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Thread: Training partners/working alone

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    Training partners/working alone

    I'm getting back into the weights big-time after quite a layoff but I have no training partner, so I'm having to work alone at the moment. This is weird because I come from a sporting background and always used to train in a team. I can just ask people for spots, but its not the same. Also I feel a good training partner would make training a lot more enjoyable and so much more motivating - I always liked a bit of healthy competition! Kind of hoped I'd meet someone at the gym, but no luck yet. Also, I study history of art at university, which is like 90% female, so most of my friends are skinny, arty girls, or handful of skinny art boys. Most of them don't know where the gym is...

    So, any ideas on how to find decent training partners?
    Is it even important?

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    depends. you need to find someone you click with and shares your views on working out. don't just settle. it is the same thing as picking out your friends or girlfriend//wife. in the meantime, you can do plenty of exercises which don't require a spotter, or grasp......., did Joey54 just suggest this, use some machines. But, even if you want to go all free wieghts you can set up a power rack to do any exercise you want which requires a spotter. provided your gym has a power rack. if it doesn't, switch gyms.

    I have made great progress with good training partners and alone. It is ultimately up to the mindset you bring into the gym. My opinion has been that one should garner enough motivation from the fact that they are always trying to top themself in the gym. Not to say a good partner, or training when other stong people are in the gym also can't be motivators. Good luck in your search.
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    I've only had one decent training partner..and a small hand full of bad ones. At this point, I am perfectly happy working out alone and doing my own thing and asking for spots as needed. Though I do miss the friendly competition associated with a partner.

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    No training partners is better than bad training partners. That said, the right partners will lead you to much greater success than training alone. If there's a bulletin board at the gym, post an ad with your contact info. (Or just put up something in the locker room). Make sure to include the type of training you are doing and what kind of partners you're looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drew View Post
    No training partners is better than bad training partners. That said, the right partners will lead you to much greater success than training alone.

    I've been training solo for 4 years now, had a few people come with me to the gym with good intensions, but within the week all of them dropped out.

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    I workout with someone right now but usually I am solo. It gets a little scary on bench press but other then that I have no problem working out alone and actually prefer it. Other then having a partner watch your form which comes in real handy.
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    I usually end up working out alone but for a while there I had a great lifting partner and we each were able to push one another. That really helped me, I had much better gains with a partner than without.

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    I find a power rack with pins to be a much more dependable training partner than any human I've worked with...

    At least IT never loses attention when some good-looking women in spandex walk in and start doing hamstrings in front of the bench.

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