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Thread: High Blood Pressure

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    High Blood Pressure

    Hey guys, I just discovered that I seem to have high blood pressure. I am 27 years old, 6'1", 280 lbs. My blood pressure seems to be averaging about 145/92. I've done some reading and realize that I need to lose some weight and eat a healthier diet. I also need to do some cardio, but I'm not sure what type I should be doing. What seems to work for lowering high bp, steady state or high intensity interval work? Or possibly a combination of the two? Anybody have any experience?

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    Losing body fat will help.
    Healty food would be great.
    I had slighty high BP for my age and I have found Garlic and Fish Oil has lowered it a bit.
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    My bp stabalized after losing weight. As far as cardio, I do what's fun, doesn't matter what it is, as long as it gets your heart rate up, hell you could take a dance class! Impress the ladies and get in shape, what's better? I like pulling things and pushing things, so I take my boys to a field and sit them down on a sled for a while. They get a free ride and I get a good work out.
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    Do you have big arms? Theirs this article i just read that muscled up arms can cause false high readings with those arm cuffs here check it out:

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    You need to keep your diet extremely healthy.

    Fish Oil
    Whole Wheat Bread
    Low fat cheese, milk, steak
    Regular aerobic exercise
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    These last 3 are posts are the ticket. I had slightly high bp about 10 years ago, right before I started back to lifting. Since changing my diet and lifting hard, no more bp problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by liza4kit View Post
    1 Know your blood pressure. Have it checked regularly.

    2 Know what your weight should be. Keep it at or below that level.

    3 Don't use too much salt in cooking or at meals. Avoid salty foods.

    4 Eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole-grain high-fiber
    foods according to American Heart Association recommendations.

    5 Control alcohol intake. Don't have more than one drink a day if you're a
    woman or two a day if you're a man.

    6 Take your medicine exactly as prescribed. Don't run out of pills
    even for a single day.

    7 Keep appointments with the doctor.

    8 Follow your doctor's advice about physical activity.

    9 Make certain your parents, brothers, sisters and children have
    their blood pressure checked regularly.

    10 Live a normal life in every other way.

    these are come advice i got frm my doctor every disease as a cure unless you practice the advice you can come out
    and these are come other things u can follow to make it healthy
    Low sodium diet.
    No smoking.
    No alcohol.
    If all else fails, medications.

    All this, you do not need to lose weight for your BP to go down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drew View Post
    All this, you do not need to lose weight for your BP to go down.
    You just need to purchase some of the items advertised in their signature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercuryblade View Post
    You just need to purchase some of the items advertised in their signature.

    Soba waved his anti-spammer magic wand and poof! They're gone.

    Thanks for the heads up, folks.
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    Thanks for all of the advice everyone. I've cleaned up my diet and have focused on eating lean meats (chicken and fish), vegetables, fruits, and good carbs, as well as cutting out all fast food. I got a home blood pressure monitor and an extra large cuff. In the past couple weeks my blood pressure has definitely improved and I am now averaging about 125/80.

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