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    need a wrestling diet

    hi people wrestling season just started up and i want to drop from 145 to 130 i got around 7.1% body fat i need a diet thta i can eat enough and not feel strarving and has high protein
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    gaining weight during wreslting

    i got a question...i want to gain weight for next football season but i also love wrestling and i know the lighter u r the better, i wanted to get down to the 130 class but i also want to gain weight...
  3. need good lower body workout without weights

    i have no weights for my legs atm i just have a bench thats a machine =(. football season is almost over so we will probably get in the weight room in bout a mouth or after christmas....also i want...
  4. how many calories a day untill 175lbs

    i weight in at around 140 right now and i want to be 175 by next year....were goin to start wieght lifting soon because our last football game is oct 22 and i want to gain 35lbs by next year, but i...
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    throwing strenght

    i really want to get my throwing strenght up for throwing a baseball and football. Anyway what exercises should i do to get my strenght up.
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    be 170 buy next football season

    is there anyway i can weight 170 by next years football seasoni curently weight 140ish and im a freshman and i dont want so much fat so i can still run and be running back i just want to weight more...
  7. can i get these goals by next year

    hey ppl im a freshman in highschool im currently at 140 lbs 5'8'' last maxes 145 bench 180 squat 275 deadlift 135 incline, i want to get 225 bench 350 squat deadlift dont care and incline u...
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    gain 20lb of muslce in a year

    hey ppl im a freshman im currently 5'8'' 140 lbs and play football well i want to be 170 buy next year can i gain 20lbs of muslce and 10lbs of fat buy next year? my last mexes where 145 bench 180...
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    ya i remember 2 a days

    we got done with 2 a days at the end of july and it was hell we went from 8-12 then 3-8 i keep on this it was just yesturday and we had like 90-95 deg heat =(
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    getting strong legs

    im 14, 140 lbs 5'8'' and im in football season.....when football season started we stopped lifting, but i kept doin bench and upper body stuff becuz i have a bench at home but not a squat rack and is...
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    increasing my 40

    im playin freshman football and back when try outs we had to do 40s well my time was 4.95 and i think i really sucked well for my speed there i got to play tight end and reciever but i really like to...
  12. working out on saturday and sunday

    hey, im a freshman playin freshman football tight now....awhile a go in the summer we lifted 3 times a week. then camp and 2adays came so we lifted twice a week and now the season is going and i have...
  13. how long will it take to put 30 ilbs of muscle on

    how long do u guys think it will take to put 30 lbs od muscle on? right now im 14 and freshman 5'8'' and 140 lbs i want to put 30 lbs of mucsle on before next years football long will...
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    need a diet in high protein

    i need a diet in high protein cuz im in football right now and we just got done with 2 a days and we are goin to start weight lifting soon so i need a high protien diet... also u guys got anything...
  15. how long do u think it will take to get these goals

    hey ppl im 14 right now 5'8'' and im a playin football wrestling and baseball....i wanted to get buff before football season but i couldntso i want to get buff for wrestling so i wont...
  16. can i go up 50 lbs from my last max in squats

    hello ppl im 14 playing football wrestling and baseball, im tryin to find out if i can go up 50lbs from my last my squats i lift 180 at my max and we do this....10 reps 60%,8 reps 70%, 6...
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