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Thread: Our own King Kong (aka Robert Wilkerson) lifting VERY big!

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    I just watched the video and damn that went up pretty easy!!!!!
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    AWESOME, that is the only word that comes to mind and WOW!!!

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    Awesome display of strength big Rob!
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    I know I already replied to this once but I am still buzzing about this one. I mean to see it in person was crazy! I had a great view, he hit depth! I am critical of depth, and he hit it where it needed to be period! I will think back and say, I remember the time when I saw Big Wilk squat 975 raw! I just hope I am there for the 1000! Great job once again big man!

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    I chimed in at .

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    That is why I never joined

    To get to their standards, he would have had to go ATG because his quads are so damn big. The bottom of his legs are at least parallel and probably an inch or so below.

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    I'm seriously impressed, and I thought the squat looked really really good, not that anyone cares about my opinion on the matter or anyone else of the internet critiques, but good job on that lift, I am sorely jealous at what you have accomplished. Just awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThomasG View Post
    Ugh...I gotta stop following links like that. Read the whole thing, makes me ridiculously mad. They're like youtube comments (which I've finally learned to stop reading, lol).

    Cuz good god, not only was the squat beyond impressive AND was pretty damn deep. Why the hell would he have squatted it ANY lower? WHY? HE GOT 3 WHITE LIGHTS. I'm sure if he was lifting in some other fed., he'd have gone lower to meet their depth requirement. (I know I'm just preaching to the choir).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xellarz View Post
    Why the hell would he have squatted it ANY lower? WHY? HE GOT 3 WHITE LIGHTS. I'm sure if he was lifting in some other fed., he'd have gone lower to meet their depth requirement. (I know I'm just preaching to the choir).
    Your so damn right. If I'm in the SPF I'm not going to squat to USAPL requirements
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    Anything more than two white lights means you're squatting too deep!

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    I love the comments on bb its so funny u got skinny and chubby guys calling me a fat cheater wow cant wait to see what they say when i squat a grand
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingkong51 View Post
    I love the comments on bb its so funny u got skinny and chubby guys calling me a fat cheater wow cant wait to see what they say when i squat a grand
    You gonna bend my cambered bar before or after that?

    I'll tell y ou what I'll say when I see you squat a Grand... "EXCELLENT JOB!!!".
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    Wow, I just can't imagine squating that much weight. Truly amazing King Kong!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingkong51 View Post
    I love the comments on bb its so funny u got skinny and chubby guys calling me a fat cheater wow cant wait to see what they say when i squat a grand
    It's unfortunate that many of the people on there are affiliated with a fed I lift with. People need to grow up.

    Once again congrats on your training and your accomplishment. Can't wait to see 1000 go down
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    Here are some photos of his squat

    And the victory photo!

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    first off congrats robert. secondly, i am amazed by forum responses to lifts captured of video. federations all have different standards for each lift,depth, press command, how controlled you let down the bar on a DL,etc. That being said i can not believe how passionate people are for wanting to be the one who anoint a lift good/bad by their own standard,not the standard of federation which the lift was completed in. to say roberts record isnt the largest squat without eqipment because he didnt walk it out is comical considering the website that discussion was on,assuming most join that forum because its the first website they find when first looking up info online,being a real generic name. every sport adapts over time whether its lighter pads,tac on gloves,lighter sticks,lighter bats, swimsuits,monolifts. its ok for sports to progress over time,its evolution, it happens. if you dont like that an all time raw squat was done out of a monolift, do something about it, walk it out yourself, til then chalk it up and chase after it like robert has. lifting is great but step back and look at the big picture sometime, all the time u spend on the net checking all your favorite lifting sites, time at the gym(including drive time), the time away from your family and friends. when you step back and self reflect in afew year i wonder how important roberts squat will mean to you then. end of rant.
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    Holy crap Mr. Wilkerson, I am in awe of your strength and power. With people like you on this earth, my ego will never get out of hand! lol Congrats dude! As far as the haters go, it's always the ones that never accomplish anything that want to tear other people's achievements down. It's not even worth responding to stupidity like that.

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    Exactly! I was 'stupid' enough to check out the thread and the more replies I read the more I wished I lived near one of those guys so I could just go there and bitchslap them, let them cry for a few seconds and then bitchslap 'em again..

    Seriously..Federation standards or not, IMHO you had good depth and I am very impressed. All this crap about side angles and what not..arguments of jealous people I say..You shouldn't worry about them and use it as an extra motivation. I am pretty sure that if you ever meet one of them IRL at a competition, they won't even dare to look at you..

    I hate it when people work hard for something and they get ****ty ass comments about it..Trust me, they all envy you, they're just having problems keeping their ego's in check. I bust my ass of every day in the gym which gets me respect from the 'older' generation and friendship from the people my age who want to get somewhere as well..Those are the majority, but there are also people who look at you like: "What you looking at dude?". And then you see they lift only half of what you do so..jealousy.. then there are people who walk around in the gym like a true mister olympia after they just did a lift..not noticing that i'm gaining on them faster than a train that's racing against a bicycle..

    Sorry about my rant, but i tend to do that when something irritates's all about who you are and staying true to yourself. Be proud of what you did, stay motivated and keep setting new goals. It's all about what you want.
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    looked like a warm up...crazy
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    For every successful person there's always a room full of haters.

    Glad there are none here. Good lift Rob, your squat is nuts!
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