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02-17-2001, 10:04 PM

Okay, I'm new to this, so it's sweet and simple.

Woke up 11:30, slept 8.5 hours--one of my best

Ate oatmeal, one sunny side up egg--12:30 pm
Made a shake, but forgot to drink it (had left it in the frig).

Drank my shake (included carrots, a banana, oj, h20, honey, tsp creatine, whey protein); took 2 L-glut pills, plus chondroitin, and multi-vitamin.--3:30 pm

Ate two turkey and cheese sandwiches at 5:30 pm
Drank another shake--this time only OJ, h20 and whey protein; also included the pills.

Worked out legs--180 squats, leg pull ups 90, deadlifts 100, and calves (90 for one, and 270 for another machine).--7-8 pm

Drank my morning-type shake after workout along with 2 L-gluts and 1 chondroitin

Ate fish, broccoli and zucchini plus 2 honey wheat bread slices--9:15 pm

Now, after I get off this--tuna sandwish and an Opti-pro meal shake before hitting the sack.

I know this is not a great diet, but I'm trying, and that's why I need whatever advice you guys can give me.


02-19-2001, 04:49 PM

Okay, here's the 411 for today.

Slept 8 hrs.

Woke up at 10:30--Ate two egg whites with honey wheat bread, philadelphia cheese, turkey and American cheese. Love the cheese. Also drank my famous Oj, water, carrot, banana, 1tsp creatine, whey protein, tsp honey shake. Took 2 1,000mg L-glut pills, 1 glucosamine-c, and a multi-vitamin.

Second meal (2:30)--shrimp etoufee and a turkey and cheese sandwish (included low-fat mayo and mustard plus a touch of tobasco--keepin' it spicy-yum yum).

Third meal (6:00)--big meal--sirloin beef steak, a bbq-grilled chicken leg, rice, caesar salad, refried beans, tortilla and zucchini. Plus I drank a glass of water along with my 2 L-gluts, 1 glucosamine and multi-v pills.

For dessert--celebrated a birthday (not mines)--ate a slice of French Vanilla with cream cheese cake plus rocky road ice cream. Believe me--this rarely happens. So it's an event in itself.

Now, I look forward to making my shake again and perhaps eating a tuna sandwich before going off to bed. Therefore, it will be 4 meals. Not good, I'm looking for 6 meals and possibly even 7. I will start formatting a serious meal plan soon.

Keepin' it real. Thanks.

02-20-2001, 12:03 AM

Slept 6 hrs.--not good

Ate oatmeal, drank my morning whey protein shake. Tool my L-glut, glucosamine and multi-vitamin--8:30 am

Second meal--1:00 pm
Ate rice, sirloin beef steak, refried beans and zucchini leftovers-yum!

Third meal--Turkey/Cheese sandwish plus a caesar salad. Big glass of water.--4:30 pm

Fourth meal--fish and rice with whole wheat bread. Plus had my whey protein shake (the usual stuff) and my pills.

Worked out--9-10pm--back!
LATMAN--did Deadlifts (110lb though)--good for the first try! I could feel my lower back muscle getting tight! Did dumbbells pullovers (up to60 lb); dumbbell flys, and back pullups. Also did 100 crunches!

After workout, had my whey protein shake again. Ate a tuna sandwish--11:30.

Now, 'bout to head off to bed and drink an Opti-Pro meal drink.


"Movin' on up to the big side"

02-20-2001, 10:55 PM

Bad day--school, work, and school again!

slept 5.5 hrs--ugh!

Meal 1: (8:30am)--Egg white and turkey sandwish with philadelphia cheese, plus my usual whey protein shake with my L-gluts, gluco and multi-v. And Claritine-D to relieve my sinuses!

Meal 2: (12:30 pm)--only a turkey sandwish with mayo and mustard! ugh!

Meal 3: (4:00 pm)--ate half a turkey sandwish (at work so couldn't digest the whole sandwich--damn that phone!)

Meal 4: Whey protein shake and a slice of french vanilla cake plus the three pills.

Meal 5: beef stew and mash potatoes with honey wheat bread.

Meal 6: whey protein shake again.

Good night--I will try for 6 hrs of sleep.

No workout today because school and work! But I feel my back tight since I did deadlifts--thanks for the inspiration LATS!

02-24-2001, 09:12 PM

Okay, it has been a few days, but I've been pretty busy.

Last time I posted, well here's a synopsis.


I think I did pretty good that day--ate breakfast and shake, took off from work, so I ate my meal of beef stew and mash potatoes plus my shake in the afternoon. Went to school, tired though! I sneaked out of class to go film, took some bites from my turkey sandwich i brought. After class, I went home and ate some chinese food plus drank my shake.

I drank Opti-Pro Meal shake before going to bed. Not a good day however.


And even worse day!

Ate a good breakfast of pancakes and oatmeal along with my shake and pills. However, I went to Wendy's for lunch and got a salad, frosty and Spicy Chicken Sandwich. When I got to work, I didn't eat it right away. Forgot about the frosty (and they forgot about dre--LOL). I ate until 1pm my cold sandwich. Didn't attempt to eat the salad--looked nasty. And the frosty, well by the time I got to it, it was a milkshake--so I drank it. Work was hell. Somepeople just get on my nerves. I left work until like 5:30 pm. Had to go to hospital because relative had surgery. So I was starving. Went home until 8pm and ate a turkey sandwich and my shake. Decided to go to the gym because I was feelin' guilty.

Did arms--bis/tris and forearm. Good workout though.

Drank my shake afterwards. Plus ate grilled chicken, a baked potato, and my pills of course. So it paid off at the end.

The past two days, I've only slept like 10 hours--NOT GOOD!


Okay, I was prepared.

Ate two egg whites with honey wheat bread plus rice pudding. Drank my shake and took my L-glut, glucosamine and multi-v pills. Did have a starving bout until 1:30pm--i ate chicken, baked potato and chinese rice leftover.

5:30--Ate a turkey sandwich.

7:30--Ate some chicken and chinese rice again. Took my shake and pills.

9:00--Worked out shoulders (delts right?) Pretty good workout (did four--smith machine bar, barbell flies--up and lower, plus the barbell row and 50 lb shrugs--went up!) and I did calves!

Drank my shake and ate some more chicken and potato.

Slept until 2:30 b/c chatting on this website--NOT GOOD.


Today woke up at 9:30--went back to bed hoping to make 8hrs until 10:30. I kinda did it...

Ate until 12:30 though--beans, turkey and scrambled eggs with honey wheat bread spread with philadelphia cheese. Drank my shake plus my pills.

Ate again until 5:00--chicken, beans and chinese rice. Drank my shake and took my pills.

Worked out--7-8pm--Chest and legs--a first.
A breathtaking workout--i'm still sighing...
Chest: flies--wire and dumbells, plus incline dumbell.
Legs: Squat--with no machine support! On my own this time--did 80lb each side. Plus did dumbell deadlifts--up to 55lb! Leg extensions and leg pulls.

Drank my shake and took my pills afterward. Ate a hamburger (with a few fries).

Now I will probably eat a tuna sandwich and drink an Opti-Pro Meal Shake before heading off to bed.

Letin' the big side win!

02-26-2001, 11:35 PM
Summary again


Slept 8.5 hours-great!

Ate oatmeal, drank my whey protein shake and took my L-glut, glucosamine and multi-v pills.

Took a little nap mid-afternoon (why?)

Ate beans, tortillas and a leftover hamburger for the late afternoon (4:00ish).

Bad day for food consumption. Suppose to eat a nice meal that included hamburgers and grilled chicken legs. But we couldn't get the Darn gas grill to turn on.

Ate two hot dogs therefore.

Drank my shake again and pills.

Went to the store and bought some good stuff (brown rice, fruits, vegetables, pasta--i'm determined to reach 150!)

Bought albacore and ate it before heading off to bed. taste like chicken-why? Thought it was like tuna. Oh well, it was better but more expensive.

So my Sunday was not very good, moderate at the least.

Today-Monday--2/26 LUNDI GRAS!

Slept 6hours--bad!

First meal: Ate 4 pancakes with honey, lil' butter and some strawberry jelly. Drank my shake, includes now whey protein, oj, water, frozen strawberries, carrots, banana and honey. Took my pills.

Had to work despite the holiday.

So went a few hours without food. Did drink some water at work and a apple.

Meal 2 (5:00): Ate a cheese burger with bacon.

Meal 3 (7:30): Drank my shake again and had a lil' turkey sandwich (but didn't finish it-bad, very bad!)

Worked Out (9-10pm): Back! Barbell pullups, deadlifts!, bar pulldown, something I don't know what it's called but I used wire bars and squeezed my back muscles (i'll find out what it's called), chin-ups. Also forearms and one set of abs. Not great, but otherwise a moderate workout.

Meal 4: Shake, pills and now a tuna sandwich plus a cream of potato soup-yummy!

SO trying to get those darn 6 meals in there, I'll keep tryin' though.

02-28-2001, 11:23 PM

Slept 6hr--NOT GOOD

Woke-quickly had my whey protein shake and pills before heading out to the French Quarter for the big day!

Then, walked and walked bc we couldn't find a parking close.

Ate a Le Madeline and ate scrambled eggs, bacon, croissant and drank oj.

Walked around Bourbon, saw ****, chicks and wips basically. Nice costumes. Stayed walking from 11-2:30pm

At home, ate hamburger, sausage and chicken leg
at 4:30pm. Plus salad too.

Slept for 1 1/2 that evening cuz I was exhausted--felt good.

Woke up and ate leftover and had my shake.

Ate tuna sandwich.

Went to sleep at 1:30am--could not go to sleep--DAMN

just toss and turn--woke up until 10am. But I assume I slept only 4fullhours--VERY BAD! Ate a banana and drank milk during that time to see if that would knock me out.


So I woke up at 10am

Meal 1: 3 Sunnyside up eggs. Plus shake and pills. (11:30 am)

Snack on a apple around 4:30 pm)

Meal 2: 2 Hot dogs plus shake and pills. (7:30 pm)

Worked out shoulders--one hand flys, seated backbends, seated flys, barbell military press, shrugs on smith machine. Okay workout.

Drank my shake afterwards.

Meal 3: Crawfish pie plus 5 boiled egg whites.

Now, I'm hoping for 8 hours of sleep.

03-02-2001, 10:37 PM

Slept 8 hrs! Yeah!

Meal 1: 4 Pancakes, drank my whey protein shake and took my pills. (11 am)

Meal 2: Crawfish Pie (2:30 pm)

Meal 3: Crawfish Pie again (6:30 pm) and my shake and pills.

Worked out Chest and Tris. Did decline dumbbells, smith machine bench, flys on machine; cable pulldowns, seated back barbell, and dumbell flys. Need to learn the darn terms here. Pretty good workout.

Meal 4: Crawfish Pie again!!! and 5 egg whites plus my shake and pills.

Need to eat more!

Went to sleep early tonight--1 am!


Today, I got 8hrs of sleep--GO ME!

Meal 1 (10:30 am): Turkey/Egg White with Philadelphia Cheese sandwich plus my shake and pills.

Meal 2 (2:30 pm): Crawfish Pie

Meal 3 (6:00 pm): Turkey sandwich and drank milk with cookies (craving them).

Took a nap for an hour.

Drank Powerade with a little creatine before working out.

Worked Out: Legs! Squats (200lbs today!); leg press (225 lbs!); leg pullups (110lb) plus two calves machines.
Great leg workout--been along time; however poor calves workout. They just didn't want to move up! ugh

Meal 4: Drank my shake and pills; and ate crawfish pie (tomorrow should end this darn good pie) plus bbq chicken and baked potato.

Now, I don't know. Perhaps take Opti-Pro meal before heading off to bed.

See Ya!

03-05-2001, 10:10 PM
Alright, right now I can't seem to recall Sat.

Let me try.


Slept 8hrs--yeah

Ate beans, sunny side up eggs and tortillas!

Drank my shake about hour later plus my pills.

It was storming all day--and flooding. Had to move my car up on the grass (just thought you guys should know).

For lunch, I think I ate beans, turkey sandwich and crawfish pie.

Drank my shake again.

WOrked out7-8pm: Back (I did three: Machine, cables and dumbells).

Drank myshake after plus lasagna.

Then ate a tuna sandwich before heading off to bed plus Opti-Pro Meal Shake.


It's a Beautiful Day!!!!

Sunny and cool.

Slept 8 hours--I think (kept waking up though)

Ate pancakes.

Drank shake a little after.

Ate lasagna and crawfish pie.

Bad day pretty much for food.

Ate a hamburger and potato.

Realize I have a midterm Wed. and just found out about it after having a whole week off for Mardi Gras--figures!

Saw a little Sopranos.

No dinner tonight. Had to settle for hot dog.

Drank my shake too.

Had Opti-Pro before going to bed.


Slept 6 hours

Ate 3 boiled eggs, oatmeal and shake/pills. (8:00)

Ate turkey sandwich (2:30)

Ate another sandwich (6:00)

Ate fish, potatoes, zucchini, rice and bread (8:00)

Drank shake (11:00)

Now, eat tuna sandwich and drink Opti Pro.

taking 4 days off from the gym, returning Thurs and try Chris Mason's routine.

Need to do better with my diet.

03-16-2001, 11:45 PM
Well well well it'sbeen awhile...

I'm back. It's been a rough two weeks, which is why I haven't updated this sucker.

However, I now have some breathing space to do this.

I have to admit the last two weeks have been a struggle--training, nutrition and motivation wise. My emotions have been getting to me with school and work.

So I will just add that I also had to give up tuna for the past two weeks due to the stress (WHAT A SHAME!).

Anyway, today 3-16, FRIDAY

Slept 6 hours--bad because i've only been getting 5-6 hours this whole week! I need to make up my sleep time this weekend.

Meal 1 (8:30pm): egg/turkey sandwich, oatmeal, coffee, and glass of my shake/plus pills.

Meal 2 (1:00pm): Wendy's New honey ham and chicken sandwich, plus a frosty.

Snack (4:30 pm): Grapes plus my shake again.

Meal 3 (6:30 pm): Turkey sandwich

Meal 4 (8:00 pm): My shake again plus a little shrimp fried rice and shrimp dumplings/chinese soup.

Workout (9-10pm): Legs--squats/180lbs, deadlifts 110lbs, leg pulls 105lbs, calves and abs.

Meal 5 (10:30 pm): Shake, pills, plus a little chinese rice and another turkey and cheese sandwich.

Off to sleep. Hopefully I can keep myself motivated.

03-18-2001, 03:14 PM

Slept 11 hours!!!!! Perhaps the best sleep in over 10 years! I couldn't believe it! It felt great!

Meal 1 (1:00pm): Scrambled eggs (three whole eggs); oatmeal

Meal 2 (4:00 pm): MRP Shake plus pills.

Meal 3 (6:00 pm): Turkey sandwich

WOrked out (7-8 pm): Chest/Back
Incline/120lbs; flies 25 dbls, cable rows 140lbs, and some other stuff, can't remember now

Meal 4 (8:30 pm): Shake plus chinese rice plus pills.

Meal 5 (midnight): Tuna with mayo sandwich, skim milk.

03-20-2001, 10:33 PM
SUNDAY, 3/18

Slept about 8 hrs.

Meal 1: Oatmeal, toast with some new cinammon/apple spread.

Meal 2: Shake, pills and 2 turkey/cheese sandwiches.

Meal 3: Sausage, sirloin steak, brocolli, fettucini and zucchini plus honey wheat bread.

Meal 4: shake and tuna with mayo again.

No workout.

Need to eat more and I need to drink some water, have not been doing that.


Slept about 6 hours.

Meal 1: egg/turkey sandwich and oatmeal, and coffee. I was producing for my class so I had to be alert!

Meal 2: Sausage, sirloin steak, broccoli, fettucini and zucchini leftover.

Meal 3: Shake.

Meal 4: Turkey sandwich.

Meal 5: Shake, pills and a lil' chicken soup.

had a stomach ache after. but still made it to the gym.

Worked out: Shoulders and triceps. Overall good workout. My back is still hurting though. I hope I'll be able to do legs come Thursday...

Meal 6: Shake, pills and chicken soup.

TODAY 3/20

Slept 6 hours

Meal 1: 2 Pancakes, oatmeal and shake plus pills.

Meal 2: Chicken soup.

Meal 3: MRP and apple.

Meal 4: turkey sandwich.

Meal 5: TACO BELL!!! WHY??? Ate 5 hard tacos and a bean burrito. Temptation got to me, now I'm suffering the guilt. But it was still good.

Now, I will go make another shake, and if possible squeeze a tuna sandwich to make me feel better.

No workout today cuz of school.

03-23-2001, 11:20 PM
I need HELP!!!!!!!!!

It's been a rough week. Stupid school and work are just driving me up the wall. I've been missing meals, and I've been mentally and physically tired.

I don't even remember what I ate Wednesday or even yesterday. Alright,let me remember.....

Wednesday--all i can remember was turkey sandwich, shakes and that's it.

Thursday--Shake, oatmeal, egg/turkey sandwich, two turkey sandwiches, grapes, raisinets, grilled chicken, beans, brocolli, avocado and rice.



Meal 1: Oatmeal, egg/turkey sandwich, coffee, shake, pills

Meal 2: Shake

Meal 3: Was supposed to eat my lunch, but only took a few bites of it because I was busy--chicken, rice and beans.
Had a few grapes afterward.

Meal 4: Finished that meal at home, plus a turkey sandwich and MRP shake, pills.

Meal 5: Whey Protein shake,pills and now eating a Hamburger with cheese, plus fries (sorry...)

I need more discipline. I wish I could just gain weight easily. Ugh..................

03-30-2001, 10:46 PM
Alright...I'm TIRED...TIRED...TIRED!!!

Did you hear what I say! This week has been the pits! Can you guys believe I went 8 hours straight without a meal for TWO DAYS! I hate myself for that. School and work are driving me into a nervous state. Anyway, I need to focus myself. I will be graduating soon, so once May 19th comes, I WILL have a set meal plan and a training logged out! A New me will be here before the end of 2001!

As for today, bad, very bad, but NOT as bad as the past two days though.
Sleep: Bad Bad BAD! Only 5.5 hours. WHY?????

Meal 1: two sunny-side up eggs, oatmeal, shake, pills (8:30am)

Meal 2: Spicy Chicken and frosty from Wendy's. (I think I deserved it). (2:00 pm)

Meal 3: Turkey sandwich (6:30 pm)

Meal 4: Hamburger, Shake, pills (7:30 pm)

Workout: Chest~Dumbells Bench (up to 55lbs); Incline cable rows, seated dips, machine flies, plus crunches.

Meal 5: Shake and pills (10:30 pm)

Meal 6: tuna sandwich (midnight)

I hope I can be motivated, disciplined, and be able to get the very best out of myself. God speed!

04-06-2001, 10:45 PM
It's been awhile.

Well, this week sucked!

I trained Monday and Friday. My eating habits were all messed up because of film class and work. My sleeping habits went down the drain because of writing papers and studying for tests (at the last minute of course). So I just screwed this whole thing up.

And on top of that, last Sunday I woke up with a painful left shoulder plate/arm. It has not gone away. Either arthritis is kicking in, a muscle strain, or stress! So I hope it goes away soon, i had to keep my back workout to a minimum today. So it felt like i didn't do much.

Shakes, pills ok.



Motivation: GOT SOME

Discipline: NEED TO BUY SOME

Overall: -10; it's been bad, real bad

Good points: I started tanning, so I look fine, but I need to look buff.

Once school is over, I WILL Post a nutrition menu and training log so you guys can check it out and make comments.

04-13-2001, 10:06 PM

Well i've been pretty pathetic when it comes to updating this crap and eating as well.

Today, Good Friday was not that good on my diet though. I only had, well let me just list it so it will be easier to read:

Slept: 7 hours (not good cuz I've been tired, need more)

Meal 1 (9:30am): Oatmeal, 2 pancakes, pills

Meal 2 (all the way until 4pm): MRP

Meal 3 (5pm-i was starving at this point): Popeyes! Chicken fajitas though with red beans and rice. So gooood!

Meal 4 (7:30pm): Whey protein shake and pills

Workout (9-10pm): Shoulders/Chest--for chest (db flies, bb inclines, dips); shoulders (db rows, bb military press, shrugs). Okay workout.

Meal 5 (10:30pm): Whey protein shake, pills and eating a hamburger and fries (no!).

This has been a bad week of nutrition, good week in training though. I did legs Wed. and i felt awesome, with lunges, sldls, leg extensions and calves that i had to take a break Thurs. But other than that, like Mr. Cackerot always says, EAT EAT EAT EAT!!!!!! And be happy too. (by the way how do you put the little faces on here if anyone reads this?)

04-20-2001, 10:39 PM

Week Review: Overall good (did good in training and eating AND even sleep)


Diet: Ate breakfast, shake, snack, dinner, shake, shake, and post-workout meal!

Workout: Legs (moderate)--squat, sldl and calves.

Sleep: Slept 7 hrs.

Overall: Good day

Rate: 8

Need to get my calories counted to know what I'm taking in--NUFFSAID.