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Maki Riddington
09-25-2001, 07:14 PM
A new diet since I'm having a hard time adhering to my old one.
This one seems easy enough as far as eating is concerned.
I'm currently 204.5.

My cals will be at 3200 a day.
Fat will be at 255 grms per day.
Pro will be at 200 grms per day.
Carbs will be at 24 and lower.

I start tomorrow so I'm eating whatever tonight.
Lets see how long this lasts?
I will pick up supps along the way as needed.
My workouts will be 4 x's a week.
Upper/lower rest lower/upper.
One set of 8 followed by one set of 15-20 reps fatigue for each bodypart. No more than 3 sets.

Thats it.

Maki Riddington
09-27-2001, 09:15 AM
Well my first day wasn't bad.
I thought I was gonna fall short but I hit my caloric intake for the day.

I had 5 eggs and cheese with 3 strips of bacon for breakfast
and1 slice of pepperoni pizza.

A 3 ounce pepperoni stick for lunch.

10 ounces lean ground beef.

2 chicken skewers and 3 tblespoons of flax ( blend)

350 grms of chicken wings.

I'm coming down with a cold but I won't have to worry about eating cause so far this is easy!
Took my multi's and some vit c as well.
I won't carb up until next weekend which will be thanksgiving for us Canadians.

No training probally for awhile because I want to get rid of this cold first.

Maki Riddington
09-28-2001, 03:09 PM
My food was on.
I did however have a headache moslt likely as a result of my cold.
I am feeling great, no signs yet except for this morning the taste in my mouth was weird.

I'm currently at 201.5.
I'm gonna do some light cardio tonight and I bought a carb blocker. It was fairly expensive.

I am sick so I really don't know how I should be feeling. I've been sleeping for the last 2 days and trying to be as inactive as possible.

Hopefully by Monday I'll be ready to hit the weights.

Maki Riddington
09-30-2001, 09:05 AM
I'm feeling much better today as far as my cold is concerned.
Last night I strayed away from my diet and had carbs. I went to my friends houswarming party and I couldn't help but breakdown and eat the food there.

I used it as a mini carb up so it's not that bad since I'll just carb up one day until my bf gets a little lower.
I do however look flat as hell.
Kinda sucks.

Maki Riddington
10-02-2001, 04:47 PM
Ok before I erase all these posts let me explain.:)
BTW please don't feel offended if I erase your post. I'm trying to keep it a clean journal. Nothing personal.

I didn't have pizza on my carb up day.
I am gonna work out 3x's per week.
2 upper body sessions and one lower body session.
Low sets but high reps.

This CKD experiment is simply one that I'm exploring to see what the benefits are if there are any.
This only going to be a 3 month thing.
Also Chris I am quite aware that carbs are not evil.:)
In my previous journal I was promoting the idea of doing a high carb low fat diet.

As for cardio I'm gonna do it 3-5 x's per week.
Of course this depends on my work schedule and my sleep.

Maki Riddington
10-03-2001, 04:52 PM
Paul where did I say I ate Pizza????
I wil be placing my hardest workout right after my carb up day(legs).
Then my two upper body workouts will be done during the week.

My food was on and I did 25 mins of cardio last night.
I felt great while I was doing it but when I got home I felt tiered and fatigued.
I slept well last night but I was extremly tiered this morning.
After my flax oil and whey shake this morning i felt even worse. I have a headache and I feel weak. If that is possible? I was supposed to do legs but I was in no condition to do them.
After my clients this morning I came home and slept for a couple hours. I'm feeling better but I still have a headcahe.
I will be doing cardio again tonight, this time only 20 mins.
Food is on and it loks like I've lost some bf already.
The scale will tell on Friday morn.

Paul Stagg
10-04-2001, 11:09 AM

"I had 5 eggs and cheese with 3 strips of bacon for breakfast
and1 slice of pepperoni pizza. "

Second post in the thread. It seems ketosis is making you a little fuzzy. :)

Depletion workout? Have to use workouts that fit the diet for the diet to be effective. 3x a week is going to be tough. Need a VERY high set count or VERY high TUL to deplete muscle glycogen.

Headaches are normal. They'll go away after a couple of weeks.

Then you'll just be in a bad mood all the time (except duing the carb up, when you'll be euphoric or sleeping).

Cardio looks good.

Maki Riddington
10-04-2001, 04:12 PM
Ya Paul your right I did have a SLICE which had 15 grms of carbs.
I checked ya know.
I am feeling fine now. I had a killer leg workout today and then came home and slept for 3 hours.
My food is on everyday and I can see a difference already.
I am in a hurry to lose this weight so I doing quite a bit of cardio.
I may even do double sesions a day.
I also have kept my cals high so I don't slow my metabolism down.
I should be at 8% by the end of December which is now my goal at around 185 or 190. Then I bulk again.

Maki Riddington
10-05-2001, 04:41 PM
Thanks Hulk!!!

Did 20 mins of cardio last night as well as doing my legs earlier in the day.
All is good.
I'm down now to 198.
We'll see how much weight I gain back after my carb up this weekend.
I do look a little leaner other than looking flatter than my exgirlfriends chest.

I'm gonna buy me some malto tommorrow and use that as my carb up.
I'll try to hit 800 grms.
Low fat and low protein.
No workout tommorrow or Sunday.
Will start up the ECA stack on Monday.
Feeling good.

Maki Riddington
10-06-2001, 04:11 PM
Today and tommorow I'll be carbing up. I bought a lot of supps today.
I bought Malto dextrin, ALA, Magnesium, Taurine, Glutimine, creatine and whey powder.

So far so good.
Monday I'll be doing a cardio and upper body routine.

Maki Riddington
10-09-2001, 05:42 PM
Well my carb up was great on Saturday.
Sunday I only had 3 meals.
I kinda did it on purpose because I couldn't be bothered with a second day.

Monday my food was on.
No workout because I didn't feel like it.
Tonight I will be doing a upper body workout.

I feel great so far. This diet is working extremely well so far.
I take 60 grms of whey and some glutimine and taurine after my workouts now.

I only gained back 2.5 pounds after only 1.5 days of carbing up.
My abs are starting to show again as well.
I may boost my cals up to 3400 from 3200.

Maki Riddington
10-10-2001, 05:17 PM
Oh boy!!! I didn't complete my upper body workout last night due to the fact I almost yakked several times.

Note to myself, don't eat a high fat meal 1 hour before weightraining.

Anyhoo I came home and didn't get to finish my meals because my tummy felt rather ill.
I also got next to no sleep last night for some reason.
I have done 1 cardio session already today and finished my upper body workout.
I have come to the conclusion that my strength is gone. I am lifting next to nothing when it comes to my upper body.
I have nil strength. Oh well.
I'll work on it during my bulking stage.

One more cardio session left for tonight at 20 mins,
oh and some abs.
I feel very weak and look flat. Food is on, other than that it's all good!

the doc
10-10-2001, 05:45 PM
i agree
whilst in this type of diet it seems to be futile to try and progress to much in workouts. but as for as dropping pounds it works huh?
keep it going!

Maki Riddington
10-11-2001, 04:06 PM
Well, I did my second cardio session last night.
20 mins.
Tonight I will do 30 mins.
Cals are still at 3200.
No visible muscle loss as of yet.
Felt absolutley weak and felt like **** during the nght.
Much better today.
Took my fat burners as usual.
Legs and cardio tommorow.

10-11-2001, 04:15 PM
how do you feel this diet is working for you?

*** It is working great in terms of fat loss.
But for strength it is 2 thumbs down.
I definitley don't reccomend this diet if you don't want to see a drop in strength.

have you noticed any visible fat loss yet?

***My face is thinner,as well as a reduction in my waist.

how much weight have you lost altogether?

*** I started at 208 and I am now aprox 198.
Thats a a loss of 10 pounds in weight.
I would say 5 of those were BF. The other 5 can be attributed to water and glycogen loss.

As far as being a healthy diet, I do have my concerns about it.
I wouldn't reccomend this diet for more than 3 months and I would check with a doctor first.
The amount of fat I'm taking in is scary.

:hump: ;)

Maki Riddington
10-12-2001, 07:32 PM
I did my 35 mins of cardio today.
I am now toying with the idea to only stay on this diet for a couple more weeks. The flat look is almost too depressing.

Anyways thats all.
Tommorow it's leg day and then Sunday it's CARB UP!!!!!!