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    To skip a meal or not to skip a meal?

    Say you are on a cut and your eating seven low calorie meals a day. what if one day you just eat when you hungery and are able to not eat one meal that day. Is this better for the cut (because you...
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    shrimp=heart disease

    I just had a big shock when I looked at the back of my shrimp bag and it said that a single serving had 40 percent of the RDA of cholessterol. what's going on? Is shrimp really bad? I mean it has...
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    Mold on wheat grass?

    I have recently started sprouting wheat grass and every time I put a new batch in it starts growing this white network that looks like fuzz. Does anyone know whether it is mold or just extra roots?
  4. Sorry about that but The chocolate milk really...

    Sorry about that but The chocolate milk really does not have 4.5 grams of saturated fat. I do not know what type of fat it is because the carton does not say but it does say that it has 4.5 grams of...
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    Hemp Butter?

    Has anyone ever heard about hemp butter? I have been told that it is the best, healthiest nut/seed buttter out there.
    Is there any any turth to this?
  6. chocolate milk or chocolate whey protein?

    I was just wondering what would be the better meal choice for my last meal of the day.

    8 oz low carb chocolate milk, 4.5 grams of fat, all saturated, 8 grams of protein, and 2 grams of carbs....
  7. increase weight on bar every week or not?

    I have heard many times that many people lift to much weight and don't use proper form and really do not feel their muscles working in the excercise, because of this they say people should decrease...
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    subsitute for flour

    does anyone know a good low cal or at least low carb subsitute for flour.
    I was also wondering if there was any way to turn some of the following ingredients into a form of flour, oatbran, flax seed...
  9. Good Healthy cookie,Pie, or other desert recipes?

    Ok, I know that there must be a way to make healthy low calorie deserts so does anyone have any recipes or suggestions?

    I already know that I can use splenda instead of sugar, And some recipes...
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    effects of eating pies all day?

    What are the physical effects of eating pies and/or other sweets all day long. of course weight gain would be one but it should only be about 2-3 pounds considering that 3K calories=one pound of fat....
  11. Thread: Glycogen?

    by vegetapower


    What is Glycogen? What effect does it have on my body? How is it related to bodyweight? I have heard that the reason I gain like 8 pounds after eating at buffet places is because my Glycogen stores...
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    how bad is doing what i'm doing?

    Ok, during the weekdays I stay on a pretty lean diet of lean meats, veggies, soy nut butter, low carb milk, and whole grains and I usually work out for an hour and 45 minutes 4 times during the week....
  13. Steel cut oats, wheat&oat bran, oat groats or wheat berrys

    I make a protein,milk,berry, and low gi carb shake every morning for breakfast and I was wondering what is the best carb source to put in it, Oat groats, Wheat berrys, steel cut oatmeal, regular...
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    sholders burn in chest excercises?

    Every time I do chest workouts my sholders are always the ones that burn and feel like their getting a workout not my chest. Is this going to effect my chest growth?
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    The best Nut Butter?

    I was just wondering which type of nut butter is the best-healthest, Peanut butter, Almond butter, soybean butter, cashew butter, mackadamin butter or some other type? This is assuming that all of...
  16. effects of eating lots of food at one time?

    when I cheat, I like to go to buffets like chinese and sushi and eat lots and lots of meat and meat dishes. I usually eat the normal 6 small meals a day on non cheat days. I am just wondering what...
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    vitamins/minerals and depression

    I was wondering if depression is a side effect of not taking enough of a certain vitamin or mineral or to much of a certain vitamin or mineral?
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    olive oil or safflower/soybean oil?

    Everyone is always recommending olive oil but it is made up of mostly monosaturated fat which I'm not saying is bad but I thought that polysaturated fat is better. so why isn't safflower/soybean oil...
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    well, I have a cold and am coughing up green...

    well, I have a cold and am coughing up green stuff and have an ear infection. I have been craving fruit, oatmeal, milk, and protein powder smoothies made with lots of Ice. Should I not eat these or...
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    Raw Foods Diet?

    Has anyone heard of this raw foods diet? How good is it for you and where can I find imformation on it?
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