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Thread: Cutting To Create A Better Canvas For Bulking? Logical Thinking?

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    Cutting To Create A Better Canvas For Bulking? Logical Thinking?

    Just curious about my current training mentality. Im 5'8 ~172 and at (hopefully) the trailing end of a cut. Pre-college was the best shape of my life (high school athletics - Hockey) and of course starting adding fat in and after college...with a poor off and on training regimine. So Id like to think theres a reasonable build underneath a few years of fat

    Anyway, Ive been continuing the cut mostly because of what I see (or moreso what I want to see soon) in the mirror, but also because (to me) cutting is far more challenging...and I want to see if I can condition my diet and training into single digit bodyfat percentages. Id like to look leaner for the summer. Get rid of fat for more definition...the usual. Bulking is so much more fun and easy get to eat, lift, and achieve gains. The hardest part is the physical activity, which also happens to be the most fun!

    Heres my question:

    Ive been thinking that if I cut enough to get down near or into the single digits of BF% (I was at 18% at 198lbs per a bodpod test) I will have a "cleaner frame" to begin bulking. I feel better and better about how I look with cutting (for obvious reasons) but I cannot wait to get back bulking as Ive always had fun gains.

    Is it logical for a guy with ~12-14%bf to cut himself lean before bulking in an effort to clean bulk back up? Are there any benefits to bulking from single digit bodyfat percentages vs bulking with bf in the teens? Or should I start bulking now as I am likely to replace whatever fat I lose now a few weeks-months into my bulk?

    Make sense? Thoughts? Thanks!
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    I think the reason for cutting to low body fat percentages is so that once you do decide to bulk again you can gain more weight without looking/getting too fat. So if you start with lower body fat you'll end with lower body fat.

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    There is some evidence that there is better partitioning at a lower bodyfat, so this makes sense.

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    The only thing I would mention is that you may not have put on that much muscle in your off and on times at school. Muscle gain is a slow process that requires a big time dedication so I wouldn't expect too much from that time period.

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    you should set a goal of how low of a body fat you wish to obtain... once you reach it then bulk to a body fat that you would not like to go past.

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    i would think that the more you cut... think of how many more pullups, chinups, dips you could be doing with the weight off.
    Also the more you cut the longer you will be able to bulk before next phase.. what i was thinkin is i didnt really do a great job with my last bulk as far as me eating full pizzas and large amounts of onion rings all the time earlier in the year when i wasnt so serious haha
    i've decided to start cutting and get my body back in lean shape so any weight gained will be back in proportion and i'll be able to do more up's n such

    by the way how much weight do you lose on average per month and how often do you cardio?

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    My experience...
    I was about 13% fat... listened to all the advice on here. Lifted heavy and ate loads. Although i increased strength a lot i gained a lot of fat. So i felt better that i looked bigger BUT i felt like **** cos i was too fat. I'm currently at about 12%, cutting to about 8% (if its possible) then i'm gonna go on a very slow bulk for a year. My aim is not be be massive, so a slow bulk will be much better. I dunno what you goals are though.

    Also, if you have less fat then its easier to see how your body is changing on your bulk.
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