Ive been following somewhat diet, more just foods that I have been told I should eat really. Mornings usually consist of either 4-5 egg whites, whole grain english muffin with peanut butter, glass of orange juice and a muscle milk OR 3 packets of oatmeal or cream of wheat, whole grain english muffin with peanut butter, orange juice and a muscle milk. Lunch usually varys on where I am during the day this is usually my worst meal of the day as I am out working either 2 plain slices of pizza, Quality meat cheeseburger not like fast food, if Im near somwhere good Ill have grilled chicken and mashed potatoes. Dinner consists of either steak and potatoes, chicken and potatoes, and if I need a lot of carbs for the next day i might have some type of pasta with bread.
My biggest problem is staying full for a long time. My breakfast meal is usually a struggle to eat cause I end up full, hour or so into work Im hungry again, lunch usually holds me over for a few hours and then dinner keeps me full the longest. I know it should be the opposite, big filling breakfast, medium lunch and light dinner.
I think a few things have happened. When I was in my hockey prime I was playing on 3 teams, 6 practices during weekdays and 3-4 games on weekends so I was burning calories like crazy but I was skinny as hell and then finally trained myself to start eating more. Now that Im not playing hockey my only cardio is mountain biking and boxing(running destroys my knees) so obviously Im tyring to limit the amount of food I eat, but then Im always hungry and being hungry while lifting to get some big bulk obviously does damage.
Right now Im 22m 6'4" and 230 in weight. I know in the last year a I have put on some real good size as people I lift with tell me, personally its no where near enough size for me and at the same time still trying to loose that obnoxious baby fat on the lower stomach.
Sorry it was a lot of info but I figured it would be better on you guys