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  1. I found Beef Jerky 2 for 1 or 59p each. Thought I should share - loads of other stuf

    ApprovedFood Cheap food! They also have a body building section which sometimes has protien, creatine and energy supps, but not this time. They are really good, some days better than others, just...
  2. A few other items i just found vacuum packed...

    A few other items i just found
    vacuum packed cooked chicken made especially for the british forces 1.95kg.
    Quaker Quick Cook White Oats 500g Tin - 2 FOR 1.00
    Olive Oil 500ml - 1.39
  3. maxifuel energy pack only 30 here and loads of cheap food. UK residents

    Found this website, had to recommend it.
    Cheap food here

    Also crabmeat 12 for 5.16!:drooling:
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    You guys keyed up on cold shower benifits?

    I never realised how benificial cold showers are. I used to get panic attacks and found that when I went into the shower and turned it cooler, I would calm down but only today have I actually looked...
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