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  1. Starting Up Body Building Again Questions

    I worked out from Feb 04 to Aug 04, the supplements just got expensive and stuff. So I stopped working out, but now I have a full time job and I want to push myself to the max. I weighed 150 when I...
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    Best Routine To Start Out With?

    I'm fully cut 150 lb, 5'11 1/2 FT tall an was wondering the best routine to start out with. I want to get my muscles as big as possible and a six pack. I'm gonna take optimum whey and creatine,...
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    need help body building....

    hey, i was 245lbs and now i'm down to 153lbs, i want to start working out and wanna get as big as possible. what the best supplements to buy and protein shakes to buy and where could i buy them...
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