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    Chest and Tri or Chest and Back ?


    I am coming back to the weight room, and in order to stay motivated, I pre-plan all of my workouts a month at a time. So, here is my question. I like the WBB routine, but I am not sure...
  2. HIT, HST, or WBB...Which is best for starters?

    Ok, I trained consistently for abot 2.5 months, then had o go to school for 2 months in another city. I ran the whole time I was there, but did very little weight training.

    NOW I AM MAD!! You know...
  3. DO you guys know of any good online tools?

    Hey there,
    I want to keep a good track of my progress and diet using the computer. Do you know of any good sites for training logs and progress reports. I have used for diet, but I...
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    Should I work out or rest ?

    Hey fellas and fellaettes,

    It has bee awhile since I have posted and I had a question for you guys. I have been taking school classes al summer for a new job I will be starting in the fall...
  5. DEBATE: Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST) vs. WWB Routine

    Ok, here it is.

    I am sick and tired of being a lazy a@@ and it is time to make some changes here. I am pupmed as all get out to get in the Gym and finally make real of what I have talked about for...
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    Skinny Fat Kid!?!

    Ok, here is my situation.

    I am currently 6'1 and weight 205, but it is not all solid. What I would like to do is maybe add a few pounds, but really get more defined. I am naturally thin, but the...
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    Ok, I decided not to do it. The reason...


    I decided not to do it. The reason being is that I called the gym I used to work out at just to see what the rates were for membership. They told me that I was still in the computer as a...
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    IS Smith Machine Bad ??


    Here is my question. I have been reading alot on these boards, and there seems to be a large negative vibe about the smith machine. It seems people are against it more than for it (by far)...
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