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    200 g of fat 2 much

    hey the way i figured my diet 40 30 30 carb pro fat i will have 2 get 200g of fat on a 6k cal diet. Is that to much what else can i do? How can i get 200 g of fat in my diet? Expidetied help would...
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    good fats

    what are some good fats b/c i need around 110 for my diet and can only get about 80 g in my diet. SOme examples please? Thanks a lot
  3. Poll: how many carbs per lb then? or if im on a 6k...

    how many carbs per lb then? or if im on a 6k diet or 6500 cal diet how many carbs should i eat per day
  4. Foods with the most carbs and least amt of sugar

    What are the foods with the most carbs and least amount of sugar b/c i hate drinking gatorade b/c it makes my teeth hurt due to all of the sugar. Is there any other food i can take PWO that will...
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    Problems w/ PWO shake

    Im having problems figuring out the timing of my PWO shake. I wake up at 6:45 and eat my first 1000 calorie meal and then i go to school and weightlift 1st period (from 8:30-9:15) i power lift so it...
  6. Poll: POLL % pro carb fat what works best for you

    what works best for you?
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    eating during the night

    hey i live n Jacksonville florida and i go to the HIT center. High Intensity Training, some of the pros use it and local big time high school players, well there was a TE from the Bolles football...
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    bulking help and meal plan

    hey i am trying to gain weight (bulk) from 220 to 245 in 6 months maintaining my speed. Last time i bulked i used a 6000 calorie diet but this time i am playing basketball and will probably need...
  9. ?how to eat 5600 cals a day with a busy schedule?

    i need help with meal plans. i have football from 7 am til noon mon through thurs and on basketball from 7 til 10 mon thru thur frid i have wrk from 5 til 11 pm and sat and sun have wrk from 5 til 11...
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