G'day all,

You need:
600g of chicken breast
450g tin of 4 bean mix
450g tin of corn kernels
Marinade (I use portugese marinade but any low sugar/carb marinade that you enjoy would suffice!)

You do:
Dice the chicken in to cubes roughly 2cm by 2cm (slightly smaller then 1inx1in)

Marinade overnight in your favourite healthy marinade.

Cook it in the morning on a medium to high heat.

Whilst cooking, pour beans and corn in to a sieve and rinse so that you get all the extra salt and sugar off of them. I find this makes them taste a lot better too.

Once chicken is cooked put it in to a bowl then mix in your now rinsed beans&corn.

Voila! Simple, it tastes damn good and it's easy to make a batch at the start of the week and have a few meals ready if you get busy. It keeps pretty well and also doesn't taste too bad cold.

Hope you like!