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01-27-2002, 02:56 PM
I've been doing an HIIT plifting routine, which has worked great so far, but its been slowing up as of late. I think i should try something new. I need help building a westside plifting routine, i was thinking of Monday-Squat, wednesday-Bench, Friday, Deadlift... To my understanding of the westside routine, it involves a cycle, i'd like my cycle to be a 8 rep, 5 rep, 3 rep, max week cycle. For bench day, I'd like military presses. For Back day, I'd like pulldowns. For squat day calf raises, my home gym, has no dumbbells. I do also realize however, that, I still don't know/understand too much about westside, such as the whole percentage thing. I also realize, that I'm going to need to have more differents kinds of workouts, but im not sure which ones would work too well. I'd like someon'es help on pieceing this all together if someone's willing to help.... IF u need any more info, my maxes are like 225 bench, 310 squat, and 310 deadlift. I eat a whole lot, i jog in the morning, cause it makes me feel good, and, i sleep really well.

01-27-2002, 03:53 PM
Nejar, check out the article i did on westside, heres the link http://www.wannabebig.com/article.php?articleid=46
If you still have questions i'll be glad to help.

big calvin
01-27-2002, 04:03 PM

monday-squat ME day
wednesday- bench ME day
friday- squat DE day
sunday- bench DE day

on ME(max effort) days u dont do just squats,u alternate between high box squats,low box squats,good mornings,seated good mornings,etc. the way the sets work is every set u increase by 30lbs...so it may take u 10 sets or 5 sets depending on how strong you are....on ME bench day u alternate between close bench ,board press,floor press,close incline press,etc. every 2 weeks change your choose of exercise..also must westsiders do good mornings about 75% of the time for ME days.

on DE(dynamic effort) days u do around 6-9 sets of 2-3 starting at 50% OF 1RM untill u hit 60% 1rm. around that time u should test your 1RM on bench and squat which should be like every 9 weeks.

if u dont under stand what im saying u can check out the westside website www.elitefts.com or go to the training articles here on WBB and check the westside article....

big calvin
01-27-2002, 04:04 PM
damn you GB!! u beat me to the question!!


go read GB's article...good stuff!!

01-27-2002, 04:06 PM
I guess all the speed sets paid off:D

01-27-2002, 04:56 PM
WOW, my head, wow, hmm, ok, well lets get started, so one week would be,

Mon: ME. squat like exercise, then I'd do an assistance workout to fix one of my weak points, than, an abs, obliques and reverse hypers.

Tuesday: ME, Bench like workout, Press movement, lat work, light shoulder work

Thursday, DE, speed squat. speed deadlift, then I'd do an assistance workout to fix one of my weak points, than, an abs, obliques and reverse hypers.

Friday, DE, Speed Bench, Press movement, lat work, light shoulder work

And, here are some more q's, how do i know what my weakness is? Do i have to switch all of the workouts around all the time, or can i do the same ones every week except for the ME ones. If I do'nt go to failure on assistance workouts, than what do i go to? How much of a gain can i expect to get?

01-27-2002, 05:03 PM
Your routine looks like its good.
You find your weekness by knowing where you fail on the lift. For ex. if you failed on the top of the bench your weakness is tri's or if you failed on the top of dead you need stronger glutes.
Generally you switch the ME excercises every 1 to 3 weeks and the assistance every 2-5 weeks.
You just go to near failor, once you feel like your a rep away from failing the excercise stop. Just go till you start to strain really hard then stop the set.
Gains depend on a couple of factors: genetics, food intake, planing your program properly, how out of balance your muscles are right now
Say for example right now on the deadllift you can pick up 360 lbs to above knee level then fail but your max is 300. If you strengthen the glutes you will be able to deadlift 360lbs.

01-27-2002, 05:11 PM
ok, then whats a reverse hyper? and what would be a good warm up to see what my max is? sorry but my last routine was extremely simple compared to this one.

01-27-2002, 05:26 PM
Reverse hyper is a apparatus/machine that targets your lowerback,hams and glutes. I dont have one available so i cant use it
Good warmup would be : for 300lb max
bar 5
95 5
135 5
185 3
225 3
275 1
300 1
then either 310 or 320 depending how easy you got 300

The routine only seems complicated right now. Just read all the articles at elitefts.com by dave and you'll be set. Check out my journal and latty's westside journal and Fangles journal to see some workouts.

01-27-2002, 05:47 PM
do you guys actually use a box for box squats? or a bench? I don't see any boxes at my gym...just wondering what height they are if you do use a box.

01-27-2002, 05:54 PM
I made a box and brought it to my gym. Its 11" high 16 x 19 base

01-27-2002, 06:01 PM
Hmmm...would the height of the box be dependant on the height or other stats of the person? just tryin to think if it would or not...obviously some people will feel more/less comfortable with different heights.

01-27-2002, 06:05 PM
Its depends on the height of the person. Im only 5'7 and have short legs so i need a low box to sit on. If you make it too low you could just put plates on top of it to adjust the hieght.

01-27-2002, 06:08 PM
Yeah, the only other thing I'd worry about is how fookin strong it would have to be...i mean if i weigh around 250, and i'm liftin more than that it would have to be pretty strong...although i'm no craftsman so mebbe 5-600lbs is not such a big deal...

01-27-2002, 06:10 PM
the wood i used for mine was only 1.5" thich or so
It doesn't bend at all with me (185) and 300+ pounds on it

FLEX 2000
01-27-2002, 06:14 PM
im a new westsider but i LOVE it! it seems alot harder then it is but you will get the hang of it quickly. i had a post a few weeks ago where latty, getin, powerman, paul etc all helped me out.

i use a box for squats, a reg bench is to high.

01-27-2002, 07:40 PM
There's a few mods you'll want to make to Westside if you don't use equipment, esp. bench shirts, knee wraps, and squat suits.

01-27-2002, 08:23 PM
damn, i don't, what do i have to do?

01-27-2002, 08:30 PM
First of all, you'll want to include some direct chest work and work to emphasize the starting strength in the press.

Westside's emphasis on tricep work is mainly because they use heavy shirts, and don't need to concentrate as much on the start. Us RAW lifters don't have that luxury.

Another thing is to use a more narrow stance in the squat. Westsiders tend to squat ultra-wide.....but the sacrifice is their depth. The elite Westsiders rarely make depth in the feds strict about that kind of thing.

Also, with no suit you'll want to use a higher percentage of your 1RM for box squats.

01-28-2002, 09:13 AM
If your going RAW then I would definatly make a few mods to the program. On speed squats i would still train with a very wide stance but on ME days i would bring it in abit. On bench ME days you will have to do a bit more full range movements and every once in a while do a heavy set of 6-9 of illegal wide grip bench on ME day. More dumbell work will help alot too.

01-28-2002, 09:16 AM
I will be making a new thread soon to incorporate some of this type of training into my routine...if you guys could read it over I'd appreciate it. Power I will be trying some periodization/conjugation type sh!t so you'd be an excellent resource as well. Thanks in advance.

01-28-2002, 03:52 PM
ok, sorry for the need to baby fed, but..... lol, this is all new, and my equipment is fairly limited, all i have is straightbar, a box, a squat rack, a bench, 300 lbs of plates, pull down machine, and a really messed up leg machine, which, i could only use unless absolutely necessary, i feel my weakness is definetly my lower back, can someone help me figure out a good plan? I understand all of the mods for me because i dont' have the equipment.

01-28-2002, 04:20 PM
Quick questions, by squat rack do you mean powerrack or just a rack that is big and pretty much only good for squating and partial deadlifts?

01-28-2002, 04:33 PM
I'll guess you mean just squat rack so heres an example routine:

ME excercise low box squat/close,medium,wide stance good mornings /zercher/sumo deads/ partial deads/ good morning squats/front squats
glute ham and lowerback excercise sldl/pull thrus/zerchers/good ams/ sumo deads/partial deads
abs and obliques

tuesday speed bench
8 triples of 60%1RM grips ranging from close to wide
Pushing excercise like closegrip bench/wide grip/jm press/board press/pin press
tricep extension
lat work and shoulder work

thursday speed squats
8 doubles with 60%1RM
speed deads 6 singles with 55% with 15sec rest
glut ham lowerback excercise such as the ones above
ABs obliques

Friday ME bench
ME excercise closegrip bench/close grip incline/wide grip set of 6/jm press/board presses/pin press/reverse grip press
pushing excercise llike the ones above
lat and shoulder work

01-28-2002, 05:47 PM
thanks for your help dude, im going to try this, sorry about the no journal thing, but ill see how this goes and post results in 6 months, big props to pietro, 2000, powerman, and cal, but most especially adam.