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Thread: Need help with a home workout

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    Need help with a home workout

    Can somebody help me come up with a good, well-rounded home workout. Here's a picture of what I have available:

    I'll have the bar and weights within a week.

    The bench adjusts to different heights, I can do decline (slight), flat, and incline. The bar holders raise up for squats (the bench is detached and can be slid out of the way). The preacher pad can be removed if it would be in the way of anything. I can't tell for sure yet since I don't have any weights, but the leg extension/leg curl on the front of the bench doesn't seem very comfortable and likely won't work very well.

    I have a set of 15lb. dumbells and a set of 20lb dumbells and will get more as needed.

    I appreciate any advice you can give, thanks.

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    Thats a really nice room to squat in...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnotherNumber View Post
    Thats a really nice room to squat in...
    Haha, I was going to ask if he could put that thing on his back to squat it.

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    nice and tidy gym by the way....maybe one day I might get round to tidying mine up with the amount of kids toys that have found their way into the garage.

    On a more serious note I would suggest WBB1

    I started this as a newbie and made great gains. I then progressed onto Bill Starr 5x5

    I would also suggest a squat rack/stands as well as bench,deadlift and row should be core to your routine.

    Any maybe the last thing and equally as important diet is king, use to track your daily calories
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