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02-25-2001, 03:46 AM
I have 17 weeks until the Superbody World Championships in Miami on 30th June.

Its time to step up the standards I excpect from myself and take my physique to the next level.

I am going to design a set of standards to live by over the next few weeks and months. I want to have that sense of urgency that I always get when approching a contest. I am too complacent now. The more time I can put in at 100 percent the more results I will get.

Physical assement:

I am now weighing 15stones or 210lbs
I never measure my bodyfat prefering to use the mirror as my guide but I can say I am in the lean zone, around 10 percent or so.

quads and hams: freaky! I need to lay of the intensity slightly on my thighs until I have brought up my arms to the same standard

back: thicker than it has been before but that symetrical V- taper that I display when in condition isnt as good as it has been.

chest: quite full and rounded but there is always room for more!

shoudlers: I want more density in my shoudlers as they are the centre peice to any physique.

Arms: they look good but the difference between my arms and legs is too much. I need to put on some serious mass here!

Calves: ****e as usual. If I keep blasting them and strecthing them hard each week I may be able to gain .00002 of an inch if I am lucky!

Abs: I havent done a single crunch for over a year, no need they are always there. I find chin ups work my abs alot.

The standards I am going to live by over the next few weeks:

Stay focused on what I ultimatly want from my bodybuilding career

Work very hard on creating perfect symmetry between all muscle groups from head to toe

Train hard, heavy focused and with passion during EVERY SINGLE workout. Never settle for anything less.

Always strive to reach a higher level

All meals must be eaten on time or no more than 10minutes late

Drink 2-3 gallons of pure filtered water every day

All supplements must be taken on time

Start doing morning cardiovascular training before breakfast 4 mornings week for 20minutes a session

Start to practice the manatory poses every evening before bed

Drink 2-3 cups of green tea every day

Keep my calories as high as possible without adding excess bodyfat. The leaner I can stay the better condition I will be in on contest day.

Plan every outstanding day in my planner

Reveiw every outstanding day in my planner

Eat a scheduled meal every 2 waking hours

I must create a positive enviroment and surround myself with people who support and encourage my efforts to become my all-time best

I must squeeze my glutes and hamstrings during each cardio workout

Sleep 9 hours minimum every night

Stay calm relaxed and focused every day.This will help me stay anabolic

I must enjoy the whole process no matter what. I have learnt from previous experience that you must enjoy every step of the journey as when contest day comes and passes there is always an anti-climax.

Feel gifted to be given such a great opportunity to do what I love doing.

Always take the attitude that my competitors will be even more dedicated than I am so I will constantly keep my standards as high as possible.

Before I go to bed each night visualize myself getting up the next morning bigger and more shredded than ever!

Read this list every day no matter how painful it may be to see myself falling short.

03-14-2001, 10:18 AM
are you gonna up date this thing or what??????????

03-16-2001, 11:34 PM
Exactly man!

That's what I been meaning to push you to do RO!

C'mon, if Savannah's got you hostage and she's telling you to update something, I wouldn't ignore her...