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Thread: How to eat on off days

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    How to eat on off days

    I'm starting to eat alot and seeing many gains. But is it a good idea to cut back what I'm eating on my off days? I dont want to eat unecessary calories and get a big stomach.

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    Just eat the same dude. You grow outside the gym-- your body needs those calories.

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    Yep, don't sweat it - eat the same and keep your body fuelled when it's resting

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    If you like the gains you are seeing don't bother changing a thing.

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    You can eat less carbohydrates on an off day, but not by much.

    The quickest gains will come with a good little pinch of fat along your midsection. Its just something you have to live with if you want to get bigger.

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    you can try to condense your prewo and pwo meal into a single typical meal that you would eat

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