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Thread: A question of conscience

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    A question of conscience

    First off, let me start by saying that my life is dedicated to my Creator. I know this is a controversial subject, and maybe not appropriate for these forums. I'm looking for insite from those of a similar faith.

    I've been weight-training for about 5 years now. I started training for aesthetics, then for strength, and now for form and function. What I like is that progress is easily measurable. Stagnation in life is death. I want to keep growing, in ALL aspects. But the body is easier to forge than the mind. BUT, I've recently realized that I am VAIN and I am overly concerned with appearance. This is despite all of my efforts to overcome it and deny it. But the truth is that I am Selfish, I am Conceited, and I am Distracted by what doesn't matter. I want to focus my life.

    I'm in the best shape of my life. I'm 23 years old, 150lbs at 5'9" . I'm very active and energetic. I LOVE LIFE! But how far do I take this training?

    People are distracted by my appearance. I have a hard time getting to know new people. They are distracted, or have some sort of preconcieved notion about who I am and what I'm about. I know that's true about everyone in every situation, but SEX keeps peoples minds from focusing on character. Just look at the media.

    It's all entertainment, distraction, self-indulgence, and ME ME ME. It's sad to see weight-training get such a bad rap. People assume I'm se lf-absorbed before they even know my name. ALMOST every magazine in the newstands is geared towards vanity, sex, and entertainment. Every other page is an advertisement for some NOS or test booster with some chemically-altered man or vivacious vixen posing. Is that our motivation? What ever happened to taking what God gave you and making it the best it could be? Mind, body, and soul. No shortcuts. Just pain, experience, work, and time.

    I could keep going for hours on this subject. I just want to ask you/me this question:


    Will it matter? Learn from your struggles. Forge your character and your body. Strive for something better. At the end of the day, how far did you go? Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, "There is nothing to fear but fear itself." To be more concise, the ONLY thing to fear is regret. Where are you going? Will it matter? Take a look in the mirror. Take a look at yourself. Take a look through yourself. Are you satisfied? Or is there something more?
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    I'm doing this for me.

    First and foremost, I feel like I'm behind in this life. I'm doing this to even the score. I need something that I *know* I'm better at than the average guy walking down the street. Not only that, but I need something that EVERYONE knows I'm better at than them. I need them to know that I'm superior to them in atleast one thing. Just one thing.

    And secondly, I like proving people wrong. If it weren't for all of the 'No way you can do that!' and stupid smirks when I tell people my goals I probably would have quit by now. You can't give people that kind of satisfaction.

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    The simple reason is that people and business are driven by sex, sex sells... sex rules over almost everyone. Most people can't control themselves even when they think that they can. People mistake sex and lust for love, for commitment and for caring about someone. Either that or people just won't accept deep down that they want nothing more then a steady piece of tail, or they mistake the feelings they have for love.

    The media has set what they consider to be sexually attractive, so everyone wants to be that guy/girl from the commercials. 99% to increase the amount of action they get.

    People in general have very little morals these days, they are driven and consumed by everything around them and especially what the wrong influences tells them. Most people have no conscience, or one thats truly their own.

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    I do it to know I'm above average at something. I can't get the A+'s like most kids in school but I can work towards a goal and I can discipline myself to eating healthy and training hard. The only thing I regret is how I use to be sitting in my house all day everyday playing games. It seems like lifting has gotten me more socially active, because like you said everyone is obsessed with how people look. God gave me a strong body and I try to make it stronger in all aspects, just so happens physical strength is a bigger part in my life

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    I'm Doing this for myself. To keep myself healthy, also it's something I've grown to have fun with and see it more as a hobby and fun activity rather than work. Also it amazes me to see the changes my body goes through as I get bigger.

    Much of the world has lost its morals. Sex has become a huge mainstream theme which is hard to get away from. But there are still many of us who have morals and stick to 'em.

    I agree with WBBIRL, the media has set what the ideal body should look like.
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    I do it because I love strength.

    You cannot control what others think. If they did not have a pre-conceived notion of you from your physique it might be something else; your hair, eye color, creed, nationality blah, blah, blah...

    Oh, and trust me, you ain't seen nothing yet at all of 150 lbs... Lol, I think you might be misinterpreting some of what you are receiving in terms of messages.

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    First of all, sex and sexiness are not evil nor immoral.

    Second of all, I lift because I like it.

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    The big thing for me is just because I want to do it. I have short term and long term goals and I want to fulfill them at some point in my life. If I do, I will probably get new ones or move on to something different. Maybe it is the thrill of the chase? I think because of when I was younger and a weak little ****, it was something I want to do to maybe originally prove to everyone else I could do it too, but now so much its because I want to and enjoy it.

    It's just fun for me. Some people may not get it, as in why would we put ourselves through that? But to me, its just like any other sport. There are practices and games, here there are training days and meets. Your training partners are your team mates who all rely on each other to make each other better.

    To the OP, I don't think you are vain for doing it for appearances, rather dedicated and determined to set a goal (or a certain bf %, certain measurements, etc) and sticking to it.

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    I started lifting way back in the day because I was the tiny kid that some people would pick on. I was 115lbs at 5'5" That was probably 5 years ago. I knew NOTHING about lifting, just did what everyone else did, never saw any real improments. I thought it was me. Then I found certain routines a couple of years ago, and made some ok gains. I only lifted when I felt like it though, didnt eat right, and only lifted in the summer because it was too cold in the winter. I lost track of my original goals, and I agree with the OP in that I was selfish, conceited, and distracted by all the **** that does not even matter to most people. I wanted to look good for the chicks, blah, and not work hard gettign there.

    At the end of last year, I had some major anxiety problems, and it brought my whole life in perspective and after I recovered, I now realize I was lifting for all the wrong reasons, I had the wrong mindset on lifting and in LIFE. Now after putting everything in perspective, I lift for my health, I lift for myself, and what other people think, especially about my appearance, is just an added bonus, nothing else. But sometimes, still, the selfish and conceited part of me wants to come out, and that pisses me off.

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    I don't get it. Let me get this straight. You said yourself you are vain, conceited, and selfish and now you're wondering why people think you're self-absorbed?

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    1. I like it.
    2. I like getting stronger.
    3. I wanna look better naked.
    Do what needs to be done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thalakos84 View Post
    People are distracted by my appearance. I have a hard time getting to know new people. They are distracted, or have some sort of preconcieved notion about who I am and what I'm about.
    Appearance? No offense, but you're 150lbs. In a t-shirt, you'd look like anybody else.
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    back in the highschool days, I did it for aesthetics er whatever.
    But I quit a number of times, though not liking the loses (aesthetically) after I quit, it was never enough to keep me going with it for years on end.
    but there was something else I missed.
    It is the thing that now keeps me going.... makes me want to lift rather than think of it as some sorta drudgerous obligation.
    I enjoy going in each time and trying to do better than last time. Usually more reps, but sometimes more weight.
    Now, I haven't lifted in nearly a month because I'm resting injured hip flexors on my back, but I will be back this week and even though I will have lost strength, it will still be fun, oddly, perhaps even more fun, because of muscle memory, the session to session strength gains will be obvious.
    I dunno why that is what I enjoy. Deep down, the motives are still quite selfish though. Obviously, it's not like I am doing it for God or the Pope or Jiminey Cricket. They couldn't care less.

    Some people like to protend selflessness. It's all a ruse.
    True, some people are more self-centered than others, but inevitably, we are all born crying for food and coddling, and we all spend our lives dealing with nobody else more than the ever-present SELF.
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    I lift for Jiminey Cricket.

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    I lift to hope that one day I'll become a giant bad ass like arnold. I'll be so bad ass that I'll be able to take on advanced aliens named predator with nothing but mud and a few sharpened sticks.

    Actually I lift for many reasons but I'd be lying if I didn't mention for aesthetic reasons. I mainly lift because I like it, to improve myself and to one day be huge and strong. I'm 5'8 so I figure since I'm not as tall as my dad I'll be as wide as he is. (I think thats also a quote taken from pumping iron).
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    I do it for the power, I love improving my strength. Every PR makes me pop a chub.

    Looking better is a plus, but it's not what drives me.

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    I lift because I'm not happy with my body and because it helps relieve
    stress. I take all the bad things that happened to me during the day and channel my anger into my lifting.
    And because I want to have sex with more women.
    And I'm a teenager, I have all these hormones and testoserone that are being wasted.

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    I lift for a couple reasons, these are pretty much in order.
    1. Getting in shape and being strong. I hate being out of shape, its horrible, and I love knowing that I am the strongest of my friends.
    2. Basketball. I want to be able to jam it on anyone I come across and be the best player I can be.
    3. Having something that I know I'm better at than most other people my age.
    4. Looks. I used to be skinny fat, and it was not cool at all. That has changed now, and I feel much better because of it.
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    I just like it. That's a good enough reason.

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    I do it because I like achieving my goals and bettering myself.

    And to look good naked.
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    you're an intelligent guy... but you're also half #$%&ing crazy... and that my friend is the formula for a great powerlifter.
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    I want to live a healthy, productive life into my later years. I want to be able to move around at 28 as well as when I was 18 (not that that was anything spectactular), and at 38 as well as now, and at 48 as well as 38, and so on and so forth..

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    Mark like sex.

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    I do it for myself- I don't yet turn myself on but I'm getting there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TwiloMike View Post
    I do it for myself- I don't yet turn myself on but I'm getting there.
    Sure as hell turn me on.

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