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Thread: RESULTS results thread

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    i havent been very consistant with results but i can say ive lost 12 pounds and still gaining strength
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    thanks stump, this was the kind of thing i was looking for. You're pretty sure you've maintained and even gained LBM whilst cutting fat whilst using it then?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stumprrp View Post
    i havent been very consistant with results but i can say ive lost 12 pounds and still gaining strength
    Stump --- sorry if you've mentioned this previously, it's a long thread -- but how long have you been using Results now?
    I know you're half-crazy, but I wish you'd go all the way.

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    I have an honest question, and unless I'll be banned for simply asking for clarification, I'd like to know an answer.

    If it's easier to ban me and erase the inquisitive posts again, so be it, but I must ask.

    Chris, you say:
    Quote Originally Posted by chris mason View Post
    Travis, mark my words, he will NOT lose LBM. One of the very interesting things about HMB is that it seems to work better in a caloric deficit. When I did my cut I was on a VERY low calorie diet as well and I did not lose LBM.

    Along with others, such as:
    Quote Originally Posted by HahnB View Post
    I would also like to know.
    Quote Originally Posted by jAy_Dub View Post
    Wow Chris, thats a pretty bold statement.
    Quote Originally Posted by Unholy View Post
    Lol, back this up.
    I'd also like to know.

    You gave a brief explanation that supported your claim with 2 facts:
    1) your personal experiences, and
    2) a study which considered, amongst other muscle wasting conditions, AIDS.

    Now, the problem with those explanations are:
    1) gigantic potential for bias, as you're both the creator and salesperson, and
    2) the study isn't particularly relevant, however that's almost a moot point as the study itself concludes: However, more studies are needed to determine the optimal dosage and frequency of HMB supplementation, and the overall efficacy of HMB supplementation as an ergogenic aid for athletes.

    I'm not a scientist, but that study seems to say more knowledge is needed, and surely you can provide that.

    This is in the interest of knowledge of your product - in no way, shape or form have I said a single negative thing about you, your company, or this product, in this entire post. I am well aware I was warned with a ban if I continued with anything *negative* about you/your company/this product, but there is no ill will here, just curiousity. If you convince me on this product I think it may be something I'll find invaluable, but I'm just not convinced, and luckily you guys provide a forum to talk directly to the developers to ask questions about your products, which is great. I'm just hoping you take this as a serious request for info, and not as me trying to 'instigate' and hit me with a ban for are truly neutral, and certainly not negative, questions about a product claim.
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    jdeity, you know what? Don't be convinced, we're not particularly passionate about trying to convince you....

    You are right, there could be bias in Chris's personal experiences. And as with every study, it will be good in some places and not so relevant in others....

    Chris is being up front about his personal experiences with Results... I've see his pictures and he lost a ton of weight, held onto a bunch of muscle and got stronger..... No, he didn't run tests each day to record everything exactly and he doesn't feel the need and doesn't want to prove that to you beyond scientific doubt...

    He has also referenced an study which support HMB... As with every study, it can be intepreted in many ways, so take it how you want to take it...

    We have a ton of pro powerlifters and also many. many repeat orders for Results which should tell you something about how effective it is.

    This thread has run it's course and I am going to be locking it now.... We've debated enough for you to make an informed decision on the product... Buy it... or don't... Of course, we'd prefer you did

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