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Thread: Utilizing Gym Complexes for Power & Conditioning by Tom Mutaffis

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    Utilizing Gym Complexes for Power & Conditioning by Tom Mutaffis

    This article was written by Tom Mutaffis and was published in our new Serious About Muscle Newsletter here - Wannabebig Serious About Muscle Newsletter - Sept 1st, 2009

    Utilizing Gym Complexes for Power & Conditioning

    It is a common dilemma for most people who weight train; they want to build strength, but at the same time want to be fit and athletic. Unfortunately, many of the currently popular training protocols neglect overall balance in favor of a singular objective such as strength, hypertrophy, or aerobic capacity.

    The program described herein can provide outstanding strength gains while also maintaining, or improving your level of GPP (general physical preparedness i.e. conditioning).
    To read the result of the article, check it out in the newsletter by clicking the link above.

    Tom will be answering feedback and questions here...
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