View Poll Results: What is your favorite type of cardio?

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  • Low Intensity Cardio (Walking, Elliptical, Etc.)

    24 18.60%
  • High Intensity Cardio (Running, Elliptical, Stairclimber)

    21 16.28%
  • Outdoor Cardio (Running, Cycling, Swimming, Rollerblading)

    23 17.83%
  • Interval Training (Sprint / Walk)

    20 15.50%
  • Rowing

    5 3.88%
  • Crossfit / Barbell Complexes

    11 8.53%
  • Sled Drags (And other GPP work like sandbag carry)

    20 15.50%
  • SledgeHammer Cardio (Hitting a tire)

    6 4.65%
  • Gym Circuits (Machine training with low rest periods)

    5 3.88%
  • Spin Classes

    2 1.55%
  • Kickboxing / Fitness Classes

    1 0.78%
  • MMA Fighting & Training

    14 10.85%
  • Traditional Sports (Basketball, Baseball, etc.)

    25 19.38%
  • Yoga

    3 2.33%
  • I don't do cardio

    19 14.73%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What is your favorite type of cardio?

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    Dec 2009
    For fun I like boxing/mma because it has other benefits within the cardio. Also, soccer, mountain
    Biking etc.

    With a specific goal such as bulking I think swimming would be good because of limited joint
    stress. Now I hate swimming and don't do it, but it still applies. Low intensity walking/jogging/eliptical
    As well.

    Cutting : I like a mix of aneoribic and aerobic. Boxing circuit followed by two mile run. I did
    Randy Couture's complex several years back which is a barbell complex. 0lympic bar with 25's
    (Or whatever) 7 different exercises for 7 reps before putting the bar down and resting for a
    minute then another rotation for 7 cycles as I remember. Hard as hell!

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    Do Epic ***** Beaker's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    farmers carry woot woot !!!

    also into low rest lifting (light deads on intervals) and raquetball.
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    I done plyometrics and intensive interval shuttles a while back. They helped me make national and international level rugby.

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    I'd say Crossfit, we were built to throw stones at the Rabbit, not chase it.

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    Sunny FLA
    I have started walking with a weighted vest, and I drag a semi tire around the back yard too.
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    My favorite cardio has changed since the thread began:

    Complexes have become my friend since I hate elliptical and treadmills. Following that I will list "sled work" and in the spring "Swimming".

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    What no Wii Fit? hahaha

    B-Ball and volleyball for me right now...once the temps get up a little higher i will be out at lunch time hitting about a 100 softballs a day off the tee.
    Bench: Half a subway club
    Squat: to pee
    Deadlift: no thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by musclemick View Post
    I haaaaaaate cardio..... I hate it I hate it I hate it... Did I mention I hate it?
    I couldn't have said it better myself.

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    I started reading while doing cardio, and I actually find it pretty enjoyable. If I get into whatever I'm reading a half hour will fly by.

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    Wannabebig Member
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    Apr 2009
    complexes and kettlebell work

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercuryblade View Post
    I started reading while doing cardio, and I actually find it pretty enjoyable. If I get into whatever I'm reading a half hour will fly by.
    I can do this while i stationary bike or walk, its pretty aweseome...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMedley View Post
    My favorite cardio has changed since the thread began:

    Complexes have become my friend since I hate elliptical and treadmills. Following that I will list "sled work" and in the spring "Swimming".
    Same here.
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    I do 2 (sometimes 3) slow-mo cardio, but on sunday I do a very light 2 mile jog and then a circut on pull ups/dips/sprints and jumps outside at my park, at like 6 in the morning.

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    MMA and 100-yd dash.
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    I think swimming is great cardio if the intensity is high enough and can also be a good form of active recovery since it puts less stress on the joints. Barbell complexes are actually my favorite type of conditioning exercise because I feel they give the most in terms of conditioning and maintaining overall strength.

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    Sex with girls

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    Quote Originally Posted by hellagrant View Post
    Sex with girls
    QFT. Tantric at that. Other than that, Judo, heavy bag work in the garage in the summer at 110 degrees, beating a tire/dragging a tire around the back yard usually with one, two, or three of my boys on it at a time. Good stuff. I hate running now, eliptical is ok, took a spinning class only because she was amazingly hot, big breasted and wore loose tops, tight shorts and thongs. Tried yoga, wasn't too bad, it's a whole lot more fun with the wife in front of me during this though.
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    I love walking, but I have to start also jogging/running to train to help get ready for BCT/AIT and just to get my BF% down a lot.

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    Just added 10 minutes of walking (big incline as fast as I can) 4 days a week. Two other days I do around 20 minutes.

    During spring and summer, push the SUV up and down the block or put the kids on a sled/tire and drag them around.
    Stats: (11/1/2009)
    Ht: 6'1"
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    I play soccer on Tuesdays & Thursdays for an hour a piece.

    I hate running just to run.

    I have an Elliptical that I use every once in awhile.

    I also train in Aikido (think Steven Seagal) for a few hours a week as well as Brazilain JJ/ grappling.

    It never seems to be enough though.

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    Glad this thread has resurfaced, lot's of good ideas in here. My favorite cardio used to be the punching bag, but since i've moved out I haven't had access to it. I'm trying to get back into running twice a week now, working my way up to 3 miles in 18 mins eventually. Also am going to start barbell complexes.
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