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Gritt Growing
11-29-2001, 01:06 PM
I try to update once a month or so for now. I dont have the time Fart barker does to keep the conversation flowing.

Well, progress has been really good. Down to 225 on the weight but the biggie has been from a 44 waist to a 38 at this point. An inch in the chest and arms along with the legs as well. 1/2 inch in the calves and the neck.

The routine......

Monday - Upper Body

Incline dumbell Press - 4 sets 12/10/8/6 and 5/ to failure
1 set Flys - 1/10

Dumbell Rows - As above
1 set DB Pullovers - 1/10

DB Shoulder Press -As Above
1 set Side Raises - 1/10

Close Grip Pushdowns - As Above
1 set DB extension - 1/10

Standing Bicep Curls - As Above
1 set hammer Curls - 1/10

Shrugs - 3/10


20 minute intense Cardio

Wednesday - Legs

Squats - Sets as above
Leg Curls - As Above
Calf Raises - As Above

Friday back to upper body

Sunday Rest

Monday switch to legs/Wednesday to Upper body/ Friday Legs


6 meals a day.

Myoplex in morning and morning snack and afternoon snack

Mix of good carbs and high protein. NO SATURAYED FAT or ALCOHOL.

10 plus botles of water a day

Creatine on lifting days
Aminos and Multivitamins daily

Thats it and plan on sticking with it until march or until I see a 6 pack forming. Then plan on doing mroe of a split routine and building more mass slowly. Dont want to sacrifice the 6 pack or cuts.

What do you think??

I dont want to do the what I see a lot of guys in the gym do. They have some size and can bench a lot, but the ladies they think they are impressing only see the dough around the muscles and the belly over the shorts. Who cares if you can bench 300?? I'll take the ripped bod any day. And the ability to touch my toes is nice to.

Love to hear what you thinnk could be improved in this plan. Some real knowledge on this site.


Gritt Growing