04-24-2002, 08:12 AM
Thanks dude. :cool::cool:

04-24-2002, 08:23 AM
How did the 290 feel? :)

04-24-2002, 08:26 AM
Originally posted by The_Chicken_Daddy
How did the 290 feel? :)

The same as it did last time I did pull day. ;) Actually, I scrolled back and saw that I had 5 reps at 290 last time out. This time I felt like I could squeeze another rep perhaps but for some reason stopped at 4. Unless I did do 5 and my blood and oxygen depleted brain didn't count correctly. I wasn't too sure and just put 4 down.

ps. last time and this time it felt damned heavy. :D

04-24-2002, 08:34 AM
Originally posted by ElPietro
Well back from over a week off and my strength hasn't suffered, in fact some slight progression so I guess I haven't lost much. I'll see how it impacted push and legs soon enough anyway.

Sometimes a week off is just what you need ;)

Nice workout. It's amazing that you can go back and forth between martial arts and lifting with little difficulty...

04-24-2002, 08:44 AM
Haha, trust me I have enough difficulties...something is generally wrong with me if I'm NOT either limping or aching in a variety of different areas of my body at all times. :( You just saw me after having a few days off. :)

04-25-2002, 01:02 PM
1.5 hours of muay thai last night at the new place. It isn't as good as my current place but sufficient for me to maybe go once a week. It's about 1/5 of the space but the pads are decent and the floor is padded so it's a bit easier on the joints when you are forced to skip for 15 minutes. All the cardio was loaded at the beginning of the class which I'm not a big fan of, as opposed to warming up and practicing technique and then doing killer cardio sessions at the end but whatever...it'll be doing me a lot of good either way. Seems like a really basic class...although my cardio isn't up to par my technique seemed to be much higher than average here. But whatever.

Tonight I train but haven't decided if it's leg or chest day today as I haven't fully planned out my new schedule. Most likely legs as I want to try out a wrestling class on friday, so I'll bump chest to saturday or sunday. My damned ball hockey team won it's last game yet again so this monday is taken up by our semi final game...the good news is if we win we play the finals in the same night so I will have mondays freed up after this week regardless.

My shoulder felt majorly messed up last night, I think it was recovering from grappling on monday. For a little while it was giving a weird dull ache in the entire area and I couldn't lift it without discomfort. I guess legs would be a better idea and give some time to heal before bench and shoulders. Although god knows what I'll put it through in a wrestling class. Bleh it's prolly been over 2 weeks since I've done push day...

04-25-2002, 07:38 PM
Woot! I am performing my first internet action with my newly connected DSL service. :D :clap:

Ok today was leg day. Although, I trained Muay Thai last night and my calves and thighs felt a bit sore. Now that my excuses are out of the way...



*Ok after doing 315 a couple times my legs were a bit shaky and feeling a bit weak. I didn't leave much time in between but decided to go for 385. I went down, although I don't think ROM was as good as normal and came up a bit too forward. Stupidly I thought, there's no way I could complete another rep, so I decided to try...got to the bottom started to push up and realized the futility at the time. Good thing I lifted in the power rack. I think my thai training did have an effect since normally I'm not shaky after my warmups but I felt pretty weak. Next time I will make sure I'm well rested before leg day.

Lying Hammy Curls:


**This is great. :) Good improvement on my hamstring and didn't feel any aggravation from the left side. Hopefully all will be equally sore on both legs the next few days.

Standing Calf Raise:


***Again I felt quite week and actually struggled on the last set. I guess all the skipping left me in a somewhat recovering state. I will have to factor this into my new schedule.

Seated Leveraged Calf Raise Thingy



3 sets of 8: Straight Leg Raises to 90 degrees.
2 sets of 8 on the abductor.
2 sets of 8 on the adductor.

Did a couple minutes of stretching and that was it. Went to grab a shake as I forgot my shaker and this guy started asking me a buncha questions, like if I played football, or if I've ever powerlifted. Felt nice. :)

Overall I'm not sure how satisfied I am with this workout, I am going to attribute some of the performance to training last night. I felt before I came in, that 385 on squats shoulda been cake. Oh well, next week.

04-25-2002, 08:17 PM
What is your usual squat?

Cool with the DSL..now you can get AIM/MSN(if you don't already have them) and be on 24/7! :p

04-25-2002, 09:17 PM
Originally posted by heathj
What is your usual squat?

I don't really have a "usual" squat. I wasn't much of a squatter prior to injuring my leg. Since then I've just been feeling out what my strength is. This is the first week with difficulty so I guess I'll see how I do rested.

Chris Rodgers
04-25-2002, 09:23 PM
Nice squat fatty. ;)

04-25-2002, 09:42 PM
Thanks shorty. :)

04-26-2002, 05:36 AM
Yay! You're connected :)

Nice workout...leg day is always a challenge, even more so if you're taxing yourself outside of the gym. Sounds like the hamstring is almost back to normal too!

04-26-2002, 07:40 AM
OMG the pain and stiffness I'm experiencing right now. Whole back is sore and stiff, rest of body is somewhat sore from thai boxing, abs and calves are sore, rest of legs are jelly-like and promising to make me pay tomorrow. :(

Add to that I'm trying out a wrestling (not wwf, although then I could be the twinkie master or something cool like that) class tonight, which basically means someone will probably be throwing me to the mat 30-40 times for the purposes of "learning", and I won't be able to fight back.

Man I think I need to start focusing on sleep, 5-6 hours per night isn't gonna cut it anymore.

04-28-2002, 04:01 PM
Ok I didn't go to wrestling on friday as I was too sore and figured some rest and recovery would be a better idea. Unfortunately some work related crap kept me from any activity on saturday so that left today for push day.

I just checked back in my journal and it's been 15 days since my last push session, so I wasn't expecting much today.



*Ok this is really gay. The time off apparently did have some effect on me. Also, my left arm felt a bit weird as well. This is the same arm that felt like something was wrong after my first grappling class and then felt numb after some work in muay thai. The last set I didn't have a spotter so didn't risk going for 8 as the 7th rep was a bit tough and I didn't particularly like the last time I had to roll 225 down my body.

Pec Dec Flies:


**Left shoulder felt a bit messed.

Standing Military Press:


Incline Machine Press:


EZ Curl SkullCrushers:


***Ok my arm started to hurt then went sorta numb again...feels like the tricep. I'm guessing I somehow messed it up during the grappling session. The guy I was partnered with was about 6'2 260lbs and decently built so I guess I couda overdone it. Skipped this exercise and thought I'd try some push downs.

Cable Triceps Pushdowns:

155x8/155x8 (rack)

****Bah, pain is still there so I just decided to stop.

Jumped on the ellyptical but was disgusted with this session so just got off after 5 minutes and left. This tricep or shoulder problem better decide to fukking go away or I'm gonna really be pissed. I won't be grappling monday as I have ball hockey and I may just take a week off muay thai as well.

This workout was homo... :mad:

04-28-2002, 05:22 PM
Originally posted by ElPietro
This workout was homo... :mad:

You just like being abused don't you?

04-28-2002, 06:15 PM
Hey you are the one who keeps chiming in anytime I make semi-non-heterosexual comments. Don't get your hopes up son! tuttut

Mystic Eric
04-28-2002, 06:23 PM
Hey pete, you better show powerman some respect, or else our BMFNO will beat you with your own twinkies :swear:

04-28-2002, 06:37 PM
Eric you don't weigh enough to post in my journal.

Mystic Eric
04-28-2002, 06:45 PM
Pfft, if you dieted down to 10% body fat, you'd weigh less than me :p

04-29-2002, 10:54 AM
Careful with your shoulder man. Make sure it's good and then get back to attacking my PB's :)

04-29-2002, 07:59 PM
Well had ball hockey tonight and we lost in the semis 14-13. Only scored two and had about a trillion shots blocked. :mad: Oh well at least mondays are freed up now.

Unfortunately yet again my left are became numb during the game. This is really, REALLY starting to f*cking piss me off. If I start paying to join a new club and find out I have some lame injury that's gonna keep me out of it then I'm gonna be super pissed.

Strength seems to be there but it feels uncomfortable and then goes numb when inactive. I'd rather not have to call my physiotherapist if I don't need to. I'm sure whatever it is he'll make sure I come in enough times to seperate me from some of my cash.

Tomorrow will be complete rest/watching the leafs, wednesday I will try a back session. If things are fooked still by the weekend I'll call my therapist monday. Perhaps I shouldn't have gone all out my first grappling session.

05-01-2002, 11:50 PM
Well I managed to drag myself to the gym earlier this evening. I had quite a bit of energy, it's amazing what a half dose of xenadrine can do. It's been about a month since my supply ran out but I finally grabbed a new bottle.

Today was Pull Day...

HS High Rows:


*Whether it's the xenadrine or not I dunno but I felt good doing these. The 4th rep at 300 wasn't full ROM so I don't really count it. The 250 felt light after and I coulda prolly gotten another rep or two.

Single Arm DB Rows:


**OK I was pissed. After the first set as I was positioning the DB for the second the end came off and all 6 10lb plates fell off. :mad: I had to get the foo to go get his allan key so that he could screw the end back in, but didn't look like the threads were holding up. Did my second set and as I was carrying the DB to the rack, in a hammercurl grip with both hands the end came off again. All the plates fell to the ground and amazingly, not one of them touched me. It made a bit of noise and I told the fool there was a mess and he could clean it up. Other guys were just sitting there staring and mumbling that it's lucky nobody was doing any overhead crap with it. Anyway...pfft. :mad:

BB Shrugs:


***Dunno what's going on with these. No progress, grip sucks...well...whatever. :rolleyes:

Incline DB Curls:


Cable Reverse Curls:


Went and did 15 minutes on the ellyptical and then stretched for a couple minutes.

I then finally for the first time in a long time remembered rear delts.

Reverse Pec Dec:


****Ok I have to find another pec dec that I can use. This one provides about 1/5th the resistance the dec I use for chest does. Unfortunately it doesn't have the vertical bars you kinda need for this. I'm sure there's another one collecting dust somewhere...

Well I was pretty charged after the workout as well. Today I ate 100% clean for the first time since I injured my leg and it felt pretty good. More importantly I received no grief from my left arm. So this means it's either a tricep problem, a shoulder problem that wasn't aggravated by the exercises I did, or it's gone away. I'll find out friday if I finally get my ass to that wrestling class I skipped last week. I am pleased with this session, despite the fookin dumbell almost turning my foot into mush.

05-03-2002, 07:52 AM
Excellent Lat soreness today. :)

I will finally attempt to drag myself to a wrestling class tonight as well...

05-05-2002, 08:23 PM
Well I DIDN'T drag myself to class on friday. In fact I actually went downtown to My Apartment and proceeded to consume copious amounts of booze. Walking down the road outside the bar I believe a concrete post did something to offend me, as in my foolish drunken state I elbowed it. I have a nice bruise now but it's almost gone, no visible reaction from the concrete post.

Saturday I was too hungover from friday so I didn't make it in to grappling then either. So when I was feeling better I decided to travel to Ikea and spend $500 on a new desk and stand for my tv. All the rest of saturday and much of sunday afternoon was spent assembling all the crap I bought.

Later sunday I actually managed to get myself to the gym...didn't eat too well all weekend but whatever...



135x6/225x6/315x2/385x0+(3 sissys)

*Ok I think I need to restructure my warmup. My legs are already quite fatigued once I got to 385. I went down and just couldn't stop going down. After that I did 3 half squats and actually paused a bit at the bottom of the ROM I used. Was quite pissed. :mad:

Lying Hammy Curls:


**Was walking funny at this point. Happy with the strenght now. :)

Standing Calf Raise:


Seated Calf Raise Leverage Thingy:



3 sets of 10: Leg Raise
2 sets of 10: Adductor
1 set of 10: Abductor

Well I had jelly legs at the end so I guess it was ok. I may just drop down in squats and do reps for a couple sessions. I think 385 shouldn't be a problem if I have a smarter warmup, and I also think today was a bit of an off day, but whatever.

Grappling monday and Pull tuesday.

05-05-2002, 08:56 PM
Sounds like you had quite a weekend :)

Ikea? Very nice...

05-05-2002, 08:59 PM
Yeah, that place is horrible...I just want to keep spending money when I go there...next month is new tv month. I know how much you love Ikea...come up soon and we can shop for some nice swedish furniture. :D

oh and log onto MSN assface...

05-06-2002, 07:35 AM
You'll get the squat next week man, and it's a kick ass figure to have on your back :)

So you don't get any problems with your hamstring now then?

05-06-2002, 08:24 AM
Originally posted by The_Chicken_Daddy
So you don't get any problems with your hamstring now then?

Not that I can tell...seems to be 100%, or even a bit stronger than before.

However, I am still unsure whether or not I'd be comfortable going back to SLDL or not. I mean it was my absolute favourite exercise and I love it and all, but having my leg injured for like two months and the crappy physio was not a good time for me and I really don't want to go through it again. If it was something I new for sure that caused the injury then I'd just be more conscious this time out, but since I don't even know exactly what I did wrong I'm a bit uncomfortable going back to it...if that makes any sense.

As for the squat, thanks for the comments :), but I'm not gonna make an attempt next week. I'm just gonna do a couple weeks of 6-10 rep sets for now and take it a bit easy...then go back to it after that. I still think it's just my warmup that is off...but I'm just gonna drop some weight and focus on the bottom half of the movement as this is my weak point.

05-06-2002, 10:47 AM
Originally posted by ElPietro
Yeah, that place is horrible...I just want to keep spending money when I go there...next month is new tv month. I know how much you love Ikea...come up soon and we can shop for some nice swedish furniture. :D

oh and log onto MSN assface...

Yes, I meant to get there last time I was in town, but never made it (for some odd reason).

I was at Kara's computer last night so I couldn't log onto MSN...so there, assface!

05-07-2002, 06:50 PM
Well today was push day, and I had pretty much the gayest workout ever. I guess I shoulda ate something within the last 3-4 hours before i worked out...

Figured I'd drop volume and weight and see how my left arm held up.

BB Bench: 135x6/255x4+2/225x6 - bah, on 255 the spotter didn't touch the bar until the 4th rep or so, but only helped a bit through a sticking point on the last two. I was a bit disappointed in this. Didn't have a spotter on the 225lb set so didn't wanna get stuck under the bar.

Pec Dec Flies: 140x8/140x6 after the first set i felt some pain in my right shoulder and my arm felt like it wanted to go numb but wasn't too bad...strength sucked here...but didn't leave much time between sets.

Incline Machine Press: 190x8/180x6 again feeling week and my arm felt like it could go numb but it wasn't.

Standing Military Press: 115x6/135x5/115x4 - bah

Cable Pushdowns: 3 sets of the rack - felt a bit of tingling again and I suspect that I had strained my tricep a couple weeks ago and it's slowly healing as the pain wasn't much and the numbness didn't really set in...although it coulda been due to the fact that this workout sucked and didn't stress the muscle enough for anything to set in...whatever...

Of course all the f*cking treadmills were taken so I jumped on an elyptical and did 10 minutes and got fed up and left.

Diet's been crap for the most part...i think bf levels have gone up a bit in the past week :(, probably due to not actually going to any f*cking grappling classes and not going to thai boxing either. Well i got charged for another month of thai boxing so I'll go tomorrow and just beat the crap out of stuff...thursday is pull, and friday i am god damned bloody for sure going to wrestling...3 weeks in a row i believe i've put it off now... :mad:

I may go back to dumbells on push day although with the last db i used on rows falling apart i'm a bit hesitant now...plus we have 100s then it goes to 120...dunno what f*cking einstein ordered the weights but I think I'll bitch next time i'm in.

05-07-2002, 06:59 PM
Dude, you're not gonna put on any bf visibly in one week purely from not grappling. It's all in your head. Fight that battle and you'll never lose. It can get really demoralising. And even if you're going "light" your bench still blows mine out of the water.

Do the inclines not aggrivate your shoulders even more?

Oh, and when you bench, does the bar come down to nipple level? and how far down do you lower the bar to your chest?

05-07-2002, 07:11 PM
I lower the bar slowly until it touches my chest and then go up until lockout. I think it was a tricep problem...not sure about the shoulder...but whatever it is I think it's getting better. Maybe i'm just having a bad week...also not eating properly before training i think may be impacting...

05-09-2002, 06:53 PM
Well today was Pull day. Diet wasn't too shabby today, which is a nice change.

HS High Row:


*Felt pretty good...I'll go up to 320 next week. :)

Single Arm DB Rows:


BB Shrugs:


**The ROM for 385 was a bit limited but I'm not concerned. This set is more for whatever I can squeeze out and also to aid with grip strength.


Incline DB Curls: 2 sets of 8 using 40lbers
Cable reverse curls: 2 sets of 8 using 75lbs.

Rear Delt Flies:


Some aches and pains in a variety of places but whatever.

Workout was...S'Ok.

05-09-2002, 07:07 PM
Dude, you're progressing on those hi rows that a mad man! :eek:

I'm only making one rep a week! And every fourth week or so adding weight (1.25k). That is kerazee.

05-09-2002, 07:10 PM
Yeah. Once you catch Chigs, I guess you can start trying to take *me*


05-09-2002, 07:25 PM

El Pietro, I think PowerMan just invited you to "take him"...

*runs and hides*

05-09-2002, 07:28 PM
Yes...he must have meant it in a gay sorta way, since I know he couldn't possibly be talking about his lifts... :)

05-09-2002, 07:31 PM
Oh and thanks CD, perhaps eating has something to do with it. I guess I am trying to cut but not doing a good job at it so not sure how diet is affecting me...maybe one day when i stick to some decent eating habits I will know for sure...

05-09-2002, 07:36 PM
IceR, that's it. No more bootleg training programs for you.

El P-- take a look at Tuesday. :)

You'll get there some day.

05-09-2002, 07:41 PM
Originally posted by PowerManDL
IceR, that's it. No more bootleg training programs for you.

El P-- take a look at Tuesday. :)

You'll get there some day.

I haven't gotten a chance to read those articles yet...once finals week is over I will catch up on my mail....

05-09-2002, 07:46 PM
Originally posted by PowerManDL
El P-- take a look at Tuesday. :)

You'll get there some day.

Not gonna get into a big argument over this but i only see one lift that you have that is higher than mine. Everything else is significantly lower, so I will attribute your DB rows to a difference in form and nothing more. If you were lifting more than me in other exercises maybe I'd consider it...but since some of your heavy sets are my warmup weight I don't think you'll be my next target.

But good lifts anyway. :)

05-09-2002, 10:45 PM
LP-- you're doing pullups with 70-90 lbs over your body weight and using 4 plates on each side of the Hammer Strength row for 8 reps as warmup?

05-10-2002, 07:30 AM
Actually i don't do those exercises as you can tell...

[Stuart Smalley]But I'm bigger than you, I'm stronger than you, and gosh darn it...people like me. :)[/Stuart Smalley]

If you'd like you could list every other lift we do the same...but what's the point.

05-12-2002, 10:52 AM
Well missed wrestling yet again on friday as the leaf game was on. Managed to go in for a brazilian jiu jitsu class on saturday and man is that a workout. Most of my body is sore and my neck is really sore from a move called a crucifix which basically just puts a ton of pressure on your neck forcing your chin into your chest. It's quite unpleasant. Anyway, due to mothers day I must miss leg day today. :mad:

Monday will be more grappling, and tuesday I have to take mommy to a baseball game so it looks like i will miss my push session as well. Maybe I'll either take a week off lifting or I may go in during lunch break for a couple quickie sessions at the gym.

Looks like I won't need to order a Gi as a guy at the club has an extra he's only worn a couple times so that saves me a lot of hassle, and Icer was sweet enough to order me some stuff online so I don't have to pay shipping or duty to canada. :)

05-13-2002, 10:40 PM
Well more brazilian jiu jitsu this evening. This time I got the 6'4" 270 lber to grapple with. :( Man this class really poops me out...other than training woes I haven't experienced any nagging injuries as of late.

The coolest thing of all is that my right bicep is peppered with purple and red bruises from basically clutching and grabbing trying to get take-downs...and my left bicep has so many bruises it's just basically a disgusting abstract painting using a mixture of purples, blues, and reds...it looks totally sweet and insane. :p

Stuck around a bit later and watch some NHB sparring...once i get myself a somewhat passable ground game I think i'll start with that as well...nothing like a new opportunity for more bruises and aches and pains. :)

I'm hoping my mom can get a friend from work to go with her to the Jay game...she knows it's game 7 hockey that night so I am not too interested in baseball...which would also allow me to actually go to the gym as well.

Please someone slap me though...driving home I was actually contemplating going on an endurance weight training cycle for a couple weeks! :eek:

05-14-2002, 06:42 AM
...consider yourself slapped silly :D

05-14-2002, 05:53 PM
Today was push day.

Thought I'd take things nice and light and see how db presses felt as well. At least I don't need a spotter for this workout.

BB Bench Press:


DB Bench Press:


*Not bad considering I haven't done these this year. I was pressing the 95s really slow with pauses and it wasn't too tough...only the very last rep was a bit of a challenge...but after all the other stuff I guess 95 should be simple. Which means 100s won't be tough and all that we have after that are 120s. Shoulder felt a little bit weird but nothing special.

Pec Dec Flies:


**Ok I guess I shouldn't have f*cking tried this exercise. After the first damned set all kinds a problems were felt in my shoulder, and within a minute my arm started going numb. Some pain down towards my elbow near my bicep as well for some odd reason. This really f*cking pisses me off. This exercise is out of the program for a very long time. I thought this miscellaneous injury had gone away but apparently it f*cking hasn't. :mad:

Did 15 minutes on the damned ellyptical and that was it. I'll see how things f*cking feel tomorrow.

05-14-2002, 06:34 PM
Damn dude, be careful.

Oh, and i'm sure you're pleased as punch to know that your "light" benches are still better than my heavy sets lol.

05-15-2002, 10:42 AM
Hey Elpietro,

if you're into sampling strange and esoteric martial arts, I hear there's a guy up in Markham that is like ex-Spetsnaz or somesuch that has a dojo... he trains people in the same stuff that the Special Forces get - apparently each year he takes a group back to Russia for a special training session/tour in an actual training camp there...

There was an article in the National Post a while back I was reading that mentioned it... don't have the reference with me but it sounded real interesting


P.S. Found it with a minimal search... shoulda done this first: http://www.russianmartialart.com/

The url makes sense. Duh.

05-15-2002, 10:49 AM
Cool...I believe this would be Russian Sambo. I can't remember the guys name but I considered it a while back before I started muay thai. The guy is touted as a very good instructor and has great credentials. All grappling arts have a lot of crossover so I am not really missing out on any new or radical art, and it's also outta my way so I decided not to look further into that club.

Guys from my club mainly compete within Canada/US and occaissionally go to Brazil.

Thanks for the info though! :thumbup:

05-15-2002, 11:08 AM
Yer welcome.

I've always meant to get into some sort of more organized martial arts training; I mean I have what I got as part of unarmed combat training in the army, but that's pretty useless.

Actually, I have advanced almost to my John Deere meshback cap status in Redneck Brawling, but for now I'm still wearing a Fram filters cap.

05-15-2002, 11:28 AM
Originally posted by Callahan

Actually, I have advanced almost to my John Deere meshback cap status in Redneck Brawling, but for now I'm still wearing a Fram filters cap.

When you can move up to the Winston-Salem cap, you've done well.

If you ever reach Nascar, may God have mercy on any man in your way.

Skoal, lets just say mighty conquerers will fall before you.

05-15-2002, 03:45 PM

Actually, I ripped the concept off from a short story "True Grits" by Jack C. Haldeman II found in a collection called "Warriors of Blood and Dream" (edited by the late, great, Roger Zelazny).

One of the better collections of short and interesting martial arts fiction out there, IMHO.

05-15-2002, 09:08 PM
dear assface,

you are a royal pain in the arse w@nker.


*sets tazer to stun*

the doc
05-15-2002, 09:23 PM
lol! i was having trouble finding any lifts in here!

so much :spam:

nice bench EP

05-15-2002, 09:28 PM
haha thanks Doc. :)

we have a couple foos talkin about redneck martial arts and some disgruntled female attacking me in a completely unprovoked fashion...

...this is my journal right? :confused:

05-16-2002, 09:22 PM
Today was Pull day.

Didn't eat for about 4 hours previous to my session and forgot to take a xenadrine as well. :(

HS High Row:


*Ok this was a bit weird...perhaps 330 was too much...didn't get full ROM on the two reps so just gave up on it. Maybe I didn't give myself much rest and then 310 was too much as well...pretty much the same thing happened...so just went to 250 after that. Dunno if food would have that much to do with it...also didn't rest much between my warmups and my working sets...warmups are done ultra fast rep times...

Single Arm DB Rows:


** I talked to the b@stard at the front that has authority and he said they won't be ordering dumbells higher than 120. :mad:

BB Shrugs:


***Some big guy was in the power rack next to me with 4 plates straps and a guy giving him a lift and then cheering him on as he grunted out his reps. The guy was big and all but I thought I'd do the same weight with nothing other than my soon to be callused hands. Did them pretty slow...just to add a bit of grip work to it. Went from my warmup right to biggest set...i think in the past the first set after 225 would just weaken my grip and then when i added weight it was tougher. I'll stay at 4 plates for now...

Single Arm DB Preacher Curls:


****Did these as I didn't wanna put any pressure whatsoever on my shoulder...so even the dbs dangling when doing incline curls I thought might be bad.

Forgot to do rear delt flies but I guess that's ok since I rather just leave my shoulder alone for another few days.

Did 20 minutes on the treadmill and called it a day.

I was a bit confused on the high rows but not worried...i'll start with 320 next time...I was originally gonna go for 325 but was too lazy to look for 2.5lb plates and just went to 330. Shrugs are going up again so that's ok...i think i'll keep this weight for a while...this weekend i'll head up to my buddies cottage and just barbecue and booze it up a bit...i think some r&r is in order anyway. :)

05-17-2002, 07:50 AM
I can't believe how fast you're putting the weight up on the high row. I only add one rep a week till i manage 6 and then i add on like 5lbs and drop reps to 3-4.

Are you just throwing the weight on to try and beat me?

05-17-2002, 07:57 AM
Originally posted by The_Chicken_Daddy
Are you just throwing the weight on to try and beat me?

CD no, I know that would be foolish...i'm not gonna risk an injury by lifting a foolish amount of weight to surpass you. :) It was just that when I got into the higher weights and go up about 10lbs it seems like 310 feels like 300 did the week before...so I thought that adding 20lbs may be doable...either I was wrong or just having an off day and poor eating habits didn't allow that to happen.

I am not sure what to do now though...I may go back to my two day push/pull split and give myself an added rest day throughtout the week. That means some exercises may get dropped or added...the thought of benching and squatting in the same session is giving me the shivers though...

05-17-2002, 07:59 AM
Single Arm DB Rows:


BB Shrugs:


Awesome strength EP!! Looking good as usual. Forgot how strong you are bro strength is really inspiring - keep it up!!


05-17-2002, 07:59 AM
Yeah but dude, only a few weeks ago you were pulling only 250 or so.

It's taken me months and months to get to where i am now.

I just can't believe your strength has gone up on it so fast. You must be one big mofo.

05-17-2002, 08:03 AM
Weighed myself this morning and I'm 5lbs lighter than last time I weighed myself...I am thinking this might be primarily water as I've been off creatine for a while now...I may start supping it again and I'll see if my weight goes back up...cutting is going to take more of a priority now...

05-17-2002, 08:07 AM
I used to lift in the 3 set of 8 range before and when I changed my rep scheme around a bit my strength started shooting up. Now I may only do two sets but the first set of my main exercise is generally my heaviest and in the 3-5 range...hence my bench went up big too...before I started training like this the 90lb dbs woulda been tough for 5 or 6...now my first time back on dbs in like 4 months and i grabbed the 95s for 8 and that's after a couple working sets. Also getting up to 285 for some reps made me happy...although now my shoulder is actin all gay...

So basically I'm saying that these gains were prolly newbie-ish in nature as I dipped my foot into a bit more serious strength focused routine...if that makes sense...or maybe I just made it all up. ;)

05-17-2002, 10:30 AM
I'm bored at work so I'm sorta tinkering with a new two day split:


BB Bench
2 warmup sets, 1 working set
DB Bench
2 working sets
2 warmups, 3 working sets
Standing Military Press
3 working sets
Skull Crushers
2 working sets
Standing Calf Raise
1 warmup, 3 working sets
Seated Calf Raise
2-3 working sets


Hammerstrength High Row
2 Warmup sets, 3 working sets
Single Arm DB Row
2 working sets
Lying Leg Curls
1 warmup set, 3 working sets
BB Shrugs
1 warmup set, 3 working sets
Single Arm Preacher Curls
2 working sets
Leg Raise
3 sets
Rear Delt Flies
1 warmup, 3 working sets

05-21-2002, 04:34 PM
Nice title there, old pal ;)

How did the first day of your suicidal split feel?

05-21-2002, 07:34 PM
why so much calf work on day 1? seems like an inordinate ammount

05-21-2002, 07:35 PM
Originally posted by IceRgrrl
Nice title there, old pal ;)

How did the first day of your suicidal split feel?

I thought you would like it. ;)

And as for the new split...Push day will now be known as puke day... :cry:


BB Bench Press:


DB Bench Press:


*These felt pretty good...on the last set I may have been able to go longer but was feelin a bit week. Next set of DBs are 110s I believe so I will decide if I want to make the larger jump or not...or maybe I will just drop BB bench weight next time out so there is less pre-exhaustion.



**Ok, after the warmups I felt like puking...I may have to insert some assister exercise in prior to squats so I can cool down a bit after bench. Felt pretty damned weak here. For my next session I am gonna drop weight significantly and focus on depth as well. After the 335 I was almost feeling the bile rise...it's bad when you look for a garbage bucket before you do a set.

Standing Military Press:


***Bah...this is gay weight but after squats I really felt drained for a bit...I will up weight next time out.

Standing Calf Raise:


Seated Leveraged Calf Raise Thingy:


Cable Triceps Pushdown:


****Haha this was kinda funny. This is the entire rack and all three sets were done explosively...on almost all the reps I got the rack to fly up higher than required due to momentum. The guy infront of me struggling with half the rack's eyes bugged out. I found it somewhat amusing. :)

Ok this workout I felt like puking about 7 or 8 times. As I walked into the change room I went to the bathroom thinking I may spew...however I didn't so that was good. I don't think pull day will be as bad...all I really added to it was hamstrings...although I may do hip flexor stuff that day as well. I will see how things go on thursday. Feeling a bit weaker but I am trying to focus more on cutting and I went into the gym a bit hungry...so that may have a bit to do with it. Also haven't had any creatine in a very long time...not sure if that has much impact. I guess this workout was ok.

05-21-2002, 07:38 PM
Originally posted by Accipiter
why so much calf work on day 1? seems like an inordinate ammount

5 working sets? Need to have both seated and standing...and the weight I use for standing it's actually more work loading and unloading the plates...but I may go to 1 warmup and two sets of standing calves...800lbs is a bitch to load and unload in a short period of time...more sets may actually give me a bit of a rest. ;)

05-21-2002, 11:59 PM
Ace! :thumbup: If you had puked it would've been even cooler! Keep it up fewl...and yes, that weight is gay. :D

05-22-2002, 07:52 AM
Haha, thanks man. :)

Today I feel quite achy in my shoulders...as in the good sore...and thought I'd mention I didn't experience any complications in my shoulder during or after the routine. So maybe the weekend of beer drinking and barbecues *ahem* I mean rest and recovery did me some good. :)

I will keep pec flies out for now...no need to aggravate the injury again...and if I add anything else I'm sure I will puke.

05-22-2002, 10:24 AM
Nice workout, but why the 2 day split, is it because of time contsraints?

How much you weighing in these days LP

05-22-2002, 10:33 AM
Well I am hoping to get more time to train martial arts as i'm delving into grappling which i have pretty much no experience with. I can always manage to make it to the gym twice a week so this is a good way to do it...so if I actually can go 3 times I can either do a miscellaneous workout or just do the two day split 3 times per week sometimes, as there is plenty of recovery time.

I haven't weighed myself in a bit but I'd guess I'm between 240 and 245...that should drop as I'm starting to eat more responsibly. I'm sure my LBM is only like 100lbs or something though. ;) I would like to get myself down to 225-230 and see how things look. I wouldn't have abs at that weight but may be able to scare small children so that is my immediate goal.

I think I can improve on pretty much every lift in the above workout...once I mess around with the order of things or tinker a bit so I don't feel like throwing up I should be able add more weight.

05-22-2002, 10:44 AM
Are you eating something ~45 mins-1 hour pre-workout?

I used to hurl all the time (well not ALL the time. But often enough, dammit!) after/during workouts, ESPECIALLY leg day. But ever since I started firing down a little protein shake or something pre-workout, the nausea has gone away, barring the occasional aromatic whey-burp.

05-22-2002, 11:58 AM
Generally I will try to...but if I'm tied up in a meeting or get busy and don't notice the time until it's too late I won't eat just before working out. That would insure hurling...

Lately I haven't been and I think it has some affect on performance...just not sure how much.

05-22-2002, 12:06 PM
Originally posted by ElPietro
Well I am hoping to get more time to train martial arts as i'm delving into grappling which i have pretty much no experience with.

Grappling with Icer;). So thats what you get upto at weekends. lol

05-22-2002, 01:09 PM
Originally posted by FAngel

Grappling with Icer;). So thats what you get upto at weekends. lol


I think we've been discovered! :eek: :hide:

05-22-2002, 02:04 PM
Originally posted by FAngel

Grappling with Icer;). So thats what you get upto at weekends. lol

For some strange reason El P likes it when I kick his ass!


05-23-2002, 07:59 AM
Alright, I grabbed some supps last night basically making a thermo stack with ephedra, caffeine and guggelsterones...take every two hours in the morning...although I already messed up and took my second dose an hour later instead of two...I wonder if that's why i'm getting chest pains and my left arm is tingling... :p ;)

Also picked up some glycocarb although they only had orange flavour. :mad:

And caved in and grabbed a box of Labrada Lean body tropical mix MRP powders...these taste so frickin ace...

Today will be my pull workout after work...some new girl at work wants to come try out the gym and work in with me...i'm sure i'll be able to scare her off before we're half way done. :D

05-23-2002, 07:09 PM
Today was pull day.

HS High Rows


*Well I was kinda disappointed in this. I would get the rep going but it wasn't a full ROM at 320. I am thinking that now that I've actually somewhat stuck to cutting that my strength will not increase at the same pace that it was. Next week I am just going to lift 300 and see how many reps I can pull.

Single Arm Bent-Over DB Rows:


**Think I will be making a straps purchase before my next workout and giving the ez curl rows a try.

BB Shrugs:


Lying Hamstring Curls:


***The first two light sets were done explosively...which may be why I had some trouble with 100lbs...I coulda mebbe gotten 8 but I am not putting my hamstring through any super duper stress. I'd rather progress slower than re-tear it again. Having said that I still haven't seen anyone lift 100 on that machine other than me.

Single Arm DB Preacher Curls:



1 set on abductor
1 set on adductor
1 set of leg raises

****It was getting late and I was already gonna miss the puck drop in the leaf game so I just did these quick.

Well my diet leading up to that workout consisted of the following:

Labrada Lean Body shake
Roast Beef w/mustard sammich on whole grain bread
250g 1% cottage cheese
1 package of Oatein Oatmeal

I spaced it all out nicely but the cals were definitely low...I haven't added them up but I'm thinking all that is still under 1k cals. Just had a small pork chop on the gf grill with a small amount of creamy noodles. I am thinking I will be under 2k cals today which isn't enough but whatever...post workout shake was 50g carbs, ~22g protein, ~10g creatine.

I didn't use xenadrine pre-workout as I still felt some affect from the ECG stack I made. I took the stack at 7:40/8:40/10:40 but didn't include gugglesterones in the second dose at 8:40. I was buzzing pretty good for a while there.

The girl from work was quite softcore and I gave her a bit of a hand but she has a lot to learn and I wasn't about to teach her the error of her ways in the middle of my workout...so we basically just did our own thing. I'll just print a buncha crap out tomorrow and dump it on her and if she wants to learn fine...if not whatever...I gave up as soon as she said she only wanted to tone.

This workout wasn't as bad as push day...there were no points where I thought I may puke or looked for the bucket before a set.

05-24-2002, 08:49 PM
Just got back from grappling. Almost nobody showed up...but of course one guy who was about 260-270lbs did show up and wanted to grapple. There wasn't a class so it was pretty much just freestyle. So basically me getting my ass handed to me as it's only my fourth class and I know barely any technique. I can last a good while but I can't make the guy submit. I seem to make things damned uncomfortable for him but he'll simply escape after a minute or two. We rolled for about an hour...with a smaller more experienced guy pointing out some flaws in my non-existent technique...so I guess other than almost passing out several times and being ready to puke by the end of it, it was a learning experience.

I think I'm just being a bit hard on myself...instructors see me asking about the minute details of techniques and will just tell me to keep things simple but I guess I try to micromanage my fighting too much...

Should get my book showing about a trillion techniques next weekend so at least I will have that at my disposal. My left arm seems to be the death of me...I keep getting into an arm triangle, or if I'm ever arm barred it is always with my left. This kinda sucks as that is the arm that has been giving me problems...so it'll always act up a little. I know a month or two down the road I'm gonna be waiting for a chance for a new guy my size to come into the club so hopefully I can hand him a nice lil' beating. :)

Oh well...just took a few extra strength tylenol...time for a shake as I haven't consumed anything since lunch. :(

05-27-2002, 08:35 PM
Grappling tonight...just got back and I hurt. I have taken my tylenol as usual and await a time when I can move adequately to take a shower. There was a tough room tonight with a couple of the top guys in Ontario. Of course I primarily was with the 270lber but after we tired each other out the smaller more technical guys decided to let us take em on. Needless to say the smaller guys had me tapping faster than the big guy. Oh well I almost went to sleep 3 or 4 times and got armbarred twice.

The guy left my gi there so i can train wednesday in it as it's a perfect fit. Tomorrow is push day if I'm not too crippled.

Forgot to add that diet although clean today has been quite low. I don't think I'll break the 2k cal barrier today.

Just to list my food today I had:

Low-Carb Lean Body shake
PB&J sammich on 12 grain bread
Small container of sliced cantalope
250g 1% cottage Cheese
2-3 Handfuls of Popcorn w/butter
Omellette w/1 whole egg + 4 egg whites + Some chedder cheese
1 can of Barq's Rootbeer after grappling

That's it so far...will mebbe have a shake or another container of cottage cheese before bed.

05-29-2002, 10:41 AM
This is yesterday's entry as the damned site was down. :mad:

A buddy of mine asked me to play on his baseball team so I had to modify my workout and get at least something in beforehand.

Strength continues to drop as my cals are much too low. :(


Warmed up with BB Bench...couple quick sets of 8 with 135

DB Bench Press:


*Ok this is lame...felt weak, there weren't 110s which I thought I would be more than ready for.

Leg Press:


**Ok I believe this is really lame weight but my legs felt shaky at the end...I don't generally do leg press but I think I am going to take out squats for the next couple workouts and focus more on my quad strength as I feel that I'm lacking. Didn't factor in whatever the sled weighs, it's one of those on a 45 degree angle...7 plates a side anyway...

Standing Military Press:


***Ha...did one rep then my legs started giving out so I let the weight down quick. Not that I was using my legs for the lift but it takes pressure off the back to have your legs slightly bent and they just started shaking as I had just finished leg press. So I did 115 with completely straight legs...bit hard on the back...next week i'll do these before legs.

Seated Leveraged Calf Raise Machine:


[B]Cable Triceps Pushdowns:[B]

3 sets of 10 of the rack (155lbs) - Fast reps.

Well that was it...I was thoroughly disgusted with myself...every lift seems so much harder and my cals are way too low even for cutting...I was also extremely sore from grappling the previous evening...I expect coordinating all this training will lead to some setbacks...I'm at the point now where I may simply take a couple weeks off weight training and doing some intensive grappling just to more quickly adjust my muscles to this new exercise. Then hopefully diet will be more sorted and geared towards helping in the gym and I can go back to quasi-respectable weight.

For anyone who reads this and have gone through a major cutting diet, have you found that it had a large effect on your lifts? Did they go down? Or stay the same? Or were you able to still progress a bit?

I am getting frustrated and may go back to a 3 day split...although it will probably just mean having an extra day of disappointment in the end. Oh well...better than sitting on my ass and doing nothing I guess...

***As for the baseball game...it felt good to play after not playing really for more than a year...i'm aching today in a couple spots...the team really wants me to play for them now so for the next month I will probably have baseball on tuesday evenings after training...

05-29-2002, 11:19 AM
Did I not tell you that you weren't eating enough? But no, don't listen to me... :rolleyes:

And yes, serious cutting does affect strength, at least in my experience. Just do what you can and think about preserving muscle, not making huge gains :)

05-29-2002, 09:02 PM
Grappling class tonight for the first time in a gi. Class was really good and led by one of Canada's top grapplers. About half way through the class I got to roll with a guy that had only been to 3 classes and was about 170lbs. So me with my superior experience of 5 or 6 classes and weight advantage was very happy. It seemed so easy and all the techniques I tried worked. On average it would take me 10 seconds to make him tap. After a while he was dead and I was pretty much done too so took a long breather and then struggled for a while with the 270lber.

Nice to know some of the shiat is sticking in my head. I just need to have patience until new mofos join that I can beat up. :D

Both elbow joints are hurting now and felt pretty bad after class...they are starting to settle down now. Tomorrow may or may not be a gym day. Friday is gonna be a rest day as I have the day off from work, to go meet some assface friend of mine. ;)

06-01-2002, 04:03 PM
Update: 3 days of inactivity and poor diet. I think I can actually hear myself getting fatter.

06-01-2002, 07:23 PM
*throws a box of twinkies at LP*

06-01-2002, 07:26 PM
Originally posted by ElPietro
Update: 3 days of inactivity and poor diet. I think I can actually hear myself getting fatter.

tsk tsk

shoulda come to Central Tech to play football with us today... you've have burned it all off. ;)

seriously though, i know what you mean about feeling guilty when you get inactive. Bounce back, man!! :)

06-03-2002, 09:17 AM
Actually, saturday I was up at 7am to help a friend of mine move out of her old place and into a new apartment. So I guess I was somewhat active for a short time. Did two sets of couch, 4 sets of TV, one set of wall unit, and one warmup set of mattress along with two working sets of boxspring. :)

Slept part of the day after that but I'll have to come out for a game sometime Callahan.

Sunday was supposed to be a good grappling session...unfortunately I drank too much at a friends the night before and never actually made it home until 11am the next day. The rest of sunday was spent napping and being generally hung over.

This weekend was complete slothdom and poor dieting. One good thing is that I feel 100% now and all aches and pains are gone. I will hit this week diet and training wise with renewed vigor.

06-03-2002, 10:07 AM
Try making cheat days before a workout day. So let's say you workout Sunday, cheat on Saturday. Your Sunday workouts will be better :) Or you could just pretend your cutting like me and all your workouts will be great...hehe :p Keep it up though..I can hear myself getting fatter also.