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Thread: Diet soda..

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    Diet soda..

    Bad or Ok?

    Sprite Zero is the shiznit..

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    Nothing wrong with it. Great when you're on a cut especially, because it still fills you up a little and gives you something to sip on without the cals.
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    Its the only soda I drink. Try not to drink calories. Glad to hear its ok.

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    I don't think its good at all buit if you need it it is better than the alternative of regular soda.
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    diet pop obviously dosent have the calories like regular pop but there have been studies done that say that it make you crave sweets more so people who drink diet pop tend to eat more sweets
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    The artifiical sweeteners cause the same insulin spike that regular soda causes. So, you will crave sweets. High protein will curb your sweet craving.

    I work with a guy who used to be in manufacturing for Pepsi. He said, if it comes in a glass, it's better for you. If it comes in plastic, it horrible. He also said, that diet soda, without any fruit additives, is 99% water. Once there's a natural fruit flavor added, there has to be preservatives added. If you have to drink Diet Soda, and you don't, because no one is holding a gun to your head, drink a cola-type flavor that has no caffeine. Caffeine will dehydrate you.

    Drink flavored water or carbonated flavored water. Much better choices.

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    Cherry Coke Zero is godly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccc85 View Post
    Cherry Coke Zero is godly.
    Yeah, Coke did an awesome job with all their "Zero" sodas. Coke Zero, Cherry Coke Zero, Vanilla Coke Zero, and Sprite Zero all taste pretty close to the real thing compared to diet.

    I cut all soda from my regular diet a few years ago though, but I still use all of these occasionally when I'm drinking liquor to mix a drink. I figure if I'm gonna have a bunch of rum/jack/soco and cokes I don't need to add on a few hundred calories of soda with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 8.8 View Post
    diet pop obviously dosent have the calories like regular pop but there have been studies done that say that it make you crave sweets more so people who drink diet pop tend to eat more sweets
    Yeah, as opposed to drinking them.
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    i 2nd the coke zero cherry
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    Quote Originally Posted by BBB View Post
    Yeah, as opposed to drinking them.
    Men's Health hosted a study (didn't CONDUCT the study, so don't go rolling your eyes just yet!) saying that there was a statistically significant correlation between diet soda consumption and fat gain. They didn't write WHY that was, but I assume it has to be either increase calorie consumption in lieu of the diet drink or the makeup of the soda somehow alters metabolic processes (insulin response or something?). Either way, I won't pretend to know what it said (it was only an excerpt, after all), but I present it to you as food for thought...
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