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    Help With My Brachioradialis

    I am having a problem with my right arm. It seems to be the brachioradialis muscle. I am having problems even lifting a cup of coffee to my mouth! It makes it next to impossible to do hammer curls,...
  2. Thanks YellowJacket for the link. When I plug in...

    Thanks YellowJacket for the link. When I plug in the numbers, I come up with about 12 calories per pound to lose 1.5 pounds per week and about 15 calories per pound to maintain. Both of these figures...
  3. Thanks for the information. I have seen numerous...

    Thanks for the information. I have seen numerous formulas but was curious as to the general rules of thumb. I have been using a 45/35/20 split to cut consuming 11 calories per pound of total body...
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    Personal Fitness Trainer

    Of all the different organizations available to be certified as a personal fitness trainer, which is most respected? I have looked at NFPT, ISSA, NGA, and PFIT just to name a few.

    I am considering...
  5. Nutrition Percentages/Calories to Cut-Maintain-Bulk

    I was hoping to get a general rule of thumb to use in devising my nutrition plan for the upcoming year.

    I would like the groupís opinion on how many calories per pound are needed to cut, maintain,...
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    My Poor Old Knees-Advice Please

    I am having problems with both of my knees and was hoping that someone could give me some advice or prognosis. I believe that I badly sprained/strained both posterior cruciate ligaments about 6 weeks...
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