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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidior View Post
    Life sure is hard when you are emo.
    lol, the aliens didn't take the Mayans, they're in Detroit trying to learn how to play football
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    Their calendar RESETS to 0 in 2012. That is all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twirl View Post
    lol, the aliens didn't take the Mayans, they're in Detroit trying to learn how to play football

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    why do were care about the mayans? we follow the roman calender right...?
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    You guys are a riot. But why do I also have the feeling it wouldn't be all that strange to see a mass cult suicide done somewhere on this date somewhere in the world? Hey if the passing by of a comet is enough...

    I'll just, uh, hold on to everyone's stuff while they travel on forward to the afterlife. Yep I'll take that stuff right off their hands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidior View Post
    Life sure is hard when you are emo.
    You're putting the wrong inflection on my statement. It was not meant to be self-pitying, it was intended to be malicious.
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    y2k oh nos oh nos

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZenMonkey View Post
    Their calendar RESETS to 0 in 2012. That is all.
    Yup. People have read too much into it. If I remember right, to the Mayans it's the "end of an age". Just like one trip around the sun is a year, an "age" is one trip around the galaxy. It's more like when your odometer flips over from 99999.9 to 0. I also think they say an age comes and goes with lots of turmoil. And it isn't always bad, it could be something good, like enlightenment of some sort. It depends on us(people as a whole).

    The thing I find fascinating is how the hell they came up with a calander so damn accurate(time wise) in the first place. They had the stars, the seasons, and whatever recorded history they may have had, and came up with a calander that's apparently way more accurate than the one we use. It supposedly predicts things(in a broad sense) well too, cause it's based a lot on the rythms and cycles of nature. Cool s**t I tell ya'.
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    Well.... I get one crack at the Olympics don't I?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dkalban View Post
    lol, there actually is a wild theory out there that states they were taught possibly by extraterrestials; their main god (Queztacotal (sp?) ) being one of them.
    Now you're just talking about the latest Indiana Jones movie
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    Actually, I have an X-Files book from the late 90s with a similar situation

    Besides the ""ALiens Gave Us The Great Civs" Theory has been around since even before Stargate

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    Is it just me or does there seem to be a lot of programs on tv dealing with this situation right now? I'm not sure if it's because I saw this thread and noticed it more or if there is just tons of shows on discovery/history channels about it. Talking about the sun is going to be at the center of the galaxy and could possibly reverse the earth's magnetic poles? That would mess us up real good.

    Meh, I'm still waiting for that new particle accelerator to open a black hole and suck us in. Quantum sciences ftmfw.
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    The sun becoming the center of the galaxy? It would have to start moving very fast towards the center for that to happen!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pitbull3291 View Post
    Well Nostradamus also predicted the end of the world in 2012 and most of his predictions are accurate, so iunno. maybe it based it on the Mayan calender too. Either way, ima laugh at the idiots who prepare for this.
    That's bull... I have been watching and reading nostradamus stuff since I was a kid and this whole thing about him predicting 2012 only cropped up within the last two years, not coincidentally, when the 2012 fad started to catch fire.
    Yes, I've heard about the mayan 2012 calandar thing before a few years ago, but it was only a little thing up until a few years ago, until people started trying to put Sitchin's Nibiru thing as of late, and now suddenly everyone is re-interpreting quatranes from nostradamus to collaborate. It's all a bunch of hooey
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reko View Post
    The aliens took them away.
    And they are training in some extraterrestrial gym some where that far advances anything we have here on earth. They are training so that they can come back and wipe out the planet... SO FOR GOD SAKES LIFT!!! LIFT FOR ALL HUMAN KIND!!!
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    i think they are trying to set us up for another Y2K marketing ploy three years in advance, they saw how well they did with 1 year of prep, imaine what they can rakein, in three years planing with 2012.

    and if the world does end...

    what can ya do

    i say get drunk and enjoy the ride
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    It's just a bunch of hocus pocus bull****.
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    its just another load of crap made up to keep us entertained and occupied, and to scare the fearful into giving up what they own.
    just watch now that its getting closer there will be alot of crap in the media about it. fear is a powerful tool. i see alot of things about it among other bs on the history channel. nobody knows when the world will end.
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    if the Apocalypse does happen on 2012, i will eat my hat.

    im just gonna make my own firework that year, just to get their hopes up, and to see them say "Ha i told you!!" to then be utterly disappointed.
    and if the Apocalypse does actually happen i will run up to god and smack him in the face and say "that's for creating cauliflower, stinging nettles and the cast of sex and the city"

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