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Thread: How to improve bottom end of the squat?

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    How to improve bottom end of the squat?

    I've been doing some heavy squat sets lately and I've noticed that what really kills me is those bottom 4 inches when theres a lot of glutes. In the full motion, I can only get 275x6, but without the bottom I can easily get 400. What can I do to train the bottom of the lift? I use chains for bench, but I feel like on squat they would be emphasizing the top, not the bottom..

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    Chains teach your body to explode out of the bottom. You should also try pushing your knees out as far as you can too. Box squats also teach you how to stay tight in the bottom portion and how to transfer your power from the bottom to the top.

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    Box squats
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    Sumo deadlifts, paused squats, "butt squats" -- squat down, half way back up, down, half way back up....
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    weak glutes? do glute exercises. GHR?
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    Deeeeep squats or parallel.

    Different approach to both
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    deep squats! to the floor!

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    below parallel box squats - forces you to explode out of the hole.

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    Low box squats with bands.
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    I assume you mean the last four inches to parallel, and not the last four inches below, in which case I'd recommend doing what everyone else has said until you get a little stronger, and then just buy some briefs.
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    Strengthen your hips. Increased hip strength will help with explosion out of the bottom. Low box squats will help too. I've noticed that when I miss a squat, I generally miss it within the first 1-3" out of the hole. Briefs help with that too.
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    Hacks Squats or Lunges for accessory work. Just go to exrx and look up Gluteus Maximus
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    I agree, low box squats with bands.

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    Squat from a pin starting at the bottom. Make sure to pause when you bring the weight back down to the pin (pretty similar to box squats I think).

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    keep squatting to parallel. but stop squatting to failure. alternate between a max set of 5 one week, with 4-6 sets of 2 with 80-85% the next. part of this is neural efficiency, and the double will help alot with that. take 10% off ur top max set of 5 to start. add 2.5% each 5 rep day, so that week 5 u hit a pr, then start over 10-15 pounds heavier. max at week 10 and i garuntee u will have made MAJOR improvements.

    i have add to add in a third week of 5x5 at 60% done in under 20 minutes. this is for recovery and volume.

    i have since had to add a 4th week of zero squatting before starting over. its either a DL day, strongman type day, or a complete day of rest.
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