Hey mates

I have a bit of a problem......

I am a university student in Canada, and unfortunately, I don't have facilities to prepare really good food. Does anyone have any ideas for a simple fat loss diet that I could use that I could prepare with the bare esentials of the kitchen (ie. hot plate/stove top, pots, pans, microwave, etc......) I have been debating over this for the entire year almost, and as yet, I haven't been able to find anything that really works well, everything I try seems to be outta balance. I just found this site a while ago, so i thought I'd ask the experts for their opinion :-)

Oh, and my stats are...
19years old
6'2" tall
227 Lbs.
not sure of BF % at the moment, but its too high for my liking

I only have another few weeks to go till I'm done for the year, but I can assure you that any assistance you can give me would be greatly appreciated, I'll be usin it till I get home and have some real kitchen facilities, not to mention next year when I have to come back to this s*** facility.

Thanks alot for your help