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Thread: what muscles does the power clean work?

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    what muscles does the power clean work?

    I checked a few sites and didnt find any direct information. I am currently doing it on my back/biceps day, should i switch it to my legs day?


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    All of em.

    Really depends on what you're doing for a routine. Just pick a day and do them. I would keep them on bench day, but that's what would work for me. (If I was going to do them).

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    They work everything.

    I would but them with squat day personally, its some extra leg work but its light.

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    They'll hit your trapezius and legs (if you do any full cleans) pretty hard. But yeah, like the others said, they'll work a lot more.

    I do a lot of heavy clean and jerks and some light squatting on one day, and on my squat day I'll also do a bunch of cleans.

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    I don't think they do much for your upper arms (bicep/tricep). Everything else gets hit though.
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    If you do them on squat day, I'd recommend doing them first since they are a technical lift.

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    If you're working anything else but your legs you're not doing them right. Obviously there are other muscles in your arms/shoulders that will be strained, but they aren't and shouldn't be the target. A kind of explosive strength is what most people use them for anyway... I'm going to start doing them again this summer for rugby training. One of my favorite lifts to do when I'm in practice, was a bitch to learn.

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