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Thread: 160lbs to 180?

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    160lbs to 180?

    im a sophmore in highschool and im a reciever on the football team. im trying to find a good supplement that i could take after weight training bulk up ,im trying to go from 6'3" 160lbs (as u could imagin im rather skinny) to about 180 if not more. im thinking about cytogainer. but id rather hear any ideas from a person who knows what their doing before i wast the money.

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    For what you are looking to do, you just need to invest a little more into food. Have a look at this article;

    And ALSO

    If you absolutely, positively cannot eat anymore that you are currently (Sorry, but you can...), have a look a QUALITY Meal replacement like ALN's Opticen.

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    and milk.

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    Screw supps, here 9 things that work better:

    You can do a simple and very tasty post-workout shake without any supplement:

    Ice Cream

    Blend them and you have yourself a delicious shake

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZenMonkey View Post
    and milk.
    Then some more milk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicky View Post
    Then some more milk.
    Milk: protein powder so old school it is liquid.

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    You are not going to gain 20 lbs now. That needs to be done in the offseason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joey54 View Post
    You are not going to gain 20 lbs now. That needs to be done in the offseason.
    Yeah definately. Make sure that when you bulk.... eat tons of 'real' food and do only very light cardio/sports activity.
    It's like I'm a juicer... but I'm not.

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    Food by God is the best supplement on the market.
    ain't nuttin but a peanut.

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