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Thread: Initial weight loss

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    Initial weight loss

    I'm just curious what the consensus would be on initial weight loss for a big guy like myself when starting a diet? I know ultimately 1-2 lbs a week tops is optimum, but when starting won't I initially drop a bunch of weight. I'm 320 right now and plan on cutting 40 lbs after my meet on 8/8. I figured 15-20 would come off pretty quickly in the first three weeks then it would slow down. Just wondering what you all think.

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    This happened to me while cutting as well. The first 15 pounds came off quick and then it slowed down to 2lb per week for 8 weeks. My best guess is that the longer you go into the cut, the more time your body will have to adapt to the calories you're feeding it; thats why after so long on a certain deficit I stopped losing weight. I'm not sure if this holds true for everybody but it could also happen to you.
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    I think it depends how much bodyfat you actually have. For those that are untrained and have lots of fat to lose, it's easy to drop fast...see The Biggest Loser for details.

    Since you've been training for a long time and have a lot of good mass under there, you'll still probably drop quickly at first but it might not be quite as dramatic as a 500lb tub of **** that eats nothing but salad. Also, depending on how you diet, remember that a big portion of the initial loss can and probably will be water. My weight can fluctuate by 7-10lbs in a couple days just because of holding/releasing water.
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