HCT-12 / Return of the Squat!

Like my last workout, I was feeling particularly good on my way to day. UNLIKE my last workout, I did not encounter any set-backs. Instead, I tried out Box Squats, and found that if I am careful, I can use them to effectively work around my injury! I was absolutely stoked on this, and it made my week (and it's only Monday!). The injury is definitely still there, but it feels like it's healing slowly, and I have a physio appointment on the 29th of December (I know that's a ways away, but this guy is supposed to be fantastic, and has a sports background), so it should be taken care of relatively soon.

The main point is, I was getting way too close to fitting in regular people jeans, and now I can get back to fixing that problem!

Box Squats - Parallel Height:
bw x12
45lbs x12
95lbs x6
115lbs x6
135lbs x6
155lbs x6
175lbs x6
185lbs x6 + 2-2-2
It's humbling to have 185 be a challenge again, but it's just that much more motivating.

Stand* GHRs:
bw 2x6
+10lbs x6 + 2-2
Calves seemed to be way too active in this movement, and started to cramp a bit. Will have to review form.

Decided to call it here, as chin-ups bothered my shoulders, and I wasn't about to start pushing my luck after finally squatting again.

*Note: When I say stand, I mean one of those special GHR stands, not quite a machine, not quite a rack. Just cause there is a equipment-less version of the GHR that is a lot more difficult/impressive.