View Full Version : Avoiding Cardio

01-09-2003, 02:05 PM
I've been messin' with HIIT... except I don't run... I use a healthrider (actually a pretty cool contraption) I know I know... I am limited to the equipment... I think I may be wasting my time doing HIIT on it, yeah?

In your opinion(s), couldn't I just eat clean, and keep lifting heavy? Wouldn't my body composition even out eventually? Like if I build more muscle, I'll burn more calories just sitting around, wouldn't the fat come off on it's own because my muscles are saying, "Get lost, fat! Make room!!"

I'm considering going to a local track near my residence to really go for the true HIIT experience.... but I keep thinkin' to just build more muscle and my body will change for the better.....

Man, I only got a little bit of fat left... I can see the body underneath wanting to come out... I'm not that far off.. sure, I can pinch an inch or two on my gut, but I'm not sloppy.

01-09-2003, 02:14 PM
Personally I think unless you lead an active lifetstyle you should do some kind of cardio just for health. Some people don't agree. But as for you question. 2 ways to lose weight less cal more work.