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Thread: timing of postworkout meal ?

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    when is the ultimate best time to take it ?

    Immediately after ?

    I sometimes drive home then make a shake and eat some bananas, so its roughly 15-20 mins after my workout..

    If this is gonna hinder my gains I will make sure I take a shake to the gym..

    What are your thoughts ?

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    As soon as i finish my last set of of whatever lift and stretch off, i head straight for my bag and down my prolab isolate shake and oatmeal

    Then i have a proper meal about 1hr 15-30mins after
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    Anyway, i drink my N-Large, canola, OJ and a bagel right after training, then 90 minutes later i have a slower digesting meal. Usually ground beef.

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    immediately following i take in the following potion 10 g glut, 7 g creat, Schiff joint mix (1.5 g glucosamine, .5 g chondroiton sulfate and 10 g of hydrolized collagen), 40 g of protein (whey isolate 70% /hydrolized whey-casein 30%). Within a half hour i consume walnuts (20 -40 g GOOD fat) and then after 1.5 hr i take a good full meal.

    why? Because after you exercise is when protein and ATP synthesis are primed up and amino acid uptake can be at its highest.

    Take a shake to the gym. If its not a pain then why not?
    Its at least worth the placebo effect!
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    I don't have much of a scientific response, but I take my postworkout meal within a few minutes after I train. I aloso train on an empty stomach, so I need to get something in my system fast after I train.
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    80g simple carbs
    20g whey protein
    before I start the car to leave the gym

    creatine or glutamine sometimes.

    nap if there's time.

    1 hr later, real food.

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    I workout,
    go home,
    indulge in tuna sandwich heaven (approximately 45 min. after workout).

    I have heard you should wait an hour after a workout to eat, but I don't know the logic behind that. I eat when i'm hungry.

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