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Thread: Friday hotties, 2nd edition

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    my contribution..

    "Damn, I'm looking good" -Duke Nukem
    "I look cool dude" -Pig From the Sky

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    Very nice Nep of Si. And im sure yates and gino will be very happy to be considered Friday's Hotties

    By the way the the couple in your avatar must be bloody exhausted by now, if not they deserve a god damn gold medal each in sexual gymnastics
    "A + B + C = Success if, A = Hard Work, B = Hard Play, C = Keeping your mouth shut" -Albert

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    -- Adam Fahy

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    a few hotties for me to look at

    and I include trish in this ............. damn she's nice

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    Sinep just won "just_a_pup's pimp of the year award", congratulations and keep the hot picks coming, I'm sure rob liked the inclusion of his idol in the friday hottie.
    May you be in heaven an hour before the devil knows you're dead.

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    ROFLMAO !!!!!!!

    hehe Funny Sh!t Sinep.

    I was just one the viniger strokes when I saw myself and gino. Thats sick.
    * * * * * * * * *

    hard core n. 1 irreducible nucleus. 2 colloq. a the most committed members of a society

    'Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind'

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    And here's yet another absolute cracker!

    **Shaggy, that is just foul lol.......

    Come on lets keep it tastefull...***
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